Winter Holiday Whimsy!

Good evening everyone!

It’s been a very busy weekend already for my family and I, with a birthday party for a very awesome (I’m bias) two year old!

I’m here tonight to bring to you some inspiration. I know, despite all the festivities (birthday parties, Christmas just around the corner) , I’ve felt such a slow in creativity that I thought, why not give it a boost!

I’ve put together some inspiring photo prompts (or even dare I say, journaling prompts?) for the upcoming holiday.

Template by Creations by Julie
Christmas Bells by Matilda Designs

Feel free to share your photos, layouts, poems, anything that you’re inspired to create! Each prompt is up to your own interpretation. Start with number 1, or start with number 7, it’s completely up to you!

You may link up below in the comments if you have a blog or hop on over to our forum and post in our Winter Holiday Whimsy thread!

Weekly Wrap-up: What’s your favorite challenge?

Good afternoon my friends!

I know generally I sit down and spend the morning with you, but this morning the family and I had quite a bit of running around to do. We had a great morning and now I’m here to babble to you about this and that.

I know, you’re excited.

You should always have an air of excitement around you- it keeps things interesting.

The first week of October, come and gone. Can you believe that Christmas…Christmas… is only 79 days away. SEVENTY-NINE DAYS! Crazy. I have so many projects to start, finish, print for the holidays that I’m already behind.  I need something to organize all my crazy to do, and I couldn’t help but eye up the new Hybrid Plan it! Charts from Connie Prince (JenE Creations).

The more I sit here looking at it, I just know it’s going in my cart the minute I finish writing. I love that not only is there a schedule, but chore chart, work out chart AND A CREATIVE TEAM CHART!  How fun is that?!

Well, now that you’ve seen the new buffet and our new challenges what do you think?

I am in super love with our October Buffet: Fall Festival. It is ridiculous, and by ridiculous I mean that in an absolutely good way.

I am really into the challenges this month too. There are some fun new twists- like the mix-it-up challenge hosted by Crystal of Inspired Designs. I’ve been wanting to do a strictly black and white page, and now I’ve got double the motivation to get started. I really like simple hybrid challenges (since I’m totally not a Hybrid chick- you ladies that do Hybrid regularly are incredible), something that is 1, 2, 3 and done, so I’m really excited about this month’s Hybrid challenge hosted by JenC Designs.

Don’t just limit your thinking to Halloween/candy tag! I’m envisioning gift tags (for Christmas!) and cute jar labels too!

Today is the LAST day of Ocean Wide Designs Grand Opening Sale!

You’ve got a few hours left to take advantage of Meg, I mean… Meg’s sale! 😉

My favorite product? Her Sea Charts templates. I just picked up this pack last night:

I have every intention of picking up a few more too! 😀

That’s all I’m going to leave you with today, I’ve got to get my tush up and to exercise class!

Have a happy scrappy Sunday evening!


Sneak Peaks!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m here to brighten your morning by sharing with you some great sneak peeks of what’s to come tomorrow!

Check it, new releases by Keep in Touch Designs, Neverland Scraps and Blue Heart Scraps!  Plus, a bonus peek at what our Guest Designer, Amy Stoffel  has for us!

First, lets see what’s coming from Keep in Touch Designs, reminiscent of summer days quickly fading.

That’s not all, she has another release!

Both, totally different, yet look great!

A new release from Neverland Scraps, will have you putting on your grass skirt (you know you’ve got one in the closet!) and  throwing your own luau!

Blue Heart Scraps new release will have you pushing harder, stronger, you can do it! Fight your way through it! Whatever it is, you’re a lot tougher than you think.

Last, but not least, Amy Stoffel has got a spooky treat for us! Check out that bloody alpha! It’s to die for! 😉

All this and more will be coming to you fresh tomorrow morning!

Have a great day friends!

Weekly Wrap-up: A goodbye and a hello!

Happy Sunday scrappers!

It’s the last day of the month, which means tomorrow you’ll have a BRAND NEW Buffet to look forward to- and let me tell you… it’s fah-reak-ing AWESOME! I think one of my favorites to date, for sure.

I know, I know, I’m totally a tease, but admit it, you love it!

