Designer Spotlight: November 2022

Memory Mosaic and Polka Dot Chicks

Now that the first-of-the-month insanity dust has settled, let’s get to know this month’s Spotlight Designers, Joy aka Memory Mosaic, and Tammy aka Polka Dot Chicks. [Editor’s note: It’s Joy‘s birthday month!] These two ladies sat down with me (and Tammy‘s 18 month-old grandson) to do a little Q&A session. What follows is a transcript… to minimize confusion, I’m taking the “O”.

O: Thanks so much for chatting with me and letting me give our readers a peek into your lives. I like to get the meat-and-potatoes out of the way first, then get to the sweets after, so I’ll throw you a softball. How long have you been designing?


J: I started designing in 2015.

T: Since 2008

O: So a good, long time! Joy, what led you to designing?

J: I will admit, when I started digital scrapbooking, I didn’t think I had the ability to do design work. In 2013, I started as a CT member for a designer. She taught me a few basic things that started to give me more confidence, to try more. In 2015 I made my first kit. I will admit, when I look at it now, it wasn’t very good. But, it was the start, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

O: Boy can I relate! I came to digital scrapbooking in about 2010, and those first layouts were so… awful! When I found my first digi home and started working through their challenges, my skills grew and so did my confidence. I never dreamed that I’d be doing what I’m doing now. What does your design space look like? [Editor’s note: Tammy is wrangling her little person ATM.]

J: This past year, I have tried a couple different places. I now have a small office that I work in a lot. It has an old tall secretary, some books shelves and a dresser with some baskets and file organizers. I still take my laptop out to the living room and work and sit on the sofa while watching TV. I hardly ever can just sit, and watch TV, most of the time, I am always doing something else at the same time.

O: I’m the same! Multitasking is like breathing for me. Where do you find your inspiration?

J: A lot of my inspiration comes from my everyday life, childhood memories/experiences, and my family.

O: I think you’re speaking for most of us. Do you have a favourite kit in the GS Shop? I know, it’s like asking you which one of your kids is your favourite. It changes from day to day!

J: One of my favorite kits right now is “Artsy Bits #6“. I love making kits with a “vintage feel” and “grunge”. I was challenged last year to come up with some “Art Journaling” kits. And I started making my Artsy Bits collection. This last one is my favorite. I love the colors and just how it came together.

O: Art journaling is a difficult thing for me. I never feel like I’ve done it well. Strong work! Oh, Tammy‘s back. Hey Tammy, Are you more likely to dance or sing in the shower?

T: Sing – even though I can’t sing! What about you, Joy?

J: Sing. I am not the most coordinated, and I would probably fall if I tried to dance in the shower. LOL!

O: I’ve asked that question a few times. And I’ve done both. Immediately followed by a trip to the hardware store and some no-slip strips for the shower pan. 🙂 Here’s another softball. What colours do you like best, and which make you shudder?

T: My favorite colors are red, pink and black/gray – well technically my favorite color is plaid but I am quirky. My least favorite colors are orange and green.

J: I love blues. I like to mix it with red/burgundy. I also really like blue and yellow together. These colors feel calm and happy. My least favorite is mustard yellow.

O: I don’t love orange or yellow. Tammy, you know plaid’s technically not a colour, right? 😉 Do you have a green thumb, even though you don’t like green?

T: I can keep indoor plants alive. I have a philodendron that I received when my grandma passed away in 1992 and it’s still alive
and now has an offshoot. Big plant is named Papa Phil and the off shoot is Phil Jr.

O: I’ve gotten pretty good at gardening, indoors and out. I bought a foot-tall fiddle leaf fig at Costco a couple of years ago and now it’s four feet tall, with branches everywhere. But I waited to long to clean up my flowerbed and got caught by a snowstorm. Too late now. Pray for me? Crazy question alert: If you could only eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

T: Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans & creme’ brûlée for dessert.

O: Yum! If you could have a super power, what would you like it to be?

T: To clone myself to be able to help out my kids/grands when they all ask at same time…lol.

O: YES!! If I had a clone, one of us could be cleaning up the yard while the other grocery-shopped. Oh well. Can you play a musical instrument?

J: I play the piano… not very well, especially considering all the money my parents spent on lessons. I started taking lessons when I was 6 and pretty much took them off and on through college. I did play in church when we were missionaries in Ecuador.

T: The radio! Nope. Not musical at all unlike all my kids.

O: I took piano lessons for a couple of years but we didn’t have a piano so I practiced at the school. Didn’t work so well. What would your dream car be?

J: Honestly we have only had older used cars for a long time, so I would say, my “dream car” would be a “new car”. You know one with all the new “bells & whistles”. But, for now I am happy to have a car that runs. 🙂

O: Been there! My current vehicle is a seven-year-old SUV with room for both people and my son’s wheelchair. I think my next one – when the day comes – will be a hybrid. I travel too many backroads with no services to feel safe going all electric. What did you want to be when you were small?

T: A nurse or a teacher.

