I miss you all!!!!!!!
We are super close!
It take a a lot of work to change everything to a new server!! And I decided to make a variety of other upgrades that are all very time consuming.

I cant wait till GS is back!!!!!!!! I am so lonely! LOL

I will give you all an ETA in the next day or two.


  1. Little Yancey Family says:

    Ooo I can't wait. BTW I'm being induced the 7th. Yay! New baby with lots o pics to scrap once GS is up and running again. Though I may be a bit late getting back to it. ;o)


  2. GingerScraps says:

    oh how fun!!!!! cant wait to see those tiny baby pics!!!!

  3. I can't wait! I miss GS a lot!

    Congrats Rachel! How exciting!

  4. Every day is another step closer! I can't wait! And for our BIG surprises in store-wink wink!

  5. Yay! I can't wait!

  6. Whoo hooo! I can hardly stand the wait!! I only wish I could say I've been scrappin' like crazy while GS was down so I had a bunch of fun LO's to put in my gallery….but that hasnt been the case! LOL! Maybe I need to get motivated to do at least 2 before its back! LOL