How about those commas? I’m a bit of an overload today, eh?

So, let’s wrap up this month, before Sarah gives you all the new goodies tomorrow.

We celebrated GingerScraps birthday this month, with sales, speed scraps, chats, prizes, SO MUCH FUN! We welcomed a fabulous guest designer, Meg of Ocean Wide Designs, who you just might be seeing more of… #wink  We are also, sadly, saying goodbye to one of the sweetest designers I know- Maaike of Find Your Bliss Designs. She will be missed GREATLY and I hope she’ll still visit us in the forum!

Maakie is having a SUPER sale in honor of her departure, her entire store is 60% OFF! Today is the last day, so fill your carts!

Today, being the last day of the month (just to repeat myself), is the last day to get your September challenges in! Do you have a goal every month? I try to get 14 completed each month, I’m ambitious, but it really pushes me to think creatively. One of the challenges, the scraplift, certainly aides in scrapper’s block. Tomorrow will be all new challenges, which I can’t wait to see! One of my favorite things about GingerScraps is the variety of challenges for everyone.

Have you seen our new Monthly Mix? Each month a group of designers team up and mix-up a fantastic collaboration for YOU! This month unveiled the first, Who’s Wise?

So if you haven’t seen it, now you have! You’re welcome. 😉

One last thing, some VERY exciting news! One of our GingerScraps CT’s, Trina,  delivered a beautiful little boy September 22nd! We want to all say CONGRATULATIONS and many blessings to you and your family! Check out her announcement in the forum (pictures included! …because who doesn’t love brand new babies?!)

I know it’s another short wrap-up this week, but I don’t want to overload you, what with so many new things happening right away tomorrow… which, have I mentioned, I am TOTALLY READY FOR!

…seriously, the buffet… LOVE!

Okay, done teasing you, bwahaha! Have a totally awesome rest of the day!





Sneak Peeks! (and an extra special sneaky sneak!)

Good Morning friends!  Are you ready for today’s sneak peeks? I’ve got ’em AND A BONUS sneak peek! That’s right, get excited!

First we have something new from Pretty in Green, and it’s a hoot (I couldn’t resist)!

I’m pretty much in love with that color pallet and it should go without saying those little owls are too too cute!

Next we have something new by Keep in Touch Designs,

I really love the antiqued feel of the kit and that foliage… oh the leaves! I have a new love for leaves, I NEED to have them!

There are some new templates coming from Twin Mom Scraps, I mean, who doesn’t love a good template!?

(using already released kit by Twin Mom Scraps: Bella Ballet)

I’ve got one more sneak peek from Luv Ewe Designs,

Totally loving the star paper! If it’s got stars it’s generally in my wishlist – it can’t be helped.

That’s what I’ve got for you this morning. Make sure you’re here bright and early tomorrow to see all these (and more!) new releases in the shop! I can’t wait!

Oh, still wondering about that bonus sneak peek? Did you think I’d really leave you hanging like that? It’s too good NOT to share so, here it is!

A new collab, a mix of awesome designers,  that’s right plural!  Are you excited yet? Have I piqued your curiosity? I sure hope so!

Have a happy scrappy Thursday!

Weekly Wrap-up: Cheese!

One week left!

Until what?, you ask, well, September! That’s right, another month coming very quickly to a close. I feel like I’m losing my mind with how time is just falling through my fingertips!

With a week left and 10 challenges down, 3 to go (I always strive for 13!) I know I’ve got just enough time to finish. One of the challenges I need to work on is the Inspiration challenge, hosted by Amy P (Unforgettable Moments) this month.

My challenge for you is this… take a look at the ad below, find some inspiration from some aspect of the design of the ad, and make a scrap book page. I chose this particular ad because 1) it looked really cool, and 2) I thought it offered a lot of versatility for a lot of different kinds of pages!

Some ideas are… the larger picture, the series of smaller photos, the “tags;” (it could be the diagonal one or the one on the left), the title work with a subtitle, the entire layout, the travel theme, or something else I haven’t mentioned at all. Just scrap a page using the ad as inspiration.