O: Did you know that nurses are also teachers? That was my favourite part of my job, teaching parents about what was making their child sick and what we were doing to fix it. Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

J: My laptop. I am on it every day. It is what I use to make my designs, and I use it for other work.

O: Me too! If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

T: Caution: Will start snort laughing when cracking up…. lol.

O: Last question, I promise! What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?

T: Any of the actors who played James Bond but Pierce Brosnan would be at the top of the list.

O: <fans herself> I can see it! Well, thanks again for giving our GingerScraps community a little glimpse of yourselves. Before we go, I’d like to remind everybody that not only are the ladies providing this month’s Daily Download (found right here on the Blog!), they’re also hosting the Designer Spotlight Challenge and have some coupons for all of us! Check ’em out.

See you all again next month for the December Designer Spotlight.


Designer Spotlight Bonus Goodies!

Dani and Neia asked if I’d pass this on. For tomorrow (September 9, 2022) ONLY, subscribers to their newsletters will have the opportunity to grab some bonus freebies. Here’s a sneak peek to whet your interest.

Need links? Dani’s newsletter sign-up is HERE.

Neia’s newsletter sigh-up is HERE.

Run, don’t walk!!


Designer Spotlight: September 2022

Neia Scraps and JB Studio

How can it be September already? This month we have a dazzling duo in the Designer Spotlight. Edneia, aka Neia Scraps and Dani, aka JB Studio have joined hands and talents for us and we’re not going to be disappointed! I had a chat with these amazing women and want to share what I’ve learned about them with all of you. Let’s go!

J: First we’ll do the whys and wherefores. Neia, what made you decide to design?

N: When I first discovered digital scrapbooking, I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. Today she is 11 years old. I love drawings and cute little things and I got completely involved with this world. I had time, a computer and a lot of willingness to learn at my disposal. I started making pages and courses and soon I was designing my own products.

J: I’ve been a fan for a long time! Dani, how long have you been designing?
D: Since September 2007.
J: That long? I had no idea!! Happy 15th design-iversary. Neia, what do you use to create your designs (program, additional tools, etc.)?

N: I use a desktop computer, my most used programs are Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. I still use a scanner, a graphics tablet and I have a Canon camera.

J: Dani, can you describe your design workspace for us?
D: I’m blessed that in the new house I have an entire room for myself. So now I want to make it an inspiring creative studio, I’ll paint the walls and buy furniture and hang art on the walls. I worked in the family living room for long years. So this is a great achievement for me. Besides my laptop, I have lots of notebooks and pens and washi tape and brush pens because I bullet journal.
J: That’s fabulous! I have a dedicated room for my crafting too, but it’s still stuffed full of boxes and badly needs organization. So. Much. Work. So let’s change the subject. What is your favorite kit currently in your GS store and why?
N: Take Note is my favorite kit right now. I had fun creating it and it has elements that I love. I love characters and I love pink.
D: This is such a hard question because I love creating and each creation has its own special meaning to me. Recently, I created Empty Nest which reflects my own thoughts and feelings when I think that my daughter is almost turning 18. I also created a collection I’ll be releasing soon at Gingerscraps named Be Strong which reflects the emotional overwhelming moment I’m living now. It’s more like a reminder to myself to take care of myself and be strong because it will pass soon. Most of my designs reflect my own feelings and thoughts and they are also a way to inspire others.
J: Dani, those both sound quite special. I’ve already bought Empty Nest, so I’ll keep an eye out for Be Strong. What one word would your friends and family use to describe you?
D: Unique. I think that’s because I have a unique view of things and life.
N: Fun!
J: Both are sterling qualities, don’t you think? Now, let’s talk about your perfect vacation.
N: What doesn’t end? LOL … Well, my favorite places are Orlando, Florida and the North Coast of my state of São Paulo.
D: I don’t think I can describe ONE perfect vacation. I like to experiment and experience. So the one I describe would be perfect for the first time and I would like to do it differently in the next one. LOL
J: You’re both in Brazil, right? I have a dear friend who grew up in Porto Alegre who now lives in Canada. I think I should put Brazil on my bucket list. Here’s a curve ball for you. Are you more likely to dance or sing in the shower?
N: I’m sure I can do both, very badly I confess, but yes, I do.
D: Sing, sing, sing. I love singing.
J: Do either of you have a green thumb? What do you grow?
D: Not yet. This is in my plans to have a beautiful garden here in the new house, too. I cannot dedicate myself to that now and we have a young dog who would destroy it all. So, when it’s the right time I want to start gardening. I want to grow flowers and also some vegetables because I like cooking.
J: Having a blank canvas where you want a garden to be is both a blessing and a curse! So. Much. Work. Can you tell my Long-COVID fatigue is getting to me today? Pshhh.  Here’s a thought… If you could have a super power, what would you like it to be?
N: I wish I had the power to heal any kind of illness or injury or anything that might be wrong on any neurological/psychological level.
D: I too would like to be able to heal people. My daughter has diabetes and my mother has a rare type of rheumatism. Sometimes I feel useless, there’s nothing I can do to avoid their pain.
J: Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could just make it all go away? What about food? Dani, do you have a favourite meal, one you could eat every day for the rest of your life?
D: This is easy – Japanese food: especially sushi.
J: Nope, not for me!! Tempura maybe, but sushi is not for me. Neia, If you had a warning label, what would your say?
N: Beware, it looks harmless but bites if provoked! 🙂

