This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Hello Digi Friends!

This summer has simply flown by, hasn’t it! It is hard to believe Labor Day Weekend is just days away and that school is back in session across our nation. Soon, the weather will turn crisper in many parts of the States. I love Fall, so I am looking forward to crisper temperatures, the changing colors of the leaves, and fun fall projects to do with my kids! I have started my school year, though the kids come after labor day, and I am feeling sorta sad as I say good bye to summer days and summer nights, toes in the sand, taking our time to do things, doing things on a whim. Back to reality! Back to work (at a school for me!) and into a new routine as my daughter starts kindergarten next week and the kids start classes at the Y (swim and gymnastics). Change is good, but change can be hard!

One thing that never changes is the sneak peeks! I know I can count on the awesome designers at Gingerscraps to give us lots of goodies to ogle every week, stuff to drool over until their release on Fridays! These little snippets have me wanting more more more!!!! Let’s see what’s coming!

From Wyld Web Designs….

I am loving the layout here! What a nice way to get alot of pictures on one page! Makes for a nice double page spread, too!

How ZooRific is this! Love the tiger stripe paper and the way the photos look like they are in notebooks! Clever!

The placement of the photos here in this pretty LO is so eyecatching! Love these colors and those cute little ballerinas!!

A new alpha from Blue  Heart Scraps that is coming our way… Love the color scheme here, the layout of the pictures, the elements and frames, and that cute alpha.

A new template from Neverland Scraps and kit from Pixelily…

I love the notebook paper here and these pretty, soft colors! Could that be pom pom ribbon in here, too!? Shazam!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!

(I get crazy about rick rack, ribbons, trim, pom poms, eyelet lace, and stuff like that!)

From Sugar Kissed Designs…what a pretty layout! I really like this color palette here! So funky, modern, and cool (and another new template from Neverland Scraps)!

From Pixelily Designs ….check out this angled striped paper! Love these colors together! Citrus-y delicious, funky and fantastically fun!


All righty now! I am getting excited about shopping the Gingerscraps Store for all this scrumptiousness and these goodies that will no doubt make my scrapping fun!

So come on, pull up a mouse, grab a cup of ‘Joe, and let’s wait together in the Gingerscraps Forum until the awesomeness arrives!

Scrap On, Digi Friends, Scrap on, and enjoy the last moments of summer!


This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Thursday Morning, Digi Friends!
Whew! I don’t know where the summer has gone, but it is back to school time in my world, how about yours?! Time is a flying by!

Well, as time is whizzing by, our designers here at Gingerscraps continue to cook up a storm for us!

I have lots of previews to share with you today…so get those lists ready for Friday when they become available in the Gingerscraps Store!

 Are you ready?! Let’s hit it!

Here is a collab coming from Pretty in Green and Colies Corner, you are going to LOVE this one!! Gotta love those embellies! How fun is this going to be?!


Twin Mom Scraps has been rockin’ and a rollin’! Check out what’s coming to us!

Blue Heart Scraps has been super busy in the kitchen! Shazam! Look at all that is coming from Blue Heart Scraps!

These colors here are so peaceful…

Lovin’ the layout of this layout…..

And this one too!

Now, this is a pretty page!

Ok – watch out! Total cuteness below!!!!

And such pretty colors, too!

Totally scrumptious colors and way super cute emebellies below! Gotta love the photo placement here, too! Rockin’!

And if you want more, check out these yummy previews from Keep in Touch Designs…

I keep thinking (and tasting) raspberry jelly when I see this pretty pink color in here…

But I can’t leave you yet…Check out this cute little number coming from Wyld Web Designs!!

Shazam!!! My socks, once again, have been rocked off by our way uber talented Designers and CTs at Gingerscraps!

So join me as I wait for Friday to see what all this is about! I’ll just be at my school job, tappin my toes and a rollin’ my mouse,  just waitin’ on the goodies to come!

