May 3 2024: Fresh Baked and iNSD Sales, Fun and Games

Goodness y’all. It’s iNSD time again. Are you excited? You know we always do it big here at GingerScraps. I hope you are ready for a week of sales, fun and games, and more!

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Designer Spotlight May 2024

Introducing Adrienne Skelton Designs

Adrienne Skelton is one of GingerScraps‘ newer designers, but that doesn’t mean she’s new to designing, as you’ll see when I let you in on our conversation. I wonder if she’s nervous… it being (inter)National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. What pressure! Let’s get to know her better.

J: Adrienne, thank you for chatting with me today, and congratulations on your very first Designer Spotlight! Let’s get the bread-and-butter stuff out of the way first. How long have you been designing?

A: I started to design back in the early 2000’s . In 2010 I had to take a health break due to illness. I have been back since 2021 and love every minute of being back!

J: I’m glad to hear whatever your health issues, you’re not letting them hold you back any more. Distraction can be as good as medicine sometimes. What brought you to designing in the first place?

A: I used to do paper scrapbooking, but at the time I had young kids and being able to afford buying scrapbook kits was expensive, so I decided to put my art skills to use and design something digital using paint shop pro and from that point on I was hooked!

J: Oh, if I had a buck for every time a designer (or digiscrapper) told me the same story… My kids were already grown when I started paper scrapping, and I went right down the rabbit hole. I have a whole room full of paper, stamps, ink, punches, dies, embossing folders and cutting tools. Then I found digiscrapping – no mess, reusable everything, very cool techniques that elevate my layouts… and derailed my own train. But don’t feel bad for my paper supplies – I’m making greeting cards with all of it. What tools do you use for your work?

A: I use Photoshop and Procreate on my iPad, sometimes I will hand craft items and scan and use them.

J: I almost threw my printer/scanner/copier off the mountain the other day. But we don’t need to talk about that. Here’s one of those impossible questions. Which of your current kits in your GingerScraps shop is your favourite, and why?

A: That IS a very hard question! If I had to pick one it would be She’s a Wildflower. I just love how this kit came together. I designed all my drawings and doodles using Procreate ( I love to draw even if it’s digitally) and put it all together with Photoshop. I think because this kit reminds me of nature so much! Being out among the wildflowers.

J: Beautiful! One of my favourite songs from my teenage years is Wildflower by Skylark. “She’s a free and gentle flower, growing wild.” Same mood! And what a segué to my next nosy question… can you play a musical instrument?

A: I am a self taught pianist although I am not very good, I still enjoy plunking on the keys every now and then.

J: I took piano lessons for awhile as a child. I sometimes noodle around on my son’s electronic keyboard, but only when I’m alone. <winkwink> So not into self-humiliation. My friends and family call me a Type A. What one word would your friends and family use to describe you?

A: LOYAL, very faithful and sincere to a fault. I can sense others emotions and am very supportive.

J: Ah. You’re an empath! What would you do if you won the lottery?

A: First I would make sure my family was taken care of. Secondly I would buy a house where I had a lot of land, a lake and plenty of nature.

J: That’s sort of what we did with my husband’s inheritance, but without the land. We lease it, and have a beautiful view, surrounded by wildlife, flowers, birds and bugs. I fall asleep at night being serenaded by crickets and bullfrogs, punctuated occasionally by a coyote choir. So, does your desire to be rural influence your perfect vacation?

A: My perfect vacation would be laying on the beach somewhere listening to the ocean waves, feeling the cool breeze on my face, Or that could also be somewhere/anywhere in nature where I can be at peace with my thoughts.

J: Sounds a lot like my sister’s place! What would your super power be if you had one?

A: I’d LOVE to be able to see the future.

J: Not me! I can dream up the most catastrophic of events without a crystal ball. Nope! If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

A: Be careful and stay away when she is angry!

J: The more angry I am, the quieter I get. My kids were always more afraid of me when I didn’t say anything than they were when I was shouting. On that fine note, I’ll let you get back to your day. Thanks again!

Now, the rest of you, don’t go anywhere! In addition to her Spotlight, remember that Adrienne is providing this month’s Daily Download – the sneak peeks aren’t doing it justice, I swear! I hope you’re picking up each day’s bits; the download links are good for 5 days, so if you’ve missed one, don’t worry!

Adrienne is also hosting the Designer Spotlight Challenge in addition to her regular All About Me Challenge. I’ve linked them so you can check them out. And……

Have a great Spotlight Month, Adrienne!