J: What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?
N: In 1995 a band called “Mamonas Assassinas” was very successful in Brazil. I was 15 and I couldn’t go to any of their shows. They were a very irreverent and fun band. It was a meteoric success that lasted a year and they tragically died in a plane crash at the height of their career. To this day I miss them because it felt like they were part of my life. I would love to sit down with them, have a coffee, have a good laugh and say goodbye. They were great and made the childhood and youth of millions of Brazilians much better!! and i just wanted to say thank you!!!
J: They sound amazing! I think they could be compared to Canada’s Bare Naked Ladies. What did you want to be when you grew up?
D: A singer and actress.
J: Lots of little girls were right there with you, I think. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
N: My daughter said I’m a great mother. Not because I let her do whatever she wants, but because she feels like talking to me and knowing that I love her.
J: Aw, that’s so sweet! One of my daughters said something similar years after she became an adult. It almost made up for all the years she thought I was a witch. 😉 I’ve taken up enough of your time, so I want to thank you for chatting with me. Best wishes for a very successful September.
Before I end this post, I want to remind you all that not only are Neia and Dani providing the September Daily Download called One More Chapter, they’re also hosting this month’s Designer Spotlight Challenge! And….. being the generous souls they are, they’re also discounting their stores, 40% off with NO COUPON CODE needed. I think I need to go shopping… See you all in October! <editor’s note: I apologize for the formatting on this post. I’ve played with it for nearly an hour trying to fix it, but without success. Sorry!>


Designer Spotlight: August 2022

Magical Scraps Galore

The year is just winging by, isn’t it? It was my great pleasure to chat with Marina, aka Magical Scraps Galore, over a cold drink recently. It’s her turn in the GingerScraps Designer Spotlight so let’s get to know her better.

J: Let’s start with the bread-and-butter stuff. How long have you been designing?

M: I’ve been designing for 11 years now!

J: That’s a long time in the digi-world. What made you decide to design?

M: I started creating my own digital papers and embellishments for scrapping our second trip to Disney World, since the digital offerings were very limited back then. It didn’t take long to realize that scrapbook design was my passion, and I started participating in the design challenges hosted by MouseScrappers. I opened my first shop in 2013 and I’ve been part of the wonderful GingerScraps family since 2014.

J: There’s nothing better than creating exactly what you want but can’t find. What tools do you use to create your designs?

M: I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate and ArtRage.

J: Kudos to you for blending all those platforms! I have enough trouble with just one. Can you describe your design workplace?

M: I design in my studio at home, with my two cats sleeping by my computer or on my lap. Sometimes they like to sleep ON my computer and they mess with my designs, LOL! I have to be very careful!

J: Too funny! My dogs see me pick up my laptop and go somewhere else. What kinds of things motivate and inspire you as a designer? I mean, other than Disney… 😉

M: My main motivation and inspiration are my kids and my trips around the world.

J: Those two things seem to be the launch pads for many of the designers I’ve chatted with. What is your favorite kit currently in your GS store and why?

M: It’s hard to pick just one, that’s mean, it’s like choosing your favorite child, LOL … I have several kits that I love, especially my travel collection, but one of my favorite kits is Magical Memories, it’s all about my happy place and it’s a reminder of all the magical moments I spent there with my family.

J: That’s how I feel about Ireland. I’d move there if I could! If you were given a super power, what would you like it to be?

M: Teleportation, so I can travel anywhere in no time and with no jet lag!

J: Wouldn’t that be amazing?! I used to wish I could teleport home from work after my 12 hour night shifts. Have you ever met anyone who’s famous?

M: Yes, I met Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films)

J: I’m not much of a HP fan, but I know who he is. That must have been a special moment. You clearly enjoy things that relate or appeal to children. What did you want to be when you were small?

M: I wanted to be a flight attendant or a rock star.

J: I can’t sing or play an instrument so I never dreamed of being a rock star, but I did want to be a flight attendant for awhile. They work pretty hard and put up with a lot. I think my sarcastic evil twin would take over and I’d be fired. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

M: Warning: Crazy cat lady!! LOL! I’m a huge cat lover, and if my family would let me, I’d have 10 cats or more!

J: Ooh. That would be overwhelming to me. I have enough trouble keeping track of two dogs. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me; I’m just going to fill our readers in on all the awesome August goodies you’re a part of before I finish up.

