Fresh Baked: October 18, 2019

Hello lovely scrappers! We have some amazing Fresh Baked goodies for you today! Let’s jump right in! You can find all these products in the “Fresh Baked” section of the shop or by going to the individual designers section of the shop.

Remember when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great new collab! There’s something about the changing of the leaves that makes autumn just shimmer.

Remember, if you complete 10 challenges, just ten, you get a free kit as well!!

Fresh Baked: July 19, 2019

Hello lovely scrappers! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. We have some amazing new releases for you this week!

And don’t forget you get this super cute collab for FREE with any purchase over $10.00 during the month of July.

Now on to our goodies for the week!…ie-Prince.html



Journal Cards:…-Graphics.html…y-Keuntje.html

Time Of My Life | Collection:

Time Of My Life | Kit:

Time Of My Life | Finishing Touches:

Time Of My Life | Pattern Paper Pack:…lates-USA.html


[journal cards]…agDesigns.html

[worn out papers]…agDesigns.html




[embossed papers]…agDesigns.html




[Quick Pages]


Full Bundle –…nd-Bundle.html

Kit –…sland-Kit.html

Painted papers –…ed-papers.html

Photomasks –…hotomasks.html

Masks & Frames –…ks-Frames.html

Stamps –…nd-Stamps.html

Splatters –…Splatters.html…ates-Set3.html…e-Designs.html

Born In The USA –…-N-Pieces.html…legant-1..html









Bundle & Links to Addl Products:…B-Designs.html…B-Designs.html

CathyK Designs Shop

And don’t forget that you can earn this super fun collab:

GingerScraps: Fresh Baked 4/20 & Retirement 65% Off Sale

Hello scrappers,

Ginger here writing the newsletter this week, our lovely Sarah is recovering at home after her wisdom tooth removal, let’s all send her a big digi hug! Fingers crossed that I don’t have any typos or mistakes!

We have some awesome new releases for you this week AND … It’s time for our annual 65% off Spring Cleaning Sale! After the sale is over these items will be retired so be sure to get them while you can!!

SALE LINK:…roducts-65-OFF

And now it’s time to show you this weeks Fresh Baked!

Planet Earth Kit:…t-Designs.html

Legendary Templates:…s-Designs.html

Celebrate 2018: April Bundle:…-Z-Scraps.html
Celebrate 2018: April Kit:…-Z-Scraps.html
Celebrate 2018: April Journal Cards:…-Z-Scraps.html
Celebrate 2018: April Word Bits & Dates:…-Z-Scraps.html
Celebrate 2018: April Accent:…-Z-Scraps.html
Celebrate 2018: April Extra Papers:…-Z-Scraps.html

Pastel Bliss Bundle:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Alphas:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Alphas:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Art Papers:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Art Shapes:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Art Cards:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Clusters:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Elements:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Paper Pack:…eidesigns.html
Pastel Bliss Twinches:…eidesigns.html

Sew Nice Ribbons:

Sports: Bowling Grab Bag:…g-GrabBag.html

Animal Kingdom Bundle:…om-Bundle.html
Animal Kingdom Page Kit:…om-PageKit.html
Animal Kingdom Flairs:…om-Flairs.html
Animal Kingdom Grunge:…om-Grunge.html
Animal Kingdom Ombre Papers:…om-brePapers.html
Animal Kingdom Titles:…om-Titles.html
Animal Kingdom Journal Cards:…om-Cards.html

Art Deco Party:…dsay-Jane.html

Princess for a Day Bundle:…ollection.html
Princess for a Day Page Kit:
Princess for a Day Bonus Elements:…-elements.html
Princess for a Day Journal Cards:…cards.html
Princess for a Day Bonus Papers:…papers.html
Princess for a Day Glitter Pack:…glitter.html

Hole in One Bundle:…sGraphics.html
Hole in One Kit:…sGraphics.html
Hole in One Alpha:…sGraphics.html
Hole in One Journal Cards:…sGraphics.html
Hole in One Word Tags:…sGraphics.html

April Sampler Templates – 2018:…Miss-Fish.html

New York, New York:…-N-Pieces.html

More than Memories Template Set:

Bring It On Collection:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Kit:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Alphas:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Blooms:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Quotes:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Word Art:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Messy Edges:…-Harrison.html
Bring It On Glitters:…-Harrison.html

Mud on the Tires:

CU Flowers Volume 6:…e-Prince..html
CU Flowers Volume 7:…e-Prince..html
CU Frames Volume 1:…e-Prince..html

Spring Cleaning Sale Link:…roducts-65-OFF

Lindsay Jane Shop Link: Store


$1.00 Bake Sale! January 15-20

Who’s ready for some AMAZING $1.00 deals? We have full kits, templates, frame packs and more! Our $1.00 Bake Sale will run from January 15-20th, you won’t want to miss these deals!

