Let’s Get Crafty: Duct Tape

It’s Thursday! Time to get crafty! Let’s talk about Duct Tape. I love Duct Tape. My boys think you can fix anything with the stuff! But…it’s not only for sticking things together. You can make fun stuff with it. It comes in tons of colors now!  My son Chris makes wallets to give his friends. You can make purses, flowers, bows, even cloths! Check out these Prom Outfits!

Pretty crazy huh! Can you imagine!

Now me, I like to make bows and flowers. The bows are super simple and take no time at all. They look so cute in the hair!

I found a UTube Video on how to make them and now I can whip them right up!

My very favorite Duct Tape project is the flowers! I love making them. They are so cute and people freak when I tell them it’s Duct Tape!

These ones have pin backs on them. They look so cute pinned on my Jean jacket, or top, or even pinned on my tote bag.

This one is on a Bobby Pin, right in my nieces hair.

I love these! You want to learn how to make some! I pretty much followed THIS Tutorial I came across one day. I do it pretty much the same way, but used thread since I didn’t have fishing line, and I sew my buttons on with embroidery floss. I have a thing about empty button holes. LOL! I can stand to see them glues on with no thread going through the holes. Anal..I know. I also added some leaves to mine.

But, aren’t these just the cutest things!

You know you want to make some! Got for it! You will love them. Oh and BTW, you can get all these Duct Tape colors at Target, or any craft store!

Have Fun!

Let’s Get Crafty!

Let’s Get Crafty: Hybrid Graduation

Today is the first of our new Thursday “Let’s Get Crafty” Feature! I will be sharing with you all kinds of crafty goodness! Hybrid of course will be one of the many topics we will cover!

Today I will be showing you how to make a Hybrid Graduation Cap Greeting Card from the New Template in the GingerScraps Store by Wyld Web Designs!

This was Charmaine’s very first try at designing a hybrid template and she did a fabulous job! Perfect timing for me too! My niece graduates High School on Friday! So let’s get started.

What I used  for this project was…

The Graduation Cap Template, A digi paper in the color you want you cap to be. I also used the perfect Word Art for this project! The Graduation Day Word Art by, Kathy Winters at GingerScraps. I also used the Doodle Borders by GingerScraps.

You will also need a printer and some nice card stock or Matte photo paper to print on, a glue stick or some tape something to score your folds, and some ribbon to make a tassel!

The first step is to design your card in Photoshop (or whatever program you use to digi scrapbook) Its is so easy with this template, you just clip you paper to the layers. Then add the word art. This took me like 2 minutes! Maybe even less. Then print it out on your photo setting of your printer.

After the ink is nice and dry cut it out and score on the dashed lines. You should always score before folding for nice crisp folds.

Now fold on the lines you just scored.

Now glue the curved piece together to make the bottom of the cap and glue it to the bottom of the card. Just put glue on the tabs and press it on with your bone folder or a Popsicle stick or something. Just to make a nice good hold.

You can add a little tape too if you would like.  Now for the tassel, you can always just go buy a tassel at the craft store, but, I didn’t have any tassels on hand so I just took a few pieces of ribbon about 6 inches long each, folded them in half and tie another piece of ribbon around the top to hold them together.

Punch a hole in the corner of your card and tie the tassel on with another piece of ribbon! So simple and what a Great impression this card will make!

Isn’t it so cool! I loved this template! It was so fun to make, and easy to. I came together super fast!

Give it a try! I would love to see some more of these fabulous card popping up in the GingerScraps gallery!

Come see us next Thursday for another “Let’s Get Crafty” session!

Scrap Happy!


This week you will get the chance to learn a little about each of the new GingerBread Ladies!!

They have AMAZING things in store for you all week long!!!

Todays feature is *Amanda* Mrs. PhotoCowGirl herself!

Here is a little intro from Amanda!!

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday! (Thanks for the intro Ginger!) I have a few little goodies for you today and a fantastic 50% off sale.
But first a little about me…
I’m a mother, a wife, an All-American country girl, and a Christian. I enjoy anything crafty and my horse. I’m a photographer by profession, and now a digital scrapbook designer! So without further delay…
All you have to do to get the great little kit in the sneak peak is go to the forum and read about Amanda…

Enjoy, and don’t forget to join me for a speed scrap this afternoon 2pm CST! I have another fun v-day goody to give away.

Oh, that kit looks pretty Amanda! See you in the forum!

Mandy Made!!

This week you will get the chance to learn a little about each of the new GingerBread Ladies!!

They have AMAZING things in store for you all week long!!!

Todays feature is *Mandy* of MandyMade

Read this intro from Mandy….. and let her tell you what she has in store for you today! 🙂

Hi ladies it’s Mandymade here!! First let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a new designer here at Ginger Scraps… and so very excited to be part of the team. The ladies here are so wonderful to us newbies!! I can’t wait till I’m designing and scrapping in full swing! I’ve been digi scrapping for a few years now…. and designing for only a year. It’s really turned into a full time hobby! I find it’s a great way to wind down from a busy day!