I’ve definitely got some ideas, now just to see which evolves into my page. 🙂

I’m also working on my page from the Speed Scrap hosted by our lovely guest designer, Meg of Ocean Wide Designs. She gave us a super template to work with, and a great prompt! What makes YOU happy? Even if you didn’t make it to the Scrap&Chat with Meg, her prompt is still fantastic if you’ve got scrapper’s block.  So… what does make you happy?


That’s what makes me happy, well, one of several things of course. You know else makes me happy? Cheesy FREEBIES! (nice transition there, eh?) GingerScraps has a new Fan Freebie on Facebook and it is AWESOME.

Seriously. Being a Wisconsin girl, I totally CHEESED out when I saw this alpha by Wyld Web Designs.   All you’ve got to do is “Like” our Facebook page and it’s all yours!

Now I’m running away to do more things that make me happy, like family time! I know it’s a super short post today but I’m sure you don’t mind. Gives you more time to scrap! 😉

Have a happy Sunday!

Sneak Peeks! What’s coming 9.21!

Happy Thursday!

It’s sneak peek time! There are some great templates and kits coming out tomorrow! Here are just a few of them…

First up is something by Blue Heart Scraps, something bold and fun and dare I say …lyrical?

I am totally loving those music notes!

Next we have what looks like a sweet batch of templates by Pretty in Green.

(using previously released A Match Made in Heaven Buffet)

(using a NEW kit by Z Pink Boudoir Designs)

And because I just love the look of that new kit by Z Pink Boudoir Designs, here is another peak at it!

I am lusting for all these Fall pages. While I write this up, I’ve got my windows open and it’s 54 degrees out, with a cool breeze. Fall is in the air and it gets me so giddy! I positively adore that little owl and foliage. Yes, foliage- I totally love leaves and branches!!

Lastly I’ve got a fun flowery sneak peek from Twin Mom Scraps.

The patterned papers look amazing!

Don’t forget Twin Mom Scraps is our Daily Download Designer this month too! Grab the download link each day and at the end of the month you’ll have a FULL FREE kit by the end of the month! (go back a post to grab today’s!)

That’s what I’ve got for you this morning, a little bit to leave you wanting a whole lot more!

Have a happy scrappy Thursday my friends!



Weekly Wrap-Up: Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!

Hello friends!

It has been a whirlwind weekend, with speed scraps, slow scraps, sales sales sales, prizes, chats, truth or dare, and SCRAPPING!

I hope you have all had as much fun as I!

Today is your LAST CHANCE at the Birthday Bundles– a heck-of-a deal! THREE previously released kits are bundled together for one low price of $5! CRAZY!

Here are just a few of the bundles in the shop:

Definitely check ’em all out now if you haven’t yet, total STEAL! Remember the ENTIRE store is also 30% OFF through the end of today, so take advantage of that! I know I have! I’ve more now than I know what to do with! …but one can never have too  much, right? 😉

We have a new addition to the Welcome Wagon.  Z Pink Boudoir Designs has added a lovely little mini that looks so…refreshing and cool!

If you’re new to GingerScraps, or even new to digital scrapping altogether, the Welcome Wagon is a GREAT place to start building your stash. So many of our designers have created cute little minis and templates for you as a gift to say, “Hey, thanks for joining us here at GingerScraps. Stay awhile and happy scrapping!”  All you’ve got to do is register in the forum- but I must warn you, with registration comes… a steady increasing addiction to checking it daily and making new friends, learning new tricks, earning rewards from just…scrapping!  If you can handle that, then PLEASE join us! I LOVE seeing new faces introduce themselves.

I’ve seen a few new faces this weekend, during our Birthday Party! A BIG WELCOME to YOU! We do hope you stay with us, make GingerScraps your digi home.

Make sure you get your answers in by the end of today for the Birthday Scavenger Hunt! All you’ve got to do is search through the store looking for this guy:

He can be tricky, but once you’ve found him in each of our designer’s stores, you will win coupon for $5.00 in the GingerScraps Buffet!

You could also win a GingerScraps Store Gift Certificate! All you’ve got to do is match the purse to the designer in the “What’s in my purse?” game. This is such fun!

One more thing! While you’ve been filling your cart this weekend, you’ve been taking a walk… a cake walk!