Have a Scrappy Happy day, y’all!!




This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Morning, Digi Friends!

Well, now, it has only been 4 months now that I have been blogging about the wonderfulness of Gingerscraps and the Sneak Peeks of the Week here in the happiest place on earth, and I just figured out how to insert the header into this page!  OHHHH my. Really. Oh my. 

Well THANK GOSH it has not taken me 4 months to figure out that Gingerscraps Designers are the best of the best, and the most fabulous and kind hearted people in digi land! That’s for sure!!  Yay!!! Kudos and a standing O for the GS designers! (insert applause here if you know how, LOL).

On another note, I hang my head in shame…I did not get my hybrids done this week. I am bummed. We were in need of a new car, and had to shop for one pretty much daily. If I was not online searching, I was out looking and test driving SUVs. We finally brought home a 2005 black Honda Pilot this week. So the “search is over” (yes, sing it with me you Chicago fans!!!!) and I can get back to shopping for back to school supplies for my school counseling office and making my hybrids for my office. FINALLY!  Hopefully I will be able to get some done this weekend to show you all how I use my most loved Gingerscraps supplies!

Speaking of which….there will be more in the store this week! Oh, how I love Fridays! Guess what’s coming this week? Well, take a look!!!! Whoo hoo!!! These designers rock my socks every time!!!

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts, cuz here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We’ve got tons of fabulousness for you!

Something from Blue Heart Scraps and something from Joyful Heart Designs….

Something pretty from Pretty In Green…

Something sweet from Rosey Toes Designs…

Something  whitty from Kathy Winters Designs….

Somthing scrumptious from Sugar Kissed Designs…

Something I am now craving from Pixel Lily…

Something happy from Keep In Touch Designs…

Something soothing from Joyful Heart Designs….

And here is MORE coming your way….

From Inspired Designs… LOVE this owl!!!


Well, digi friends, if that wasn’t a Sneak Peek-a-looza I don’t know what is! I am soooooo excited for Friday when we get to see what comes out of the kitchen at Gingerscraps. I better get a bigger hard drive for all the goodies that will be popping into my cart this weekend. Shazam!!!! This is going to be a fantabulously fun weekend of scrapping!!!! So pull up a mouse, and join me in the Gingerscraps forum while we wait until Friday!

Scrap on,







This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Hello Digi Friends!!!

Happy August to you all!  Wow! it’s the 9th already???!!  Geez oh man! This summer is flying by!!

I don’t know about you, but my kids and I are in back to school mode! It’s like this every summer here. I go back to my school job as a school counselor in August, well before the teachers and kids do, so I find myself shopping for school/ office supplies in August, and my daughter got her Kindergarten list of supplies she needs, so she is shopping with me. We’re both very excited to be back to school shopping this month!  I have been pondering ways to use my scrap supplies from Gingerscraps to embellish the back to school items we purchase. I love pinterest for ideas. So far, I am making cover sheets for the see through binders with GS papers, and am going to try to cover my scissor handles with them too. I am making a sign that says whether I am IN or OUT of my office to hang on my door, too. Yes, yes, yes. SOOOOO excited for back to school time! I will post the photos of my hybrids next week, so stay tuned!!!

As for this week, the designers have been busy cookin’ up some fabulous treats for us! 

Roseytoes Designs is giving us something sandy and fun to keep summer going a bit longer….

Kit from Roseytoes Designs! Template is already in the store: August Templatetopia by North Meets South Studios (Connie Prince’s store)

 Oh my! Look below!  Hello kitty! hee hee!!! So cute!!!

 Here is a yummy one coming from Z Pink Boudoir… I’m just lovin’ banners these days and this one is super cute!

Here is one coming from Keep In Touch Designs.  I think this is gorgeous, nicely nautical! I am simply stoked over this! I just love  how gentle it feels yet comes alive with pops of color.

