Daily Download Day#22

I’m so glad you are all loving the daily download!  We certainly love sharing them with you.  Do you know what else I love to share with you?  Advice!  No, I’m not good with love or life advice, but I’m very good with scrapping advice.  Here is my tip for today.  Got a pen and paper to write it down?  No?  Ok, I’ll wait…..Got it now?  Fantastic!  Here it is…  Play in our Progressive Scrap Challenge.  I guess you didn’t need paper huh…hehe.  You are probably wondering why out of all our great challenges, why did I pick this one.  The answer is simple – you are already getting our daily download.

Thats right!  All of the pieces you will need to make a layout for this challenges comes right from our daily download kit!  Since you are already downloading them and hopefully scrapping with them, you might as well get points for it!  For every point you earn, you will receive a coupon for that % off!  50 points = 50% off coupon.  Easy right!

Make sure you check it out – and tell Rachel of Pretty In Green (the host) I said hi!

Here is your link for today!


  1. thank you