This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Good Morning, Scrappers!

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! It is feeling alot like spring here, and even like summer. I love it when the sun stays out a bit longer each evening, I love the smell of fresh cut grass and of the flowers blooming in the yard, and I love the sound of crickets at dusk. Soon, in a few more weeks, we will start seeing fire flies in the yard. I just love spring turning into summer. People come out, and we see our neighbors and their children more often. It’s so nice to be outside! So when I am inside, I take a look around Gingerscraps to see what’s new…and I just love to see what’s cookin’ here in the Gingerscraps kitchen, too!

Let’s take a look-see at what’s been cookin this week!

From Find Your Bliss and River-Rose Designs, we have this coming your way….

What a perfect ensemble to honor the graduate in your life! What a wonderful kit to commemorate their success!!!

More from Find Your Bliss, with a template from the March 1-15 template challenge….What an awesome collection!


What a great time of year this is! And what a wonderful collection that is coming out to help celebrate such a joyous occassion and help make our memories of such moments live on and on!

Be sure to stop by Friday and see what else is fresh from the kitchen! I know I will be here, ready, waiting, waiting, ready, waiting, waiting….

So pull up a mouse, grab a cup of joe, and join me in the Gingerscraps Forum for a hootin’ good time while we wait til Friday to see what’s new!

Happy rest of the week to you!!!


This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Morning, Scrappers!

I hope you were able to enjoy some, if not all, of iNSD weekend here at Gingerscraps! What a blast we had chatting with each other, doing scavenger hunts, guessing which designer went with which baby picture, posting in the gallery, and even playing truth or dare! There were numerous speed scraps, chats, and tons of fun give aways in the forum too! Oh my gosh! I have never had so much fun on my computer in my life! The Gingerbread Ladies really did a great job at cooking up loads of awesome fun for everyone!

And…they’re still busy cookin’ up stuff for us! Gee whiz, Ladies! You’re all so amazing and wonderful! Let’s see what’s cookin’ this week…

From Keep In Touch we have this beautiful kit. I love making vintage-y  looking layouts, and this is going to be perfect!


Stop on by the Gingerscraps Store on Friday, May 11, 2012, to see more of what our way awesome super fantabulous designers have created for us!

I am soooo excited to see more of what’s been cookin, how about you!?


Pull up a mouse, and a cup o joe, and join me in waiting for Friday’s new additions! I am super excited! These designers are super cool, and I want everything they create here at Gingerscraps!!!

Happy rest of the week to you!!!



This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Thursday Morning, Scrappers!!! I hope you are getting excited about National Scrapbooking Day this weekend! I am soooo psyched and I can’t wait to join in all the fun that Gingerscraps will have going on this weekend.  Whoo hoo!!! Bring it on!

And bring on those new goodies from the kitchen! What have our designers been cookin’ up for us this week? Oh, I bet it’s going to be GOOD!!!  Ok, you know me, I have no patience, so I am bringin’ it to you now!


Here are a few creations to show you what’s coming from Keep In Touch Designs.

Keep In Touch Designs, you rock my purple socks off!!!! I have to have this collection!  This is so pretty!

I love  those little cars!!! Check that out!


Next, from Sugar Kissed Designs comes such a sweetly versatile kit. Totally Scrumptious!!!! 

Love these sweet soft colors and the fun designs, stripes, swirls and embellies!

More sweetness  from Sugar Kissed Designs…



Now, take a peek at this month’s Grab Bag from Pretty in Green!

Here is an awesome layout using this month’s Grab Bag from Pretty in Green and a journal mat from Kathy Winters Designs.

Soooo super cute!!!

Here is another adorable layout using this month’s Grab Bag from Pretty in Green. 
The  journal card from the A Match Made in Heaven Buffet by Pretty in Green.
Love this!!!! Check out the cute banner, and that cuddly panda bear! So sweet!!!
More from Pretty in Green. Just fabulous!!!! Absolutely Adorable!! I am in LOVE with the Pandas!
Find Your Bliss has been stirrin’ up something wonderful for us. Check this out!  
Here’s a little something from Find Your Bliss Grab Bag.
The banner from May’s Free Gift with Purchase Grab Bag by Pretty in Green.
These colors remind me of a sweet summery party punch! Yum!
Kathy Winters Designs is cookin’ up a little spring for us, too! This absolute gorgeousness is so pretty!
Just look at all the pretty patterned papers in here! This just makes me smile and feel happy all over!
Do I see SCRABBLE pieces in here?! How awesome is that!!!?? Love that!!!
I think I might spontaneously combust before Friday…I cannot WAIT to get this!
Blue Heart Scraps has been busy in the kitchen too, mixin’ up a little something for us (and the puppies) too.
Don’t you just love the colors in this! And what fun  word art!
I have to say, these pups have it good!!! Way super fun stuff here!
Wowee Zowee! That is alot of cookin’ goin’ on here at Gingerscraps! And who knows what ELSE is going to be cooked up this weekend for NSD!  Well, I know I where I am going to be….
So come on! Get your mouse, pull up a chair, and join me right here at Gingerscraps, where fun is cooked up all the time and the awesomeness just keeps on a comin’ every week!  Until then, let’s think of all the ways we can use these goodies for the memorable moments in our lives!