Of course, Marina is hosting the Designer Spotlight Challenge this month. She’s also the Daily Download Diva for August, so make sure you look for the links here every day or two. (Links are active for 5 days, so you can condense your time:effort if you want to.) If you don’t have time or miss some pieces, the kit will be for sale next month in the Shop. AND… Marina is permanent host of the monthly Surprise Challenge! If all of that isn’t enough, she’s offering a lovely coupon that’s good for the whole month. Be sure to check all of this out. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Designer Spotlight: July 2022

Scrapcrazy Creations with Robyn

The second half of the year has begun. Anybody a little alarmed at how fast time’s flying, other than me?

I had the chance to chat with Robyn, Scrapcrazy Creations‘ creative arm. As usual, we started off with the mundane stuff… How long have you been designing?

R: This year I will have been designing for 6 years.

J: That’s a good long time. What made you decide to try your hand at it?

R: I was on 25 Creative Teams and decided that I would give designing a try.

J: Whoa!!! 25?! I had enough trouble with two. I can’t even imagine. What are your go-to tools for designing?

R: I use PSE11 (Photoshop Elements 11) to create and PSCC (Photoshop Creative Cloud) to quality check my designs.

J: I’d find that confusing, moving back and forth from two different platforms. Kudos! Where do you do your creating?

R: My design space is anywhere I can sit with my laptop. A comfy arm chair, desk and sometimes the beach.

J: That sounds sublime. I work in front of our floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the mountains. Or like today, the clouds. Do you have anyone or anything that provides you with inspiration?

R: My children and their activities and photos that need scrapping inspire me to design.

J: I hear that a lot. 😉 Now, do you have a favourite kit in the GingerScraps store? What makes it your favourite?

R: I have many favourite kits but my current favourite is Flamingo Road because of the pretty pinks and I made some of the papers myself from scratch.

J: Ooh, paper-making sounds like a lot of fun! Is pink your preference? What colours do you prefer? Are there any you don’t love?

R: My favourite colour is purple and my least favourite colour is yellow. Give me anything purple and I am happy. Purple speaks to my soul. I love wearing purple tops, dresses and scarves. I also like receiving cut flowers and planting purple flowers like irises, roses, salvia, clematis, lavender and wisteria.

I do NOT wear yellow. As a child if I was given anything yellow I would pull a face and find it hard to say thank-you as I hate the colour yellow. As an adult I find that I do wear mustard but not bright yellow.

J: Same!! My garden is full of purples, blues and some pink and white. I didn’t plant the yellow Stella d’Oro daylilies, the developer did. [shudder] As for wearing yellow… gross. Working in an ICU, I wore a lot of isolation gowns. Guess what colour they are. So, before I completely ruin our appetites, if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

R: Roast lamb with roast pumpkin, sweet potato and onion and homemade lemon meringue pie.

J: You lost me with the lamb. I worked briefly in a nursing home kitchen. Pureed lamb smells so awful there’s no chance I’m putting lamb anything in my mouth. But the rest sounds scrumptious. Maybe I could substitute a nice prime rib? Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not exist without?

R: My Moconna freeze-dried coffee.

J: Hmm. I’ve never heard of that. Lemme look it up real quick. BRB… Ooh that’s quite the assortment of flavours! I’ve never developed a taste for instant coffee; I’ll stick to my Tim Hortons with a bit of Splenda. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

R: BEWARE! Bites before morning coffee!

J: Got it! Well, thanks for chatting with me today. GingerScrappers, remember that Robyn is also hosting this month’s Daily Download (and the kit is awesome, y’all!) in addition to the Designer Spotlight Challenge. And… drumroll please… she has a coupon code for 30% off for almost everything in her store for the month of July.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have laundry to fold! See you all again on Tuesday.


Designer Spotlight: June 2022

Introducing CarolW Designs

I had a lovely chat with one of GingerScraps‘ newer designers, CarolW (Wen Xin) and would like to share what I learned about her.

Of course, we need to start at the beginning… Thanks for the visit, Carol. How long have you been designing?

C: Starting in 2018, I came to GingerScraps in July 2021.

J: So about 4 years designing, and almost a year with GS. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! What tools do you use when you design?

C: I mainly use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

J: I’m working really hard at being proficient with Photoshop Elements. Thanks to GingerScraps, I have the opportunity to continually learn new things. But I don’t have the bandwidth right now for multiple platforms. I commend you. Can you tell me what your workspace looks like?

C: My work is mainly done in the study, which is also the place where the cat and dog play. When I work in the study every day, the cat and dog also join me in the study.

J: I bet they can be quite distracting. but in a good way. What motivates and inspires you when you sit down to design (other than your deadline 😉 )?

C: Love. I’m crazy about scrapbook and everything, and when I’m designing it, I’m in a great mood and feel really relaxed. I’m happiest when clients email me and tell me they like my designs. 

J: Positive feedback is always so good for the ego, isn’t it? Do you have a favourite kit in the GS store right now?

C: Write a Letter. I’ve always liked light colors. When I was packing my things the other day, I saw a letter written to me by a very good friend many years ago, which reminded me of her. She had passed away because of illness. So when I read that letter, I missed her. So I created this kit.

