Fantastic Fonts: Halloween

It is that time of the year again where I live. All things scary, orange and black are coming out. Personally Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays! If you looked at my digital scrapbooking stash, you would agree! I have never met a Halloween digital scrapbooking goody that didn’t holler (spookily I might add. lol) for me to buy it.

That isn’t what we are here for today though. I will showcase the great Halloween goodies in the store in two more weeks. For today…”Something Wicked This Way Comes!”….As the title suggests, we are going to be looking at Halloween Fonts!! All these are free and guaranteed fun! They are a great addition to any digital scrapbooking layout. Be it for a title, added elements, or wordart.  (links to the fonts below image).

Links for Each Font

Free Fonts | Ink and Bones

For Halloween | CF Halloween

Halloween Party

Pumpkins | Pumpkin Hallowen ST

Halloween Spider

One Two Trees

Candy Corn | DJB Candy Corn Font

Link to Blog | Please Write me a Song

Halloween Dingbats | Helloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Free Pop Culture Fonts

Happy Saturday everyone! Since you all seemed to really enjoy the last free fonts we found for you, I thought we would do another edition this week. There is a theme to this week’s fun and free fonts we found you. Pop Culture! I thought it would be a fun twist.  So here they are. (links below the image)

Top Title & Bottom Link | Waltograph

Far Away Galaxy | Star Jedi

Catch Them All! |  Pokémon

You’re a Wizard! | Harry P

Grumpy Fowl | Angry Birds

Assemble! | Avengeance Heroic Avenger

I have a 9 year old son who is basically obsessed with all of these. Well, Harry P was for me if I am being honest. 🙂 I had all of these in my font stash already. We would love to see your layouts made with these fonts. Make sure to upload them to the gallery and come back and link us up in the comments.

Check back next Saturday. We will be showcasing some fun Pop Culture digital scrapbooking supplies to go along with these fonts. I also have more of these fun pop culture fonts in my stash. I will be back in the future with some more.

Free Fonts for your Layouts

Alright you fellow font lovers! I know there are a lot of us out there. It kind of comes hand-in-hand with digital scrapbooking. I looked over the web and found us six fun and free fonts for our digital scrapbooking layouts. So here you go:

Here is where you can find each one. Enjoy!

Lie to Me

Fish & Bear

Marchand de Venise




and if you are wondering about the title work on these. Those are:

Playlist Caps


Please Write Me a Song

Fantastic Fonts | Spring Inspired

spring time fonts


Here are you some fun and free spring inspired fonts for your digital scrapbooking layouts. Below are the links to these fonts. Have fun!

FREE Spring Inspired Fonts

Lazy Spring Day

Moody Weather

New Garden

Spring Fun Vibes

Delicate Little Flowers



Free Valentine’s Day Fonts

Good morning scrappers! Did you have a lovely Valentine’s Day? Now that we have that us behind us, don’t forget to scrap those photos. To go along with great digital scrapbooking items to get those photos scrapped, you need a great font! That is where we come in. We looked all around and gathered you some free Valentine’s Day inspired fonts. The links are below.



Valentine’s Day Font  | Sweetheart Love Letters

For your scrapbook layouts | Cupid de Locke

Ladybug Love

Dear John | Helfalo Script

All a Flutter | Fontdinerdotcom


Hello Honeybee | Honeybee

Love Always | Heaven Gate

Give Me a Kiss | Bobbie

I hope you like these fonts as much as I do! We would love to see what you scrap with them. Make sure you if you use them to link us back up!


Back to School Fonts

I think for the most part all our kids are back in school, right? Gotta get those fun school photos scrapped. We’ve already talked about those back to school digital scrapbooking supplies. Now, let us talk fonts! This post will be short and sweet. Here are some great fonts to add to those layouts. A great addition to any back to school layout. (links below the image).


1_back to school fonts

  1. School Book
  2. Schools Out
  3. Print Clearly
  4. Chemistry
  5. School Script
  6. Back to School
  7. Crayon Crumble
  8. Back to School Fonts
  9. For your Scrapbook Layouts

There you go! Fonts for you back to school layouts. We would love to see what you scrap. Make sure you are uploading to the gallery & then link us back up! Happy Scrapping!