Besides being a scrapping addict I am a mom to two girls, Kelsey (15) and Julie (11) and a partner to my best friend Mark. We’ve been going strong for nearly 19 years! I had to actually do math… I stopped counting after 10:)

We live on a small farm near Edmonton, Alberta where we are in the middle of building our own house. Yup building it ourselves …. Maybe one day when it’s all done I’ll scrap our adventures!

Till then I enjoy scrapping my children, other peoples children, our animals, random photos and even people I don’t know… if I like a picture I think it deserves to be shown off! I am also my families historian. I have well over 4000 people in my family tree and have collected nearly every photo taken of any family member in the last century. I am now in the middle of restoring these photos, slides and started scanning all my negatives as well.

This may sound a bit funny… but I come from a long line of historians and collectors! I am a fourth generation scrapbooker! Of course my great great grandmothers scrapbooking was a little different back then…. it was full of photos, drawings, recipes, autographs, magazine clippings and peoms. And yes I have every one of those scrapbooks as well…. well enough about me… on to the fun!!

Today I very excited to be giving you my new kit We Like To Play.

Included are..

29 papers
4 upper/number button alphas
3 upper/lower paper alphas
6 PS glitters
6 glitter sheets
9 acrylic styles
9 acrylic styles with a slight shadow
2 bowling balls
2 bowling pins
1 group of bowling pins
1 bowling pin frame
1 lightning bolt
2 bubbles
5 buttons
5 fabric flowers
1 glitter/paper frame
1 golf ball
1 golf club
4 hula hoops
1 leaf
1 mushroom
1 ping pong ball
2 ping pong paddles
2 ribbons
2 ric rac
2 turtle shells
1 staple with shadow
1 tennis racket
1 star
1 string swirl
2 tennis balls
1 ping pong net
1 TV frame
1 vine

Head on over to the Ginger Scraps store to DL this kit for free!! This product will be free for the next 24 hours so help me spread the word!!
I designed this kit with the intentions of scrapping my family Wii photos… but as you can see… I haven’t gotten around to that bit yet… I fell in love with the green paper and large flowers… I just can’t stop myself!!

Also I have a game of BINGO starting in half an hour… it’s too late to join but it’s always fun to watch for a laugh!!!

Also I’m hosting a Speed Scrap Tomorrow night at 7 pm MTN here at Ginger Scraps and here’s my PP…

If you join me and complete a LO in the time allowed I will make you a pack of 5 PS glitter styles!! I will also include the glitter sheets for those who don’t use PS!! Oh and BTW… they are a CU item…. all you have to do is PM me your 5 colors and I’ll make up the pack and send you back a link… if you have a name for the glitters include it as well;)

OK! All I can say is Wow! Awesome stuff!

Scrap Happy!

Geek Chic!!

This week you will get the chance to learn a little about each of the new GingerBread Ladies!!

They have AMAZING things in store for you all week long!!!

Todays feature is Tara of GeekChic Scraps

Here is a little intro….. from Tara- check out what she has in store for you today! 🙂

Here is my Bio for you lovely Gingery peeps-
Tara is a SAHM to one wee Geeklet, Kat- and wife to a very nerdy husband, Tim. Originally from West Virginia, she’s a reluctant Michigan transplant- who will obviously do anything for love (or meatloaf) including live in the middle of a frozen state. Tara has been dabbling at designing since May of 2009, and was dragged kicking and screaming out of the designer closet by her friends in October of 2009, at which point she started doing it seriously. Tara is truly a real life Geek- she met her husband playing Everquest 2, has a standing date with her Dungeons and Dragons group every other week, and takes great pride in being as weird as she wants to be. Geek Chic (actually pronounced Sheek) is actually a term coined to define geeks and nerds that were actually cool, or things that were cool in the geek world- a perfect design name for this Soopa Geek.   Tara

Today ONLY you can get my A Geek for Every Season kit before it hits stores for free!

Go check out Tara in the forum and get your freebie!

Oh and as another special treat (because I *wub* my GS peeps) All my kits in the store are 50% off today only!

Oh, one more thing, Monica is hosting a Speed Scrap today 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT, 5 PM PT~

Your prize will be a lovely set of frames! How pretty.

See you there!

Scrap Happy!

Get Your Party Pants On!!

GingerScraps is having a huge Party!!

You don’t want to miss this! GingerScraps is having a huge party to introduce all the new designers! There is so much going on…games..speed scraps..fun..FREEBIES!! Every Day! Starts today! Jan 29 thru Feb 4th!

This week you will get the chance to learn a little about each of the new GingerBread Ladies!!

They have AMAZING things in store for you all week long!!!