J: Ooh, I can see your melancholy and sadness over her passing in the vintage look of this kit. Your Creative Team did a beautiful job with it. [Click on the name of the kit for a direct link to the bundle in the shop.] Let’s do an about-face and talk about something fun… If you won the lottery, what would you do?

C: I would buy a big estate in the mountains and live there every day.

J: Wow! That’s pretty much what we did when my husband inherited a large sum of money. Our “estate” isn’t large – it’s actually pretty small – but we have a brand-new house on the side of a mountain and have an incredible view. We’re surrounded by orchards and there’s a winery under construction on the edge of our subdivision. Here’s another fun notion. If time travel was a possibility, would you travel into the past, or the future?

C: I want to go back in time. I especially want to go back to the time when there were dinosaurs. Or I want to go back to ancient Egypt. I like history very much and I like to study the history of every country. 

J: History is fascinating and we could perhaps make our future better if we paid more attention to our past. Did you ever think of becoming a historian, or did you have other dreams for your life when you were growing up?

C: I wanted to be a doctor. But because I was not good at chemistry, I studied liberal arts.

J: I was never good at math or science but I ended up a critical care nurse. If there isn’t a way through, there might be a way around. What one word would your friends and family use to describe you?

C: Very kind.

J: Carol, that’s two words. 🙂 Last question… What celebrity would you like to meet for coffee at Starbucks?

C: Woooo, I love this question!!If I had the chance, I would have coffee with Alexander Skarsgård! I like his TV plays and movies very much.

J: He’s so easy to look at! I can see why you’d like to meet him. Thank you for letting us into your world a little. Enjoy your Spotlight month!

Check out the Designer Spotlight Challenge in the Forum where Carol has a TON of gifts for you!! And before I close this post down, I want to remind you that Carol is also hosting the Daily Download this month. Carol‘s designs are both traditional and fresh; I love the colour palette she chose for her DD kit with lavender, blush pink, ivory and shades of green. Every day for the month of June you can pop over here to the Blog and pick up the day’s piece of the kit; the download links are active for 5 days. But if you’re not able to commit to all that Blog visiting or you miss a few days, the kit will be in the store later in July for purchase. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going shopping.


Designer Spotlight: May 2022

Lisa Minor and ScrapChat Designs

Ladies, we’re in luck! This month we have a dynamic duo in the Spotlight!! I’d like to introduce you to Lisa Minor and Jill (aka ScrapChat Designs). I’ve put the coffee on… won’t you join us?

O: It’s so nice to meet you both, We might as well just jump in and get the basics out of the way. How long have each of you been designing?

J: I’ve been designing just a little over a year.

L: It’s been a little over 20 years.

O: Lisa, I had no idea it had been that long already! That’s dedication. Jill, what made you decide to start designing?

J: My decision to design was an impulse. I sat down at my computer and designed a template. It blossomed from there.

O: You’re still at it, so it must have been a good impulse! Can you tell us a bit more about what you use to do your design work, and where you create?

J: Ah those are good questions. I use Photoshop. I also use my handy dandy notebook. I sketch templates all the time. As for the where… We moved to our house late last fall. Between supply chain issues and installations, my office is still not complete. I currently sit at the end of my kitchen table with my laptop with a pretty view of our backyard.

O: How disappointing, Jill! Hopefully the work gets done soon and you can have a dedicated space. Lisa, I haven’t forgotten you. Where do you do your designing?

L: My office is in my kitchen. We actually have 2 home offices, but they don’t have the view that my kitchen does. Our pool has a waterfall, so it’s just great to open the window and hear the flowing water and the birds singing. Our oldest recently built me a custom 10 foot desk for my birthday. I have 2 monitors and all of the office goodies you can think of.

O: Do you have a favourite kit in the store? What makes it your fave?

L: Laugh Once Daily. I love bright and bold colors and I love the versatility of it as well.

J: Mine is Read Me Goodnight. I love it because I designed it for my grandson using all his favorites.

O: Those are both great choices. Are you into sports?

L: Men’s soccer. The view is fabulous.

O: HAHAHAHAHA! Tight buns in shorts. You’re not wrong! But seriously. Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not survive a day without?

J: Before I started designing, I would have said my phone. Now that I’m designing it would be my computer. You cannot do Photoshop on a phone.

L: Coffee!

O: I can relate to all of those. 100%. Tell me Jill, if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

J: Super weird! I would eat pepper jack cheese, pepperoni and honey nut cheerios.

O: That’s an… interesting… combo. Lisa, what one word would your friends and family use to describe you?

L: Foodie. I love showing gratitude and togetherness through food.

O: But probably not pepper jack cheese, pepperoni and honey nut cheerios, am I right? 😉 So. If you could have one super power, which one would you want?

L: Teleportation of course. Just think of the travel possibilities!

O: I used to wish for that ALL the time when I was walking back to my car after a long shift in the ICU. Blink and I’d be home and getting ready for bed, not driving 10 miles through a blizzard. We know where that got me. Jill, please tell us about your dream vacation, since we’re talking about travel.