*$1.00 Bake Sale* January 15-20

$1.00 Bake Sale OPEN NOW!

Hello my lovely scrappers! I am here to bring you the $1.00 Bake Sale goodies for the month of November!

Remember we have our $1.00 Bake Sale every month from the 15-20th, it is a perfect time to stock up on some amazing products for only $1.00 each! You just can’t beat that!

Here is a sampling of what our designers are offering this month:

*$1.00 Bake Sale* November 15-20

Bake Sale Image

*$1.00 Bake Sale* November 15-20

See you back on Friday for our weekly Fresh Baked goodies! 

Happy Scrapping, Ginger {and the GingerScraps family}


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GingerScraps has some exciting news! We are moving to a bigger and better server! What does that mean for you?

  • Late night on Monday, January 25 GS will be put into maintenance mode.
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  • Don’t worry, if this interrupts your downloading time, for purchases made the days prior to the maintenance, I’m happy to reset and extend those for you. Simple fill out a support ticket once GS is back up and running.
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<3 Ginger

$1.00 Bake Sale @ GingerScraps!

Good Monday morning my Gingerscraps’ friends. It’s Bake Sale time. Just wanted to send you a quick little message and give you a glimpse of what our designers are offering for this month’s bake sale. All just $1.00 and available at this price through November 20th.


Don’t forget to take a look at this weeks Fresh Baked too!

Make sure to stop by the Gingerscraps Facebook group and show us what you made with your Bake Sale and Fresh Baked items!


Book Lover: May 2015

Book Lover


It is time to revel the GingerScraps book club selection for May, 2015!


Our May 2015 book is…. The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom.

From Amazon the description of this book is as follows,

In this gripping New York Times bestseller, Kathleen Grissom brings to life a thriving plantation in Virginia in the decades before the Civil War, where a dark secret threatens to expose the best and worst in everyone tied to the estate.

Orphaned during her passage from Ireland, young, white Lavinia arrives on the steps of the kitchen house and is placed, as an indentured servant, under the care of Belle, the master’s illegitimate slave daughter. Lavinia learns to cook, clean, and serve food, while guided by the quiet strength and love of her new family.

In time, Lavinia is accepted into the world of the big house, caring for the master’s opium-addicted wife and befriending his dangerous yet protective son. She attempts to straddle the worlds of the kitchen and big house, but her skin color will forever set her apart from Belle and the other slaves.

Through the unique eyes of Lavinia and Belle, Grissom’s debut novel unfolds in a heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful story of class, race, dignity, deep-buried secrets, and familial bonds.”

Here is what others are saying about The Kitchen House

“Forget Gone with the Wind . . . a story that grabs the reader and demands to be devoured. Wow.” (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

“To say Kathleen Grissom’s The Kitchen House is a page-turner wouldn’t do it justice . . . Grissom breaks away from the gate at a fast clip, the reader hanging on for the ride.” (Durham Herald-Sun)

“A gripping tale of the South during the days of slavery. . . . Kathleen Grissom’s first novel explores the well-known side of the dark world of slavery as well as the not-so-well-known world of white slavery, or indentured servitude. The book is written in a manner that is fast-paced and action packed, making it difficult to put down.” (

“You will be thrilled by this intimate and surprising story that connects us with an unexpected corner of our history. Kathleen Grissom gives us a new and unforgettable perspective on slavery and families and human ties in the Old South, exploring the deepest mysteries of the past that help define who we are to this day.” (Robert Morgan, Bestselling author of the Oprah Book Club selection Gap Creek)

“Kathleen Grissom peers into the plantation romance through the eyes of a white indentured servant inhabiting the limbo land between slavery and freedom, providing a tale that provokes new empathy for all working and longing in The Kitchen House.” (Alice Randall, Author of The Wind Done Gone and Rebel Yell)

I hope my fellow book lovers join us in the GingerScraps forum to discuss The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom.


Book Lover : April 2015

Book Lover


It is time to revel the GingerScraps book club selection for April, 2015!


Our April 2015 book is…. Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall.