Challenge Spotlight – Font Challenge

Well hey there, ladies! Happy Tuesday and welcome to March! Can you believe it’s already time for spring?! Seems like it was just Christmas and here comes St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! Sheesh. It was a bit chilly this weekend so I spent some time in scrapping. This week I am spotlighting one of my favorite challenges we do here at GingerScraps, the font challenge! This month is it hosted by Ivonne of Craft-tastrophic Designs and she has really picked an adorable font:

I love cursive fonts and this one flows so beautifully. The font challenge is always a favorite of mine because it lends itself to all kinds of creativity without restraining too much. In other words–it’s easy! 😉 Here’s some inspiration for you!

By KristenC

By Victoria32

By Ambelleina

Okay okay, yes–I spotlighted myself here BUT come on–look at that pout! 😀 I love Kristen’s ornate clustering, I wish I could cluster like that! Victoria’s layout has a beautiful vintage feel and the font is just spot on. And of course, I love that cute little girl in the last layout! 😉

So, it’s a brand new month and that means another chance to snag some really great rewards: one buffet item, two buffet items or a snazzy $5 store gift certificate! Everyone who plays along in our challenge wins something, so go start your tracking thread now in the March challenge points tracking thread! I think my goal this month will be two buffet items, but I know some ladies will be going for gold! 🙂

Okie doke gals, I’m off! Y’all have a fantastic week!

Challenge Spotlight – Font Challenge

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is having a great one so far; this is FINALS WEEK everywhere so the best of luck to anyone who is supposed to be studying right now! 😀 This week I am spotlighting one of my personal favorite challenges we have every month, the font challenge! This month the font challenge is hosted by Connie of Connie Prince Designs and she’s picked a tried and true font that everyone probably has and loves! Take a look:

It’s definitely a classic font, perfect for any layouts, but especially all the Christmas ones you’re sure to start creating soon! 🙂 The layouts for this challenge are already flooding into the gallery; there are plenty to choose from, but here are a few of my favorites for your own scrapping inspiration!

By Lukasmummy

By rdjrneace

By chigirl

Gorgeous pages, as always! 🙂 I love the use of this font on all of them; see what I said about Christmas layouts? 😉

Have you started your post in the December Challenge Points Tracking thread?  You’ll need it to keep track of all your completed challenges this month so you can nab a sweet reward once the month is over! The month…of December. WHAT. How is it the end of 2012 already?! Crazy! Anyway, get those challenges completed and tallied so you can ring in the new year with a prize! 🙂 If you have any questions about this or any other monthly challenge, direct it towards the Cookie Jar and we’ll get it answered for you lickety split. 🙂

That’s it for today! I have one more final to do and I AM DONE!!! Wish me luck and y’all have a rad week! 😀

Challenge Spotlight – Font Challenge

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Hope everyone had a restful long weekend and you’re all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to scrap! With just a couple of days left in May (OMG it’s almost June!), I’ve got one more monthly challenge to spotlight for you all. This week, I am shining a light on the May font challenge, hosted by JoyLynn of Blue Heart Scraps!

I am always in the market for new fonts to spruce up my layouts and this month, I just happened to be looking for some big, bold fonts for titling. Luckily, JoyLynn already found a great one for us to use in this month’s challenge: take a look!

Cute, right? I love the feel of this font and how versatile it looks. To prove the versatility, my fabulous fellow forum ladies have created some really gorg layouts using the font! It was super difficult for me to pick a few to highlight; this month the layouts for the font challenge were simply outstanding! Here a few to get your scrapping mind a’ tickin’!

By sparkysgirl

By thotim

By swastinadia

Wow, wow, WOW! The layouts this month are just all KNOCKOUTS! I just can’t say enough about how talented the GS ladies are–seriously! I’d even bargain to say we have the most talented scrappers in all of digiland! 😉

But enough of my loving bragging ladies, it’s time to SCRAP! Remember: all your challenges must be completed and tallied up in the May Challenge Points Tracking thread before it’s closed on June 1 for counting. What prizes are up for grabs, you ask? How does a serious store discount coupon OR a $5 gift certificate sound? AMAZING? Yes, indeed. 🙂

There might only be a few days left in May, but that’s plenty of time for you to hunker down and churn out some layouts and earn yourself a treat! If you have any questions on this or any of our other monthly challenges, head over to the Cookie Jar and ask away. We got loads of smart cookies just waiting to help you!

I’m off for now ladies; have a wonderful rest of your week and see you all next month! 😀