This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Hey Hey Hey!!! It’s my favorite day of the week again! Peek A Boo Thursday!!! I love love love getting to see glimpses of what is coming to the Gingerscraps store, don’t you!?

And yes, I am feeling tons better than last week, thank you! I feel so good, that I can’t wait to shop again!!!! I love to shop. I absolutely love it. I shop for shoes, I shop for house stuff, I shop for clothes for me and the kids, I shop for the best bargain, I shop for gifts, I shop for things that help me bring out the creative side of me, like antiques, architectural salvage materials, and my favorite, Digital Scrapbooking Supplies! Oh how I love shopping for Digi Stuff! I don’t need a shelf to keep it on, I don’t need to worry if I leave the lid open or the scissors out, or if the cat will get into it. Oh, how freeing!!!

But I will tell you why I love to shop. I love to be INSPIRED. I am inspired creatively by the things around me, that surround me every day, and by what is new to me. When I am inspired creatively, I am better able to be creative in my job, at home, with my kids, with the organizations I am involved in, and feel more balanced and productive.  No, I am not rationalizing my shopping habit. Well, maybe. But when you come to Gingerscraps you cannot help but to be INSPIRED by the fantabulous designers and their Creative Teams!

So, let’s see what we get to shop for this week in the Gingerscraps store, one of my favorite hang outs other than the CAbi store in the outlets….

From PsychoZoe, we have this fun little number…

Yummalicious colors are coming from Pixels by Jen shown here… I love that owl!!!

From Keeping In Touch Designs, and a template by Craftastrophic from this month’s Template Challenge, we have this lovely ensemble of colors and notions that will inspire so many projects and ideas for preserving those memories!

Also from Keeping In Touch Designs with a template by LauraMarie Scraps….


And here is a fun kit from Jen Yurko that is coming out. Talk about INSPIRED! I think I can use this in a ton of different ways! Can’t wait to get my mouse on this one!


from Jen Yurko…


Coming from Luv Ewe Designs…

Coming from Jen Yurko and Joyful Heart Designs…



Well now, if you are anything like me, your socks have been knocked off by the way super fabulous designers here at Gingerscraps, and your brain is going a mile a minute as you are thinking of wonderful ways to incoporate these new kits into your scrapping closet! I am one who needs to see the kit first, then I figure out how to use it. And I like that my scrapping closet doesn’t need to worry about being messy, or over flowing.  I have a good system of organizing my files so everything is at the ready, so I’m good to go! Rock on!!!!!

So pull up a mouse, grab some tea, or java, or lemonade, and sit here with me while I wait until Friday for these fabulous kits to show up in the Gingerscraps store!  In the mean time, you can catch some fun times and loads more inspiration on the Gingerscraps forum, the friendliest digi scrapping site in the universe!!!






This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Morning, Scrappers!

It’s Thursday morning once again!  I can’t believe it is here! It’s that time when I get to create a ton of anticipation here on the blog! And boy oh boy, will there be anticipation when you see these sneak peeks!!! I get so excited when I get to see what’s cookin’ around here and get to share those scrumptious morsels with you!!

Hey! Did you notice that this Friday is going to be Friday the 13th?! That’s right! It is! But you won’t have any bad luck while at Gingerscraps! I promise! There’s only good luck, good people, good friends, and good stuff going on here in the Gingerscraps forum, and a bunch of  great designers who continue to rock the digi  world with their amazing awesomeness!! So if you need a bit of goodness on what many think is a dreadful day, come on over! A visit to Gingerscraps will surely be the best part of your Friday the 13th!!!

Ok, so let’s look at what is causing all the excitement around here.

First we have some things from LauraMarie Scraps and a few goodies from the Free With Purchase grab bag for April showcased in this layout. Don’t you love those papers and frames and toes! LOL!!! Ok, the toes don’t come with the kit, but those flowers and that cute alpha do!!!

LauraMarie Scraps is also cookin’ up this goodie for you! How fantastic is this!?! I just love the stitching, and that frame! Two of my favorite colors together, too!

When two designers get together like Find Your Bliss Designs and Psychozoe Designs, you can’t help but to anticipate awesomeness!!! I can’t wait to see more of this duo’s creation!

A new concoction coming from  from Find Your Bliss Designs with  papers and elements  in the first layout  from an older kit Hop Into Spring Collaboration by Kathy Winters Designs & Craft-tastrophic Designs which you can find in the store now.  Find Your Bliss, you are rockin’ my socks today!!!!

