Fresh Baked: July 23, 2021

Wow. Another Friday and almost the end of another month. Time is just flying. I hope everyone is staying healthy. And staying cool if you are in one of the places with crazy heat waves.

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We’ve got some very fun and cute things from our designers this week.

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July 16, 2021: Fresh Baked and $1.00 Bake Sale NOW OPEN!!

Welcome to Friday, y’all. We’ve got a lot going on in today’s post. Make sure you read all the way to the end to see what goodies are in the July Bake Sale.

Remember, any $10 spent in the store gets you this cool, sunny kit for free. I think I could use some of that watermelon right now.

Let’s see what the designers have for us this week!

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Have a great weekend!!

July 9, 2021: Fresh Baked and Christmas in July!!

Merry Christmas.

Wait, what? You heard that right. We’re having a Christmas in July sale in the GingerScraps store. Our designers even got in the fun with some Fresh Baked items that are Christmas themed.

Christmas In July 50% Off Sale! July 9-15 {2021}
*IMPORTANT NOTES* Sale effective for 7 days only, will end promptly at 11:59pm ET on July 15, 2021
(some restrictions apply)

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Let’s see what our designers have been up to.

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Fresh Baked: July 2, 2021

Good Morning! We made it to Friday! Whew. I’ll be glad to see the end of this work week.

Remember, any $10 spent in the store gets you this great summer kit for free. I’m loving that flamingo.

Let’s see what our designers have for this Fresh Bake batch.


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Fresh Baked: JuLY 1, 2021, NEW Guest, NEW Free With Purchase, Monthly Mix, and More

Welcome to July! There is a lot in the Buffet post this month and the collabs are just out of this world.

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Look at these gorgeous colors. There is a great mix of patriotic and summer kits from the designers. Also check at the bottom to see some samples from our talented store creative team.

Remember any $10 spent in the store gets you this great collab. Do you see {sunny days ahead}?

I love these muted beach colors for the July Monthly Mix.

Now to the July Sneak Peek. This month’s Daily Download is from Memory Mosaic and Polka Dot Chicks.

We have a new guest designer for July

Sarapullka Scraps


Hi, my name is Larisa. All my life I have been doing fine arts: drawing and photography.
I love nature very much and therefore I studied at the university as a microbiologist.
Every second I pay attention to different little things around me and I want to share them. I collect stickers, pieces of paper, scraps, beads, draw small details in my illustrations. For a very long time I did not understand through what art you can most clearly share your “collections of observations” with people))
Through Digital Scrapbooking, I want to share my work with you, which I hope will be useful to you!)
Contrasts are close to me: natural gentle motives and careless graphics, restrained color palette and bright accents. I draw most of the elements myself, so each of them has the maximum of my “inner” attitude.
I invite you to join my group and subscribe to the newsletter which has a gift for new subscribers

In honor of the opening of the store, I would like to arrange a sale with a 50% discount during the week on all products I have presented.

Good day,

Take a look at the new challenge reward kit. I am in love with these colors and the theme. If you complete any 10 challenges this month, you get this gorgeous collab as a reward!

And to leave you with some great insporation, let’s see some samples from our talented store CT. You can find more samples in the Gallery.

Fresh Baked: June 25, 2021

Happy Friday! Here we are again at another last Friday of the month. How does this even happen to go by so fast. Not only the end of the month, but we’re halfway through 2021. This is flying by crazy fast.

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Let’s see what the designers have new for this last week in June.



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Fresh Baked: June 18, 2021

Happy Friday everyone. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m so glad Friday is here. Yesterday was a very long day. Multiple computer and social media issues. I’m just over this week. But we all know Friday at GingerScraps means new goodies in the store.

Remember, any $10 spent in the store gets you this gorgeous collab free.

Let’s see what new and fun kits are in the store this week.

We’re a little over halfway through the month, how are those challenges going? Any 10 completed challenges gets you this great collab as a reward.

June 11: 2021: Fresh Baked and Summer Dreamin Sale

Hey there Gingerscrappers. Are you ready for some Summer Dreamin? From today through June 14, enjoy 55% off store wide (most items). Sale ends at 11:59 on June 14, just in time for the June Bake Sale.

