Archives for November 24, 2010

Daily Download Day#24

Good Morning!  Can I tell you about my favorite thing to wake up to?  I woke up (with my 7 year old’s knee in my back), climbed out of bed and turned on my computer.  I check my email and I found happy news.  That is so rare for me.  This email made me smile and gosh, I’m still smiling.

Let’s see what else I can tell you about today.  Today I will driving all over town going from one school to the next to watch my kids in their “feast”.  We made a banana bread for one (oh it looks good!) and bought pepperoni for the other (I’m all for easy).  Tomorrow we go to my mom’s house where she will be doing all the cooking.  The best part about going to my mom’s?  She makes so much food for the sole purpose of sending us all home with leftovers.  We even get a full pie to bring home.  Now that is a great mom!

What are you doing tomorrow?  Are you cooking?  Are you going to someone else’s house?  Are you going to a restaurant and let someone else do everything while you sit back and relax?  Now that would be great.  Whatever you do, make sure you come back here.  Why?  Well, not only for the daily download link, but to show how Thankful we are for each and every one of you, I will be showing you all the FULL KIT!  I know big right?

Well until then, here is your link for today.