These new goodies below are brought to you by Inspired Designs by Crystal. Simply beautiful! Talk about anticipation! I can’t wait to see more of this!!!!

The CTs rocked the following four layouts!

Twin Mom Scraps is sure adding to the anticipation by bringing this to you…. How pretty is this!!??

I guess I have the fine art of “Not Being Able to Wait” pretty well down pat, now. Thanks, GS Designers for unleashing my anticipation today!

So pull up a mouse, get your cup of java, and sit right here, and join me in shopping for all these amazing and awesome and scrumptious goodies!!

See you at Gingerscraps, the friendliest place in the digi universe!


This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the last week of March wherever you are, and that you are as excited about our fabulous Gingerscraps designers are cooking up for us this week as I am!  I am SOOO ready for some fresh springy colors and collections to add to my digi stash! With Easter right around the bend, I know I can’t have too many!  So, what are you doing for Easter, anyway?  I have two young children and we will be enjoying an egg hunt here at home, as well as one at our church. Our family will be together for a huge Easter dinner, and we will probably play outside until it gets dark, working off the feast!  I am going to try to find some ways to include some hybrid projects in our Easter celebration, too. Like cards, and egg wrapper holder things, and I don’t know what else yet. Let me know if you have some ideas for me…better yet, post them on the Gingerscraps forum!

So here’s what’s cookin’ in the kitchen and will be ready for Friday, March 30th. I hate waiting!!!!!


A beauty by Sugar Kissed Designs….

and from Joyful Heart Designs..


Looks like Friday is going to be a Beautiful Day!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of what’s been cookin’!

So stop on by, and come see what’s new!!!  See you n the shop!


This Week’s Sneak Peeks!

Well, it’s been a rough night here at my house with the little one. He’s almost 2. Seems like he is dreaming and crying in his sleeep and won’t wake up when we go in to comfort him.

So, here I am, well before dawn, dreaming of the Sneak Peeks at Gingerscraps! No crying from me! I am so excited to show you glimpses of what is coming to the store this Friday! And dance dance dance! Friday will be here soon!!!! Yee haw!!!!

Let’s get started! Check out all these fabulous colors, tasty templates, and the great LOs the CT has been busy making for us! Yummm!!!! These are totally terrific!! I love each and every scrumptious one of them!

And here we go!

A truly colorful collab from craft-tastrophic designs and joyful heart designs…

Here’s a fun LO using a terrific and tempting template from our guest designer, Secret Stash!

Totally awesome Awesomeness by Wyld Web Designs & Kathy Winters Designs….

And a boisterous beauty from Keep In Touch Designs…

Pretty kit by Craft-tastrophic combined with Secret Stash’s template :


Please pull up a mouse, and a coffee, and join me as I dream of what the full kits will look like and how I can use them in my scrapping projects! I think I have a use for each one of these in mind.

Now, if only it were Friday and I could get my mouse on them!!!


Have a great week! See you at the friendliest Digi Place in the World!!!  (I think the little guy is finally drifting off to sleep!)

Sweet Dreams,



This Week’s Sneak Peeks!



Good Thursday Morning !!!

It’s time to wake it up, shake it up, and come see this week’s sneak peeks!

Come on, you can do it! One, two, three – check out what the designers at Gingerscraps have been busy cookin’ up for us this week!

I am totally green with envy over these yummalicious previews! Our designers have SOOOO much talent!!! And we are so lucky to have them all right here at Gingerscraps!

So not only do we have a ton of awesomeness coming to you this week, we have a Justin Bieber sighting right here in this post! (Hey! I just heard you  squeal like a tween,  jump up and down, and fall to the floor!!!)

So, let’s get on with this week’s sneak peeks!


From Keep In Touch:

Here is a gorgeous goodie from psychozoe designs….  


And a Scrumptious Serving of Versatility from Luv Ewe Designs….


Way Super Fabulously Fun stuff from LDrag Designs and Down This Road Designs

(insert squeal here!!! JB sighting!!! JB sighting!!!!!)


 Some fresh and pretty picks  from Pretty in Green: 




And a kit full of lots of fun lovin’ color from  Luv Ewe designs:


And some spring time sizzle from Secret Stash!


From Twin Mom Scraps


 WOWZA! I can barely contain myself! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these new creations! Gingerscraps Designers, you rock my world!

So put on your Green, pour yourself some Lucky Charms, and put some Irish Cream in your coffee, and wait (try to be patient) for all of this awesomeness to hit the  shop on Friday! 


Come enjoy the friendliest Digi Place in the Universe…Gingerscraps!!! See you there!!!


With warm Irish blessings,

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!





This Week’s Sneak Peeks!