J: My perfect vacation would be to Disney World in Florida. I dream about taking my granddaughter, grandson, two sons, their two wives, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend along with my boyfriend. Utrup Party of 10!!

O: That would be an amazing vacation! I’ve been to Disneyland, but when I was in Florida, my group decided to go to Universal on our day off. It was a lot of fun. Lisa, what would you do if you won the lottery?

L: I would by land in the Texas Hill Country and build a giant ranch with side bungalows for all my kids! Then I would take my entire family on a month long vacation to Europe.

O: That would be fantastic too. Has either of you ever met anyone who’s famous?

L: Yes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, former President George W. Bush, Boomer Esiason, and Chris Collinsworth. My husband’s list is longer, and I’m jealous, he travels a lot.

O: Oh my! You’ve met some interesting people! Jill, if you had a warning label, what would yours say?

J: Warning: This person is fueled by ADHD and coffee!

O: Should we add coffee to your list of essential survival items, then? What did you want to be when you grew up?

J: I wanted to be a teacher. I went back to college at 42 and got my associates. Life had other plans for me before I got to the bachelors degree. Instead, I taught paper scrapbooking for almost 10 years. It was fun and rewarding. It helps me with my designing now.

O: Ah, we were both “mature students”. I started nursing school at 34. Now, last question… since May is pretty much full-on spring in North America and my plan for this week involves all the garden centres – do you have a green thumb? What do you grow?

J: No, but fortunately, I married a man who does.

O: Lucky you! Mine thinks watering my plants means dumping the last of his ice on them. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me!

Before I forget, Lisa has created a beautiful collection that will be the May Daily Download and Jill has provided a free template in the Spotlight thread in the Challenge Forum. You can collect the parts of the Daily Download each day by checking the Blog for the links. They’re also hosting the Designer Spotlight Challenge this month, so check that out in the Forum. Jill‘s store is 25% off for the month and Lisa has a coupon too!

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Designer Spotlight: April 2022

It’s Miss Fish!

Oops! I meant to share my conversation with Juli, aka Miss Fish, with you over the weekend but I fell down a genealogical rabbit hole and spent the weekend reading barely legible military service records looking for proof of a hitherto-unknown marriage in 1915. ( I was successful!) Of course, that opened up a bunch more avenues for research. It’s like a snowball rolling downhill. But I digress again. Let’s get to know Juli. (Since we have the same initials, for clarity I’ll be “O” today.”)

O: Thanks for chatting with me, Juli. Let’s get the mundane stuff out of the way first. Can you describe your work space?

J: I have several workstations. I have a laptop that I move around. I have a desk area in the bookcase of our family room where I spend most of my time designing while my husband watches TV. That way we can talk. I also have a hook-up in my home office and when I have to travel for my full-time job I work from the hotel at night with an extra portable monitor to make it easier.

O: Holy cow! How many hats do you wear?? Don’t answer that. It’ll make me feel really lazy. What motivates you when you’re designing?

J: I am inspired by designs that I would use myself to document our travels. I’m also inspired by ideas I get from my Creative Team and my customers.

O: Admirable! I love to scrap my travel photos… I’m sure the Sugar Cookies are very sick of Ireland by now. What one word would people who know you well use to describe you?

J: Kind. I am a people pleaser and I always try to make everyone feel well taken care of and loved.

O: Hmm. I bet your Enneagram is 9. And what a segué into asking you what you’d do if you won the lottery.

J: Is it bad that I already have this planned out? I would quit my full-time job and travel full time between houses all across the globe. I would spend my days exploring and taking photos and my night making travel albums. That would be heaven!!

O: Is it bad? NO! Especially when you’d do something so life-changing with the money. In a perfect world, I’d do something similar. Okay, time for the really stupid question of the convo… Are you more likely to sing, or to dance in the shower? (I have a HUGE shower in my bathroom, big enough to have a party in, so this question comes from that.)

J: Sing and badly. I’d probably slip and kill myself if I tried to dance in the shower.

O: I understand! But nobody can hear me dancing. The neighbours would complain if I sang. Now, if time travel was a thing, would you go back into the past, or ahead into the future?

J: I would want to go back to the early 1900’s just to experience life as it was so I had a better understanding of the history that created America and the cities I’ve visited.

O: I’d be happy if I could make more than one stop. I’d tell my younger self a few things that would change the future. But I’d love to go back to maybe 1930 and visit my Swedish great-grandmother, about whom I know only basic facts. She would be around the age I am now, and would have so many stories to tell. But let’s move on. What colours are your most, and least, favourites?

J: My most favorite color is blue. I always want to buy blue shirts when I’m shopping for casual wear. My least favorite color is orange. I only like certain shades more in the coral range.

O: I’m with you on the orange! I don’t love it at all. Yellow is a close second. You can bet if there are flowers of either colour in my garden, somebody else planted them. Are you a sports fan?

J: I love to watch American football and I often listen to games while I’m designing.