Which reminds me, I’ve got more shopping to do today!

I hope everyone has had as much fun as I have this weekend. Thank you EVERYONE for celebrating our birthday with us! We enjoy having you a part of our community and appreciate all our friends!!

Have a super awesome Sunday and happy scrapping to you all!


Meet the Designer: Meg of Ocean Wide Designs

GOOD MORNING GINGERSCRAPS! (imagine Robin Williams a la Good Morning Vietnam)

I decided it would be fun to bother Meg, our guest designer this month (Ocean Wide Designs), to tell us more about herself. We already know the basics, but for anyone who is just catching up let me share with you,

I live in Central California with my husband, Jeff, and our furry-babies… Riley, a small terror… I mean, terrier! and our two guinea pigs – Sparkles and Bubbles. Jeff and I love to travel the west coast, we like doing outdoorsy things like hiking, geocaching, kayaking, fishing, camping, etc. I work from home running our small businesses, including the Real Life Scrapped social network! When I have the time I LOVE to read cozy mysteries, bake goodies that go straight to my hips, work off those goodies with Zumba & my treadmill, and do crafty things like crocheting & embroidery.

She’s busy busy busy and still finds time to design and scrap!

This is (a) very casual harassment interview, so enjoy!

Designing: How long have you been? What made you start? What’s your favorite thing to design: templates or kits or both for separate reasons? Any tips for a beginner scrapper?

I’ve been digiscrap designing for two years now! That fact just hit me 🙂 I’ve always done freelance web and graphic design stuff, but I must of had a lapse of judgement two years ago to start digiscrap designing!  I honestly started digiscrap designing because I wanted to make a few extra dollars doing something I was already doing and loving. It was hard to get started, but I’m glad I stuck with it! I never would of met all the people that I have if I hadn’t branched out to designing.

I love to design both kits and templates… for different reasons. Kits because I LOVE coming up with all the different pieces and making it all come together. Templates because they get me scrapping, which I don’t seem to do as much now that I’m designing.  I’m totally a template addict 🙂

Tips for a beginning scrapper… don’t get discouraged by all the amazing layouts you see everyone else make! You’ll get there someday too 🙂 Don’t be afraid to become a participant of a community, like GS.  Scrappers are some of the friendliest people on this planet and are always willing to lend a hand! Plus we know how to have a great time 🙂

From one template addict to another, I love your Sea Charts (especially vol. 5 😉 ) I also have to agree with you on the don’t get discouraged bit. I was just looking at my own “first” layouts/pages and my oh my… I never thought I’d get to where I am today from those horrid things  masterpieces. 😉

What’s your favorite kit to date?

Happiness is…

I totally love the color pallet- I’m such a sucker for purples (and greens…together). I’m also a sucker for splatters, and you have a SUPER add on of some terrific splatters, so of course, I’m totally going to share ’em here and now,

Here is some inspiration! Using this fun, super pretty kit is one of Ocean Wide Designs CTM’s (Rachel). Seriously awesome page!

Back to nosing around Meg’s personal life, shall we? Because that’s what we’re really  here for! 😉

This next question is vital, it was brought up in a previous interview and I feel it’s imperative for all interviews. Being a coffee FREAK, wait- I should be more specific- CAFFEINE freak, there we go- I must know if there are other crazies out there like me. So, Meg,

Coffee or Tea?

Tea… I love coffee and all, but tea is so much better 🙂 Earl grey with natural bliss low fat vanilla creamer = LOVE!! I love all kinds of different teas, my husband usually gets me something tea related at Christmas.

I’ve actually been drinking a lot of tea myself lately, but I prefer English Breakfast, with just a little bit of milk. Definitely favor black teas.