Good Morning, Scrappers!  Here at Gingerscraps, our designers have been cooking up lots of new stuff for you! This week we can look forward to loads of cool color combos, fun embellies, and all around awesomeness!  I love the Layouts the CTs have been busy creating with these new goodies! Just fabulous! And here we go!

Yumminess is on its way! This certainly brightens my day!

Keep In Touch is whetting my appetite for COLORFUL COMBOS with these colorific collections below….So fresh and ready for spring!!!!




Joyful Heart Designs has this lovely collection of pretty papers coming out…



And from Twin Mom Scraps, this  juicy punch of prettiness below….Love the baroque patterns here!

 And from Pretty in Green, we have this coming your way…

You can get these collections and more at the Gingerscraps shop on Friday!!! So pull up a mouse and join me there!!!

Have a fabulous week, and enjoy the friendliest place in the digi world!

This Week’s Sneak Peeks!

Helloooo Scrappers! Beth here, with FANTABULOUS sneak peeks for you!

If you like color, and templates, this week’s sneak peeks will whet your appetite for some awesome digi supplies! You MUST add these to your collection! You will find each of these pretty products indispensable! I can see using all these collections in SO many ways, and I can’t wait to get started!!!!

So, again, here I sit at the shop’s front doors, mouse in one hand, coffee in the other, waiting (not so patiently) for Friday’s debut of such fabulosity at its best.

Folks, we have some seriously talented designers at Gingerscraps. You HAVE to check these out!!!!! But, alas, you to must wait until Friday. Come, sit next to me. Here, pull up a chair, and have a coffee….I’ll share!

Here we go with this week’s Sneak Peeks!

Here at Gingerscraps, we are highlighting SECRET STASH for the month of March. Come on over and check out this talented designer’s artistry and creations! I am sooo excited over this Sneak Peek!  Spring it on, Secret Stash! Spring it on!!!! Whoo hoo!!!


Get ready for St. Paddy’s Day with this new kit from Jen Yurko…

Name:  2012_03_I_Scrap..jpg
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From L Drag Designs, we have this collection of pretty soft pastels, so charming and lady like! Love this!!!


And from Keep in Touch Designs, we have this creatively cheerful collection of fun colors and a fresh touch of spring for you!



From Wyld Web Designs, we have this fabulous collection. This just gets my creative juices flowing! Look at those polka dots, and this yummy orange color! Oh my goodness! I am in love with the colors, the embellies, and the pennant banner in this! Scrumptious!!!

And TEMPLATES from Wylde Web Designs….Who doesn’t love a template!?!?

Here they are….I’m totally getting these! Life made easy peasy, folks!!!! Right here!

Gotta have it. Love the Angel Wings behind the photo there, and that sassy scalloped edging. Totally rockin’!

And more templates for you from Wyld Web Designs…this LO is done with a new kit from Craftastrophic, too! Rock on!


And from Blue Heart Scraps, a new kit used on a template from Wyld Web Designs! Rock on!


Just lovin’ these! I love a template that helps me with placement of different size photos amidst clusters of embellies. So pretty!!!!


And these are from Blue Heart Scraps…


Let’s talk Collabs, everyone!!! When two or more designers team up with all their fabulosity, it ROCKS MY WORLD!

Look what we have for you!

A beautiful collab from Roseytoes Designs and Designs by Amber Shaw…


New from Kathy Winters and Craftastrophic we have a beautiful and versatile collection of yumalicious bright and vibrant colors for you….

Name:  2012_03_02_hop_spr.jpg
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Size:  144.7 KB


Uhm, how cute is this!!?? Love those bright sunny colors, and those cute little frogs! I And there is a sun! Oh yes, spring is coming, this collab proves it!!!! Love this!!!!!! I simply cannot wait to get in the store to get this!!!

And as if I have not given you enough excitement, look what ELSE we have for you….

More Spring time inspiration! Marie H Designs rocks spring time fun with this!


WOW!  Such a cute collection for friends, girls, moms, grandmothers, aunts, neices, or anything you want!  I think my pet rabbits will have to be the center of attention with this kit!

And, from Twin Mom Scraps, we have this collection of sheer lovliness….


Just beautiful! Oh my goodness, I feel pretty, oh so pretty just looking at this combo of colors!!!!

And from RoseyToes, we have this pretty little number, a collab she did with Amber Shaw!


Totally rockin’ colors and embellies! I think I have to get crafty with this one and do some hybrid projects with it. I think I will make some hot little notebook journals this weekend.

And another way super fab collection by Jen Yurko, above!

And below, something new from Blue Heart Scraps!


So there you have it, the Sneak Peeks of this week at Gingerscraps!

And you can have all this fabulousity tomorrow, March 2!!!

For now, enjoy your day and the friendliest digi site in the world, Gingerscraps! See you there!