Todays feature is Teri of Teri’s Thing O-My-Jigs and Hybrid-Licious

Here is a little info all from Teri….
Well, Good Morning Ladies! First of all my Name is Teri Mayo and I design under Teris’ Thing-O-My-Jigs and my alter design name, (you know… my Sasha Fierce alter ego) Hybrid-Licious. I have been designing for about 2 1/2 years now, and love the create outlet. I have made so many friends in the digi world. A little more about me if I may… I married my JR. High sweetheart, and if we make it till July we will be married 34 years. We have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. If our children are the delight of our lives, then our 2 grandchildren are the love of our lives! I love being a “Gramsie” and that is actually the motivation behind me getting into digi scrapping!. We live in a small quiet town in South Texas just a few minutes from the beach. My hubby is an all American Farmer! Yep, I think his tractors ***y! I am a 15 year Breast Cancer survivor and life is good. I am a Christian and love to share my love for the Lord and His love for others. So when you see my logo, “Create, Inspire and Share” just remember to pay it forward. And speaking of that.. I did create a little goodie for you gals todzy, and now I want to Inspire you and Share it FREE!!! Enjoy! :)T

Oh, by the way…Teri is hosting a Speed Scrap at 8 CST. And the participation prize will be a $5.00 Gift Certificate to her shop! Hope to see you there! Be sure to visit each day to see all of our great goodies. Create, Inspire and Share! :)T Go to the Speed Scrap Here!

Speed Scrap Times:
EST 9:00 PM
CST 8:00 PM
MST 7:00 PM
PST 6:00 PM

Come back tomorrow to see the next featured designer and Freebie!!

Hybrid Freebie with A Day in the Snow!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! Have you collected all the daily downloads of A Day in the Snow? I hope so! You can still get all the downloads free until the last day of December. After that you can get the kit in the GingerScraps store!

I had some fun with this kit. We had a big snow storm, which is not something that happens every year. Of course I took lots of pictures. Here is a LO I made.


I had even more fun, I made a mini album that fits in a badge holder.


It turned out so cute, and I want to share it with you! Your free download for today is the Hybrid Mini Badge Album! The whole thing is in PNG form so all you have to do is add your pictures in your photo editing program, print and put in you badge holders. Add a little ring and ribbon and your done!


I hope you enjoy! Click here to DL from 4 shared! http://www.4shared.com/file/173763408/7191edcf/let_it_snow_badge_album.html

GingerScraps Designer Call

HI! It’s another lovely Sunday. I am just here to remind you about the GingerScraps Designer call. The first challenge is up and that means freebies for us scrappers!

And a great opportunity for all you designers looking for a awesome place to call home!

The first challenge is posted and the kits are coming in! They are so cute so far..

No need to sign up. Just come do the first challenge and turn it in by the deadline. Then the Designers and GingerScraps CT will vote on who will be moving on in their private forum. The first challenge is due Wed Nov 25 at 12:00 NOON PST!

There is still time to join the fun and the best Scrappin site out there 🙂

Click on the flyer to go to the forum.

See you there!

Check out a Challenge!

Hi!  Happy Sunday! Speed Scrap coming in a few hours! Be there!

Ok, so I hope your having a nice relaxing day.  Why not stop by the forum and do a challenge or 2. How about mine! 🙂 I am hosting 2 challenges! The Word Lovers and the Technique Time Challenges!

They are both super fun and easy. The word lovers this month is all about Thankfulness. I want you to do a LO featuring something you are Thankful for. It could be anything, you family, hubby, pet, camera, tea 🙂

See, I told you it was easy…and fun! So, especially for you blog readers. If you do my Word Challenge. Post your LO in the GS gallery and challenge forum. Then post a link back here in the comments you will get this piece of wordart made by me! Because I am Thankful for you!  🙂 I used the Alpha in the GingerScraps kit Fancy Fall! Love this Alpha my sis is so great!


You like? Do the Word Art challenge and it’s yours! And dont forget the link in the comments here! Leave your e-mail so I can send you the DL link.

Have a wonderful day!

julie tag

Challenge Time!

Hi, It’s Julie! I hope you are having a nice relaxing fall weekend. Do you want to get some scrapping done? You should go to the GingerScraps Forum and do a challenge or 2! Now that GingerScraps is back up and running with our new server, us GS ladies are working hard on getting the challenges back up and running so you can get back to the fun! I’m hosting 2 challenges this month. The word lovers challenge, and Technique Time! Here are a few of the lovely challenge LOs that our awesome members have done so far!

Angelas LO

Angela's LO

Jenis LO

Jeni's LO

Jodis LO

Jodi's LO

I love doing Challenges! What a great way to get some inspiration! Oh and there will be a prize at the end of the month, just stay tuned to the forum!

Oh and don’t forget about the Speed Scraps! Those are SO FUN! Love them! You get a LO done and you get to chat with the other scrappers, and you get a prize! How great is that! We have lots of SS left this month so go HERE to see the dates and times!

There is one TODAY at 12 noon pacific time! Jillian is hosting! It will be a blast! I will see you there!

Have a Fabulous Day!