From Amazon the description of this book is as follows,

“In the summer of 1963, nine-year-old Starla Claudelle runs away from her strict grandmother’s Mississippi home. Starla’s destination is Nashville, where her mother went to become a famous singer, abandoning Starla when she was three. Walking a lonely country road, Starla accepts a ride from Eula, a black woman traveling alone with a white baby. Now, on the road trip that will change her life forever, Starla sees for the first time life as it really is—as she reaches for a dream of how it could one day be.”

Here is what others are saying about Whistling Past the Graveyard

“A coming-of-age story as well as a luminous portrait of courage and the bonds of friendship. . . Susan Crandall tells young Starla’s story with pitch-perfect tone, evoking 1963 Mississippi and its struggles with a deft hand. I laughed and cried at Starla’s keen observances of life and family and the sometimes blurred edges of justice. Like Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, Whistling Past the Graveyard is destined to become a classic.” (New York Times bestselling author Karen White)

“Crandall delivers big with a coming-of-age story set in Mississippi in 1963 and narrated by a precocious 9-year-old…Young Starla is an endearing character whose spirited observations propel this nicely crafted story.” (Kirkus)

“Starla’s fiery independence makes her a likable narrator.” (Publishers Weekly)

“A delightfully complex story about defying the odds to find the gifts we have tucked inside us.” (Shelf Awareness)

“This is a work of imagination in the mind of a 9-year-old child that might remind you of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird or Kathryn Stockett’s The Help… It’s a real winner!” (Liz Smith The Chicago Tribune)

“A luminous portrait of courage and the bonds of friendship, this coming of age story is as endearing and spirited as they come.” (Shape Magazine)

“This coming-of-age story is a must for fans of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help or Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird.” (Working Mother Magazine)

“It’s not easy to keep such a young narrator convincing for more than 300 pages… Readers will take to Starla and be caught up in her story.” (Mary Ellen Quinn Booklist)

“Crandall threads historical detail throughout the book as the struggles of the civil rights movement are vividly portrayed…Crandall’s young narrator captures the reader’s heart.” (Library Journal)

I hope my fellow book lovers join us in the GingerScraps forum to discuss Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall.


iNDS Special Edition!


It’s finally here!! The event we all look forward to, {inter}National Scrapbooking Day!!!

We have so much happening at GingerScraps, we decided to dedicate a special newsletter to tell you all about it. Stop by the Forum- iNSD Welcome post to get a great break down of all the events over the iNSD celebration.


We have a full shop sale from May 2-5th, MANY of our designer have sales extending through the week, as well as special Grab Bags and other exciting goodies for you. Be sure to stop by the shop to see all the details! At the End of this newsletter you will see a full list of ads from our designers with a bit more info about what you can expect to see from them.

We also have a special Bake Sale going on-


Now when you’re shopping we have some really awesome treats for you!!

Remember, when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great grab bag! This month’s May Free With Purchase Grab Bag* was created by Inspired Designs, titled Everyday Memories, this Grab Bag is packed full of delicious goodies.


But wait there’s more!! To celebrate iNSD our designer created an AMAZING mega collab called Scraptastic. This mega- Scraptastic was use to make all the promotional images for iNDS, it is a huge gorgeous collab, yours free with any purchase over $20!

When you add over $20 in product to your cart this item will be automatically added for free! This deal is good from May 2-5th.


*Now for the VERY BEST DEAL… If you spend over $30 (between May 2-5th) you will get BOTH the amazing Scraptastic collab AND the May Free With Purchase Grab Bag*

Simply add over $30 of products to your cart, and BOTH will be automatically added to your cart for FREE!

In between your shopping time, we have all sorts of fun happening around the forums and the chat room! Stop by the iNSD section in the forum to see all the special iNDS challenges, and games!

Here is a full chat schedule-


Let me tell you a bit more about our iNDS activity’s.

We have a iNSD Scavenger Hunt going on, visit the forum for the details.


We also have a Digi Cake Walk


You will not want to miss our GS Facebook Hop!!

The FB hop officially starts on May 2 @ 10:oo am EST

FB Hop

Designer Sale Ads!

Shop: ViolaMoni

Shop: Pretty In Green

Shop: Twin Mom Scraps

Shop: Aprilisa Designs

Shop: Kathy Winters

Shop: ConniePrince

Shop: Simple Girl Scraps

Shop: Trixie Scraps

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Shop: Angelclaud ArtRoom

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Shop: Wendy Tunison Designs

Shop: Craft-tastrophic

Shop: SnipsNSnails

Designers Events:

Whew, you made it to the End! I look forward to seeing all your beautiful layouts and chatting with you in our chat room! Happy iNSD!! Ginger, and the entire GingerScraps Family