Daily Download Day#25

I’m so excited to announce our Halloween Bash Plans for this coming weekend!

Curious about what exactly is going on?

And finally BINGO!

Help spread the word!!  *looks around – making sure Ginger isn’t looking* Ok, good, now that I know Ginger isn’t here I can let you in on a BIG Secret!  Ginger is hosting a Costume Contest – the prize – $50 Visa Gift Card.  I KNOW!  Huge right?!?!?  Let your friends know, and come join us starting Friday!

Here is your daily download for today!



  1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Was the Daily Download for day 25 posted? I didn’t see a link at all. Was it removed early perhaps? I don’t get off work until almost 7 pm, but I’ve been rushing to the university’s lab as soon as possible every night so I won’t miss any part of this dynamite kit. If I missed this day, is there a way to earn it back by doing an LO or something?