O: I’m glad you clarified without me asking if you meant FOOTBALL or FUTBALL. I don’t enjoy soccer at all. What did you want to be when you grew up?

J: When I was small I wanted to be a teacher. Probably so I could tell everyone what to do. I liked being the boss (still do!)

O: I can relate. One of the things I really loved about nursing was the opportunity to explain what was happening with my patients to their parents. It’s the only way they can make good choices for their kids. The boss part was what drew me to critical care, where nurses have a lot of autonomy. And there I go again, back to you. Aside from necessities, what’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

J: My cell phone! I use it non-stop to communicate with my kids, work, my husband plus it’s the best way to check in with my fans and my Creative Team while I’m at work.

O: Uh. Necessity!! I know you’re busy with all the jobs you have so I won’t keep you any longer. Thanks for the visit!

Ladies, Juli has put her entire store on sale at 30% off, from April 3rd to the 30th! If there’s a template set (or 6) in her store that you’ve been eyeing up, now’s the time. In addition to this sale, she’s also providing the Daily Download this month and hosting the Designer Spotlight Challenge. You don’t want to miss a minute!

See you all again soon! (Tomorrow. I have a nifty trick for y’all!!)


Designer Spotlight: December 2021


Well, here we are at the end of another year. December is probably the busiest month of the whole year for most of us, given there are so many festive occasions on the calendar. I hope you have a few minutes to get to know Christina, who’s nom-de-plume is Wimpychompers. [I wish I would have thought to ask her how she came to choose it! Missed opportunity.] Let’s just dive in!

J: This is probably the one question people are really curious about. What led to you deciding to become  designer?

C: I had started getting interested in digital signatures and started designing those and writing tutorials.  I finally made the switch to digital scrapbooking for my own personal use (it was easier to clean up with little ones).  I loved it and finally became a designer.

J: I think that’s the main reason most of us have been drawn to digital scrapping – the lack of mess! Can you tell us a little about where you do your creating?

C: My couch in the family room with a tv and a laptop desk.  It’s super comfy!

J: Right?! I work in an IKEA wing chair in my living room with the TV on too. I always feel like this question is like asking you which of your kids is your favourite… which of your current kits in the GingerScraps store is your favourite?

C: Just You and Me I think, it’s just sweet and all about love.

J: CUTE!!! Kids on mo-peds, how creative!! This might be a little harder to answer. If time travel was possible, would you go back in time, or into the future?

C: Back for sure, my kids are all teens and I would love to go back and hold them as little babies once again.

J: Omigosh, yes! That would be so wonderful. Mine are all well into adulthood, but I remember when they weren’t. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

C: Swedish Meatballs, our family recipe is a favorite.

J: Hmm. I might have predicted that… being part Swedish myself. But then I don’t know anything about that branch of my family – my great-grandmother is a bit of an enigma, and if time travel was a thing, I’d go back and ask her to tell me all about them! Is there a super power you wish you had?

C: Flight, it would be cheaper to travel.

J: And so much easier! No airports, passports, security pat-downs, middle seats, delays, customs. Yes, please! Although I did meet someone famous on a flight, a country music songwriter who brought his guitar on as his carry-on. Can you play a musical instrument?

C: Yes, I can play the flute!

J: I love the sound of a flute and have an old school friend who plays. Did you want to be a musician when you were small, or something else?

C: I saw myself as a ballerina, a teacher or a children’s book author.

J: Oh, that makes sense! All the little people in your designs… you could have illustrated children’s books too. Now, aside from necessities, what is the one thing you couldn’t get through the day without?

C: My mascara, without it my eyelashes are blond and I look very tired!

J: I wish mascara was all I needed to conceal how tired I look. Last question: If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

C: Warning, tired of people’s crap!  (lol)

J: Have you been stalking my Twitter feed? We could be friends!! Christina, thanks for chatting with me; I know how crazy life is for everybody right now. I hope the rest of December is kind to you.

Designer Spotlight (November 2021)

Jumpstart Designs!

How the heck is it November already? Before we know it, Christmas will be here… and Jan won’t be ready. Given! New month, new Designer Spotlight. This month I’m chatting with Sheri, the creative mind behind Jumpstart Designs. Sheri is a relative newcomer to GingerScraps, but I’ve known her for years and was so happy when she joined our little digi-family. (She might not remember, but once upon a time I was on her creative team.) Our chat went sort of like this…

J: Sheri, let’s get the business part of this out of the way first. Tell me how long you’ve been designing.

S: Ten years this last July!

J: Wow, you’ve done a TON of designing in that time. Your (amazing) portfolio is HUGE! Where do you do your best work?

S: Our main family room is kind of long so I use one end of it for my office because I have windows on two sides that keeps this beautiful fall sunshine coming in. I have a desk with three large monitors because I’ve always got Photoshop, Illustrator, multiple folders, and several different browsers and tabs open all the time. I generally have music or television streaming in the background. I just recently purchased a new PC system and a stand-alone disk station. My “techie” son keeps my system in optimal working order, and I have no idea how I would do this without his help because it seems like something is always needing to be fixed or tweaked. I also have a tablet and just recently got an iPad so I can play around in Procreate. I keep my work area very organized because my brain is already in chaos mode, and I need all the structure I can get. Oh look! A shining thing! Or in my case… another email, memo, new event to add to the design calendar, or another deadline I’m running close to. I’m a great planner, but not nearly as good about keeping on top of it.