 Ok, Keep In Touch, I am mesmerized….time to continue on though!! There’s more to show you!…

Shazam! Check out this new template from Find Your Bliss! The kit was released last week. LOVE this template!!!!

Gingerscraps designers make it so easy for me to get my scrap on!!!!

Well, I think I can find lots of things in this week’s sneak peeks to use with my back to school hybrid stuff making!  I can’t wait! I am sooo psyched for Friday! So join me, I’ll be sittin’ here, tapping my mouse, sippin my ice tea, thinkin’ of all I can do with these yumalicious goodies! Pull up a mouse and join me!!!! See you in the store on Friday!!!!! Until then, you will find me carting around a pile of binders, notebook paper, glue, crayons, folders, dividers, backpacks and lunch boxes at the local office supply store. 🙂 




This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Morning Digi Friends!

It’s a wet, rainy morning here in the Philly suburbs, a good day to stay indoors and scrap your socks off!

Hold on….where did July go?! Oh my goodness!! This summer is flying by! Whoosh! There it goes!!! Better catch the last few weeks of it and enjoy the rest of vacations, summer travel, kids in pools, beach bumming, or whatever it is that makes your summer enjoyable!

Not only is July gone, but here we are smack dab in the middle of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Whoo hoo!!! Loved that opening ceremony and the James Bond Queen Elizabeth spoof! Oh, and Mr. Bean!!!! Oh, he makes me laugh so hard!  Loved Paul McCartney at the end, too. Just a beautiful torch lighting event (and I do mean seeing David Beckham on that speed boat!!!). What a wonderful way to start the Games! Are any of you there right now, in London? I can’t wait to see your Layouts if you are! How cool!  For us, we are couch potatoes watching all sorts of sports that we don’t get to see everyday, like whitewater kayaking, table tennis (it will always be ping pong to me), synchronized diving, gymnastics, equestrian jumping, judo, swimming, and water polo, and so much more!

Ok, so the designers here at Gingerscraps have been busy, too! Busy again in the kitchen, cookin’ up some goodies for us all! I am certain you will go crazy over these designs coming to the store on Friday, August 3rd! I am so super excited to see what’s new in the Buffet this month, too! Cannot wait!! I love Fridays!!! Fridays and Gingerscraps = a GOLD MEDAL kinda day!

Here are some sneak peeks of the goodies comin’ our way this week….ready?? Set!! GO!!!!

From Amy Peck of Unforgettable Moments…

August Template Grab Bag: CU okay by Jen C Designs

I just love this! How cute this is! I want to use it in hybrid things for my BLAST group at school! It’s a peer leader sort of thing, but this kit suits it perfectly!


And look at the colors in this collection from Gingerscraps!  Can’t you just feel the end of summer and the beginning of fall here?! Love this! I have some winery photos that would look great with this collection.


Well, here I go again….a tappin’ my mouse and a sippin’ my java, waitin’ for  Friday at the Gingerscraps store! Pull up a chair and join me, we can catch some Olympics as we wait for our goodies!

Scrap On, Digi Friends! Have a Gold Medal week!


This Week’s Sneak Peeks

Good Summer Morning, Digi Friends!!!

I don’t know about you, but the heat is ON here in Philly, and I am not happy about triple digit numbers with no breeze. Yikes!!! But it has given me a good reason to stay in the house and scrap a little here, scrap a little there, do some hybrids, check out the Gingerscraps forum, and get inspired again! The heat is also on me as I am  in the middle of planning a school counseling conference event happening next week, and scrapping seems to side track me easily! (Remind me to tell April I won’t be in town or on the blog next Wednesday! wink wink!)

As the summer continues, I find that I need to be better about taking pictures of the kids. I have two kids now. It was easier with one to bring the camera and putz around with it. Now that there are two young ones, I seem to forget the camera. And my second child has “second child syndrome” where there are very few photos of him! My goal for the rest of the summer will be to take more photos of both kids, at least on weekends, whether we are in the house or out and about.

