Daily Download #5 and #6 and a Speed Scrap!

Hello all!

Did you ever sit down to your computer with your cup of coffee and wiggle the mouse?  And…. nothing happens.  The screen stays black.  That’s what happened to me yesterday morning.  I put it in sleep mode right before I went to bed and then it didn’t want to wake up.  Talk about minor heart palpitations!  🙂  Then came the chaos of getting my husband and boys off to camping for a couple days – talk about a chore and a half!  So when I finally got some time to think it out – I went on a google search as to why my computer wouldn’t ‘wake up’.  Luckily I found a cool video right on YouTube that showed me to unplug the RAM for a few seconds, plug it back in and all the other components too and voila!  I was so excited!  I love when I can fix things on my own!

So – now we play catch-up.  Today you can click HERE for Day #5 and on the image for Day #6:

**Links have Expired**

But wait!!!!!  I hope you’ll join me today for a fun speed scrap.  Please???  Pretty Please???  🙂

Hope to see you there!!!  Have a fabulous day!

PS. I’m disabling the link for Day 1 tomorrow – so tell all your friends to scoot over and make sure they don’t miss any days!  We love when new people come to visit!  🙂

June Daily Download #26 and a speed scrap?

Hello all!

I was thinking of hosting a speed scrap later today.  You can go here in the forum and tell me what a good time for you is.  I will try to work it out to the closest time of the most people.  Or maybe even do 2 of them!  🙂  Let me know what you think!!!!

Here’s day #26 of this great kit – I can’t believe you have almost all of the parts.  Tomorrow I’ll be showing some layouts I find in the gallery – so if you have posted some – leave me a link and we’ll show it off tomorrow and people can go leave you lots of love!!!

Have a great day!!!

***UPDATE***  We are going to have a speed scrap at 3pm EST and if there is interest later – then we can do another one tonight!!!  Hope to see you there!!!

Join us for a Template Scrap tonight!

Hope to see you there!!!!

May Daily Download #5

Oh my!  Are you ready for tomorow?  To help kick off the weekend there’s a speed scrap at 2:30p EST and then another at 9p EST too!

Hope you can make it to at least one of them!!!!  I’m going to at least try to pop in and chat at both of them – not sure I’ll get to scrap like I want to – but I’d love to ‘meet’ more of our blog friends!!!!  🙂

Okay – now here’s Day #5 for ya:

Hope you have a fabulous day!

April Download #21

Hi there!!!

Tonight is a template scrap with Pretty in Green.  You will get a template to work with while we chat and scrap – how fun is that?  If you aren’t used to working with templates – this is great for you – because there will be plenty of people to ask questions of.  🙂  I’ll be there and I hope to see you too!

Can you believe we are already on day #21?  Where has the time gone?  Hope you are really enjoying this kit – I’ve seen some great feedback on it and I can’t wait to see everyone’s layouts in the gallery with it!!!  Here ya go:

Have a great day!!!

Upcoming Speed Scraps

This week we’ve got TWO speed scraps on the schedule for you! We’d love to see you at both 🙂 First up is Misty with a Speed Scrap on Tuesday, February 23rd (at 4PM Pacific time, 3pPM Mountain, 2 PM Central, 1pm Eastern). Then on Thursday, February 25th is an evening Speed Scrap with Rachel (at 630PM Pacific, 730PM Mountain , 830PM Central, 930pm Eastern). Both of our gracious hosts are sure to have prizes to delight you!

Here’s a shout out to honor some of our recent Speed Scrap participants!






Get your Speed Scrap pants on!

This week we’ve got a few evening Speed Scraps lined up for you. Please join us in the SS forum on Wednesday for a SS with Jodi at 9pm EST,  Thursday with Adriana at 8pm EST, and Barbara at 10pm EST. Who doesn’t love a challenge?!

Check out some of the beautiful layouts from last weeks Speed Scraps!