J: I think you do a brilliant job of keeping all those balls in the air. We’ve got the where, now let’s talk about the why. What inspires and motivates you?

S: Color, and spending time on Pinterest and similar sites. I always have a bunch of ideas of what I’d like to design and do differently but finding the extra time to play around with new ideas doesn’t seem to happen very often.

J: The way you use colour has always drawn me to your designs… which explains why I have a gigantic folder of your stuff. I won’t get into the whole Pinterest rabbit hole! Which of your current collections is your favourite and why?

S: EARLY AUTUMN WHISPERS. Fall is my favorite time of year and I wish it could stay autumn all year long! I try to enjoy every minute of this season before the cold and snow sets in.

J: Ooh, that’s a beautiful one! Oh look… it’s in my Downloads folder. How did that get there? 😉 Tell me, what one word would your family and friends use to describe you?

S: Probably “smart ass”. LOL (oops, that’s two words)

J: Right… okay! So what would you do if you won the lottery?

S: Probably buy just enough property in the mountains to build a few little homes so my kids and grandkids could all live with me forever. If I had my way, they’d be with me no matter how old they get! Oh yeah…. And I guess saving for retirement might also be good idea so I don’t have earn a living until my last dying breath.

J: We did something like that after my mother-in-law passed away. Except that our grandkids don’t live anywhere nearby and we haven’t seen them in a long time. But we have the mountains! And we’re both retired, so there’s that. Next up, a really odd question that I found on a human resources website: Are you more likely to sing, or to dance, in the shower?

S: Neither! I’d probably trip and fall over the edge of the tub, and God help anyone who’d have to hear my voice! That’s one talent I did NOT inherit from my parents. They were both musical and had a country-western band for many years. They were even good enough to play for President Ronald Reagan when he came through town back in the day, but it’s better for everyone if I don’t attempt singing myself! LOL

J: Wow! How cool is that? I love country music. But can you play a musical instrument?

S: I played the piano for many years but haven’t touched one in a long time. I also bang on our bongo drums now and then and have always thought it would be fun to be a drummer.

J: A minute ago you mentioned your parents and your grandkids. Speaking of both previous and succeeding generations, if you could travel through time, would you go forward, or back? Why?

S: BACK IN TIME for sure! I’m not too thrilled with society these days. I think we’ve lost our collective minds and I fear for how things will be for my children and grandchildren. I miss the good old days when most people valued self-reliance, integrity, and knew how to be respectful of others.

J: I hear you. We’ve really lost the best part of our society, where we all looked out for each other. There was a lot to be said for how much more respectful the world was a few decades ago. What has been the best compliment you’ve ever received?

S: That I must be a good mother because my children are awesome! Some days I question my parenting, but I’ll take that compliment any day!

J: Yes! I ‘ve always said our jobs as parents is to raise responsible, independent and genuine adults, with a good helping of courtesy and caring for others. What would your dream car be?

S: I’m an SUV sort of gal but ultimately I’d just like one that’s paid for, haha.

J: Hahaha! No car payment is a good place to be. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

S: Homemade tacos! Actually, anything Mexican with lots of cheese!

J: YUM!! Too bad I took pork chops out for supper tonight. Now, if you could have one superpower which one would you choose?

S: Being able to make time stand still.

J: Just think how much more we could get done in a day! (Or not. I’d probably just curl up with a book!) Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

S: Hugs from my grandkids!

J: I adore kids. All kids. If you came with a warning label, what would it say? Mine would say “Harmless old woman who WILL talk to your children in the grocery store”.

S: WARNING: Subject prone to sarcasm!

J: Maybe that’s why we get along! Last question, maybe the most difficult. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

S: No clue but several years ago I was told that I looked like Jaime Pressly so many times that I finally had to watch that sitcom called “My Name Is Earl” just to see who she was. I think the only resemblance was in the “dumb blonde ponytail” I did sometimes. LOL

I don’t know anything about her, but I’d love to have her figure!

J: I can see the resemblance! I love the role she plays in “Mom“.

So ladies, Sheri’s entire store will be 50% off for the month, on top of her free Daily Download and Jumpstart Your Layout Challenge kit (and I can’t wait for them!!), maybe with some minor adjustments around Black Friday. She has given me permission to share a bunch of links with you, too. She has a highly-talented creative team, and you can see their work in Sheri’s Gallery. [Remember, whenever you see coloured text in my posts and it’s not someone’s name, there’s a hyperlink attached – just click and go!]


Facebook (and TWO freebies!! Here and here.)



Thanks for chatting with me, Sheri! Enjoy your time in the Spotlight!!