And I will tell you, that this week’s sneak peeks are inspiring me to do just that, so I can use what is coming on Friday to the Gingerscraps Store! Whoo hoo!

Would ya like to see the Peeks? Give me the Peeks! Show me the Peeks! I hear ya! I hear ya!

Here we go!

From Luv Ewe Designs we have….


Just perfect for all my second child syndrome photos, huh?!  Yes, my second is a boy….He loves mud and grass and water and food. I think this kit will do his photos fine!

Now, from Twin Mom Scraps, we have this fun little collection! I love the banner in this!!! Yee haw! I have banner FEVER over here! Shazam! I am addicted to banners lately!!!!!

Oh! Did you catch that template used above? It is from the July 1-15 Template Challenge template by Luv Ewe Designs. If you haven’t gotten it, go on and get it, and get your Template Challenge on! You have until July 31 to rock that template to fill your cookie jar with points towards monthy awesomeness!

Blue Heart Scraps has been busy! Looks like this will be fun little number to use for my summer photos too!

I would LOVE to get out there in the wilderness, but you know, sometimes my house is a bit on the wild side….Loving these trees and camp gear in here!

As I type this, we have a storm a brewing and my lights are flickering. I just may need to grab that lantern you see up there!

Well, there you have it, friends! This week’s sneak peeks! Go grab yer mouse, a cup of cold joe, and pull up along side me and wait for their release on Friday in the Gingerscraps store! My favorite place in the universe!!!!

Stay Cool and Scrap on!



This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Hello Digi Friends!

Here we are in the dog days of summer! My family is on vacation in my home town and we have met many a dog while hanging around here. We’ve met a beautiful Great Dane named Grimm at the BMX bike race, we met a tiny dog name Joe who was found a desert, and we met Henry, a bulldog down the street. It has literally been the Dog Days of summer for us! We don’t have a dog, so this has been exciting for my kids 🙂

I hope you are enjoying every bit of sunshine where you are, and all the adventures that come your way!  I bet you are going to love the collections that will be in the Gingerscraps store this Friday! I sure do! These are sure to be your go to kits for scrapping all those adventures and summertime memories. I can’t wait to share them with you, so here we go!

First up is a collection of yummalicious colors and embellies from a Sugar Kissed Designs and Pretty in Green fab collab…. OMG, I just love this!!!!

And a collab from Find Your Bliss and Caroline S,  we have this gorgeous collection for you. Perfect for those beachy keen photos, don’t you think?

Twin Mom Scraps has cooked up this pretty little kit, which I absolutely love and have to have! I love the florals in this!

These pretty colors rock my socks off! Joyful Heart Designs is bringing this to us this week, and I cannot WAIT to use it!! Check out this raffia ribbon, the shabby chic look of the papers and that ripped cardboard!!! Yum!!!

One last collection by Luv Ewe Designs!

Well, I for one cannot wait to hit up the Gingerscraps store this Friday for these goodies! So here I will be, tappin’ my toes, sippin my iced coffee, and waitin’ for the goodies! Pull up a mouse, sink your toes in the sand, and join me over at the Gingerscraps Forum for an awesome time while we wait!

Happy Summer, digi friends, keep on scrappin’!




This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Good Morning, Digi Friends! I’ve been away for a week in beautiful Minneapolis at a conference, and am back and ready to roll with some fantabulous sneak peeks for you all!  I do hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday (I’m still singing Katy Perry’s “Baby, You’re a Firecracker” in my head!) and enjoyed whatever it was you did, back yard bbq, swimming, picnic in the park, a parade, camping, the zoo, or whatever it was! You’re probably going to have loads of photos to scrap now, too! And I have just the thing to show you!!!!

Though this is not a Sneak Peek, I have to point you to The GingerScraps July Buffet which is just fabulous!!! I have a hankering for alllllllll of it! Yummy!!!!  This buffet will take you where you want to go and show where you’ve been!  Check it out! There are soooooo many fab parts to it by all our fab designers who have been busy busy busy these days creating this for you! I just love it!