Remember, any $10 spent in the store, gets this great collab. I’m loving those flip flops in the sneak peek.

Let’s see what our designers have this week. There is a great mix of colors and themes this week.



How are those challenges going. This kit is so awesome. Just complete 10 challenges and you get it as a reward.

Designer Spotlight – June 2021


First, I want to apologise to Marina (the creative mind behind Magical Scraps Galore). We were supposed to do this chat over coffee a couple of days ago but I got knocked off schedule. So without further ado…

J: Thanks for agreeing to share a little bit about yourself and your creative process with our faithful GingerScrappers. Let’s start wit how long you’ve been designing.

M: I’m celebrating my 10th anniversary this year!

J: Wow! That’s a long time. You clearly have a passion for it! How did you get into designing?

M: I started creating my own digital papers and embellishments for scrapping our second trip to Disney World, since the digital offerings were very limited back then. It didn’t take long to realize that scrapbook design was my passion, and I started participating in the design challenges hosted by MouseScrappers. I opened my first shop in 2013 and I’ve been part of the wonderful GingerScraps family since 2014.

J: Well, that explains how you named your shop, doesn’t it? I came to GS in 2013 and quickly found it to be the friendliest digiscrapping site on the Web. What tools do you use to create your designs?

M: I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate.

J: You must be very proficient, using three different platforms. That must mean you have a dedicated design workshop. Can you tell us about it?

M: I design in my studio at home, with my two cats sleeping by my computer or on my lap. Sometimes they like to sleep ON my computer and they mess with my designs, LOL! I have to be very careful!

J: I’m not a cat person but have two dogs. One of them likes to “help” me too, by flipping my elbow up when she thinks her input is needed. She’s one of my favourite subjects though; my inspiration for scrapping comes from a lot of places. What provides your design inspiration?

M: My main motivation and inspiration are my kids and my trips around the world.

J: Do you have a favourite kit in your store? I know, it’s an unfair question.

M: It’s hard to pick just one, that’s mean, it’s like choosing your favorite child, LOL … I have several kits that I love, especially my travel collection, but one of my favorite kits is Magical Memories, it’s all about my happy place and it’s a reminder of all the magical moments I spent there with my family.

J: I’ve been to Disneyland twice, but a long time ago. The memories we made on both visits are definitely magical. On a somewhat related note, if you could have a superpower, which one would you want?

M: Teleportation, so I can travel anywhere in no time and with no jet lag!

J: YES! That would be amazing!! I used to wish I could teleport home from the hospital after a long day at work. It would be even more valuable for travel. With all the globetrotting you’ve done, have you ever met anyone famous?

M: Yes, I met Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films)

J: Interesting! The famous people I’ve met haven’t been that kind of famous. Did you ever want to be famous when you were growing up? What did you want to be?

M: I wanted to be a flight attendant or a rock star

J: Ah! So fame was in there! You might have met more rock stars as a flight attendant though. I once met a songwriter on a flight from Chicago to Edmonton, Alberta. His SONGS are famous, but not many people know who HE is. So, last question: If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

M: Warning: Crazy cat lady!! LOL! I’m a huge cat lover, and if my family would let me, I’d have 10 cats or more!

J: I should have seen that coming! Thank you so much for the visit. I think our readers know you a bit better now. But ladies, don’t forget, Marina has the Daily Download throne this month as well as being in the Designer Spotlight. She’s created a beautiful summer-fun kit and oh wait!! Stop the presses!!! She’s also got an add-on bundle for even more amazingness!! Look at this sneak peak…

Cats and flamingos!! Before I forget, Marina also has a coupon for y’all. Check it out!

Thanks again, Marina! I love bringing good news to the GingerScraps world!

Fresh Baked: June 4, 2021

Welcome to the first Friday in June. Have you checked out the June buffet? It’s still going on through June 5th.

Remember, if you spend $10 in the store, you get this great collab for free.

Let’s see the goodies from our designers.

Have you started on your challenges yet? Complete 10 challenges and you will get this great reward!