One super quirky thing about you: 

Geeze, I don’t know anything that isn’t quirky about me. Ok… I’m a blend of English/Scottish/Welsh… but in High School I was president of the Armenian Club. Those Welsh genes for having an extreme amount of hair, then the Scottish genes for making the hair dark… I had everything but the nose to make me look Armenian. All of my friends were Armenian (huge Armenian Diaspora here,) and so I joined the club to hang out with them. Senior year the club voted for me to be president – AGAINST MY WILL!!! – and it’s something that’s followed me ever since. They said that I was perfect for the position because I was “odar” aka non-Armenian and responsible. My husband tells everyone I’m Armenian anyway, and they believe him… even though I don’t have the nose AND I’m seriously allergic to garlic. Oh… that’s another quirky thing, I’m allergic to the most random things – garlic, cherries, grapefruit, carrots, grape skins… 

First of all, I love the stream of unfiltered consciousness that is that response. Second, I like that you threw in your completely random allergies. AWESOME response, my friend.

Your top three places you want to visit (anywhere in the world):

1. England… because it’s where my paternal family is. My grandparents moved to North America after WWII, but most of the family is still there. Our family history in Great Britain goes past the War of Roses, so there’s lots of sights I want to see 🙂

2. South Africa… because it’s like my husband’s second country. He’s been there a lot, and I haven’t. He would move there in a heartbeat!

3.  New Zealand… need I say more? I almost moved there after high school to attend a university… but there was that whole issue with it costing an arm and a leg.

I say, YES TO ENGLAND! I’m a wee bit envious of your direct connection to that lovely country (I’m sort of a HUGE fan).

One last question,  What is one thing you NEVER leave home without?

My iPhone… I’m kind of attached and always connected. I do so much, that I always have to be available.  Plus it comes in handy when my grandpa wants me to look up sports scores during dinner LOL!

I’m pretty attached to my phone too, I try not to be, to “unplug” every once in a while- typically when the battery dies during the day and I’m too lazy to re charge it. HA!

Well, that’s enough poking and prodding into Meg’s life (for now, bwahahaha!). Meg is going to be hosting a special speed scrap next week!  So make sure to join her (us!), she’ll have a freebie JUST for showing up! I say that’s a WIN! So mark your calendars, and if you don’t, I’ll be reminding EVERYONE in the next few days anyway. 😉

Have a happy scrappy weekend my friends! And thank you Meg, for entertaining me, I mean, all of us! Look forward to the speed scrap/chat!


Sneak Peeks!

Good morning!

We’re into day 2 of our Birthday celebrations for GingerScraps and we can’t forget our Sneak Peeks! Tomorrow is Friday, and though there already are some terrific new pieces in the store (see the additions to our Birthday Buffet!) there are still some goodies coming out way!

This is where you can commence your New Releases Chair Dance! 😉

First up we have something new from Pixelily Designs!

There are so many wonderful pages already created with this new product, and I wish I could share them all but you’ll have to settle for three.  😉 It looks like a beautiful kit, strong affirmations and lovely warm colors. I can’t wait to see it in full!

Next we have a fun looking kit coming from Twin Mom Scraps!

I love this! I love all the trucks! Might just have to pick this one up- since my sons collection of trucks is growing. I really love that fork lift element! I used to work in a warehouse, and used to drive one of those around all the time- I might even have to dig around for a photo or two from way back then. Hehe

There is also a new release coming from Kawouette Designs!

It’s already half way through September- October will be here before you know it, and with it, Halloween! I didn’t start scrapping until after all the fun holidays last year, but this year… oh yes, this year BRING IT ON! I love the fun cute look of this kit- I’m totally in love with those little pumpkins! I can’t wait to see this in the store!

I have ONE more sneak peek for you, a  layout created using something new from Connie Prince.

I’m absolutely intrigued and drawn to that very “fragile” looking butterfly in the top right corner! That looks amazing, and I’m not even a butterfly fan!

That’s it – BUT don’t fret, there will be more in the store, this is just a sneak peek of some  of the lovely goods that will be arriving tomorrow morning. Are you excited? Does Friday morning feel like Christmas EVERY WEEK? Yeah.. me too. 😉

What makes it even MORE exciting is our GingerScraps Birthday Party (ALL WEEKEND LONG) Celebrations! The entire store is 30% OFF PLUS there are bundled goodies (three kits for the price of one!), and fun prizes too! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT that I HAVE to use CAPS!

Alright alright, time for me to dash, I’ve got so much to do… like adding everything to my wishlist!

Have a LOVELY Thursday my friends!