Here is the July Buffet in the store…..

And here is just another small pinch of what you will find inside…..

This buffet sure says “hit the road” to me!  What a great buffet for scrapping our vacations with! But heck, I am using it for documenting the process of our international adoption story, even.

What a beautiful buffet for capturing all those adventures throughout the year! Ha! I can see me making cute luggage tags out of this kit, especially with taht map paper,  for my family members, even! There is just so much you can do with this! Yee haw!!!


And with that, I will send you to the GingerScraps store NOW! Run, do not walk! You know you want to spend some time catching up on your scrapping with your vacation / travel photos, so go now and jump on this month’s Buffet!  No mouse tappin’ and java drinkin’ for me, no need to wait! It’s in the store now! Wheeeeeee!!!!! Away I go!!! To the GingerScraps store!!!


Have a wonderful week, y’all!!!! See you around the GS forum where you can find loads of challenges, contests, games, RAKs, and just good ol’ fun!! And while you’re there, check out Wendybird Designs, July’s guest designer. She has so many cool hybrid ideas which are must haves/ must do’s!


This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Hello Digi Friends!

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood here at Gingerscraps and hopefully in your’s too! Just look at all these wonderful creations that have been cookin’ for us! These will certainly make it a beautiful day in your neighborhood! Just think of all the fun you will have with these goodies!  I am so excited to share them with you! It’s just so much fun to share, just like the Sharing Song by Jack Johnson goes…

It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone!

So let the sharing begin!!!!

Pretty in Green has shared this preview with us, and I am just loving these earthy colors!

Inspired Designs is sharing this sneak peek….

and I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the word art. I can find so many uses for this! OH! did you see the banner and the tape measure?! MORE USES just popped into my mind! As a school counselor, I think I can create so much with this!!

This pretty collection is coming to us by Kathy Winters Design….Love the design of these patterned papers! Can I use it to paper my walls with?? So bright and fresh and totally yummy!

Ok, I am just in love with those sneak peeks from Kathy Winters!!!!

Next up, we have a super fun collection by Sugar Kissed Designs…

Again, I love these patterns and what a color combo! How fun this is!!! Love the doodled arrow, too!


Find Your Bliss is sharing this little preview with us….More patterns! Oh, I am soooo excited!!!!

Blue Heart Scraps has this coming your way on Friday….Money Money Money…MONEY! ha ha ha! How fun is this!??!?


Jill DZine has a new collection coming out, too! Whoo hoo!!!! Check this out!

LOVE these colors, gives me that groovy feeling all over again!


I absolutely love sharing these sneak peeks with you all. And if you get as excited by them as I do, your family would be wondering what’s got you so giddy over there at your computer. The CTs at Gingerscraps totally rock, and the designers knock my socks off every time!

So you know where I’ll be on Friday (though just a bit later as I have gone back to work following maternity leave), right here in the Gingerscraps Store shoppin’ and a boppin’ and a tappin’ my toes!

Pull up a mouse, grab a cup of joe, and join me in waiting for these goodies coming out on Friday, June 15th! Right in time for some Father’s Day gift making!

May you enjoy the rest of your week, and your Father’s Day weekend!




This Week’s Sneak Peeks


Hello Digi Friends!

We have a great line up of Sneak Peeks for you this week!! I just love everything! My mouse is a waitin’, my toes are a tappin’, and my brain’s a thinkin’ of all the layouts I can create with these goodies!!

From Find Your Bliss Designs…

From Twin Mom Scraps…


From Keep In Touch Designs…


Be sure to check out all the Fresh Baked Goodies here on Friday! It’s my favorite day of the week, how about you!? So pull up a mouse, grab a cup of joe, and sit here beside me while I wait, patiently, or not so patiently, for all the wonderful goodies that are about to descend upon us!