GingerScraps: New FREE with Purchase Collab, New Monthly Mix, New Challenge Reward, & More!!

It is the 1st of the month and you know what that means; a huge, exciting newsletter! We have a New Buffet, New Monthly Mix, New Free With Purchase Collab, New Challenge Reward, & a New Daily Download on the GingerScraps Blog! And make sure you read all the way to the bottom to see a Sneak Peek at the iNSD celebration.

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I love how this has both bright and muted colors. So many possibilities.

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Get ready to fiesta with ‘Fiesta Fun,’ a dynamic digital scrapbooking kit bursting with vibrant colors and festive flair! Inspired by the lively spirit of a fiesta, this collection captures the essence of celebration with its bold hues and playful elements. From zesty oranges to spicy lime green, every color in this palette embodies the excitement of a fiesta, transporting you to a world of salsa-dancing, piñata-smashing fun! Dive into a fiesta of creativity as you embellish your layouts with taco motifs, colorful confetti, and whimsical sombreros. Whether you’re commemorating Cinco de Mayo festivities or adding a dash of excitement to your Taco Tuesdays photos, ‘Fiesta Fun’ is your go-to kit for creating joyous memories that sizzle with energy and warmth. Let the festivities begin!

This Free With Purchase was created by J. Conlon and Sons, Just So Scrappy, Neia Scraps, and Scrappin’ Serenity.

This collab includes: 2 Alphas {Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuation}, 45 Papers, and 90 Elements.

Unleash your inner joy with ‘Laugh Loud,’ a delightful digital scrapbooking kit designed to make your memories sparkle with laughter and fun! Infused with soft pink and mint green hues, this charming collection radiates a playful vibe that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Embrace the whimsy as you adorn your layouts with quirky doodles, whimsical embellishments, and adorable emojis that capture the essence of laughter. Whether you’re reminiscing about hilarious moments with friends or documenting silly escapades with loved ones, ‘Laugh Loud’ is the perfect companion for adding a touch of silliness to your scrapbook pages. So go ahead, let out a giggle, chuckle, or LOL—because with ‘Laugh Loud,’ every memory is a joyful celebration!

This Monthly Mix was created by Aprilisa Designs, JB Studio, Jumpstart Designs, Miss Fish Templates, and Twin Mom Scraps.

This collab includes: 1 Alpha {Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuation}, 61 Papers, and 104 Elements.

Now to the May Daily Download Sneak Peek. This month’s Daily Download is from Adrienne Skelton Designs! Make sure you are checking the blog every day to get all the pieces of this kit!

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Indulge your creative spirit with ‘She’s All That,’ a captivating digital scrapbooking kit exuding the essence of feminine energy. Bursting with vibrant hues and elegant motifs, this collection is a celebration of womanhood in all its glory. From bold pinks to tranquil blues, this color palette ignites inspiration, inviting you to craft timeless memories with a modern twist. With its eclectic blend of patterns and elements, ‘She’s All That’ breathes life into your digital creations, allowing you to capture the essence of beauty, strength, and grace. Whether you’re commemorating cherished moments or expressing your artistic flair, this kit empowers you to curate stunning layouts that reflect the true essence of femininity.

This Challenge Reward was created by CathyK Designs, Kristmess, Lisa Rosa Designs, Sweet Pea Designs, and WM[squared] Designs.

This collab includes: 1 Alpha {Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuation}, 67 Papers, and 94 Elements.

And now the promised Sneak Peek. Make sure to check back on Friday for the start of iNSD. You know we like to have a big party for iNSD and this year will be no different.

Fresh Baked! April 26, 2024

Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a wonderful week!

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Let’s see what we have new this week.

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Fresh Baked! April 19, 2024

Happy Friday scrappers. It’s time for the Spring Cleaning Retiring Products sale. This sale runs from today (April 19) through Thursday, April 25 at 11:59 PM Eastern. Note that after this sale ends, all products in this category will no longer be available so grab them while you can. Take a look a the end of the newsletter to see a sampling of some of the retiring items.

Remember if you spend $10 in the store you’ll get this great collab.

Let’s see some of the new items in the store this week.

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Tutorial Tuesday (Individual Style)

Challenge Spotlight: Daily Download

Today I have a selection of layouts pulled from the Daily Download Challenge Gallery. There’s a bit of a discrepancy between the Gallery and the Challenge thread in the Forum, so not all of the layouts posted to the Forum are here. Sorry! For those of you who are seeing a Challenge Spotlight for the first time, let me fill you in. On the third Tuesday of each month, I choose a Challenge from the long list of options we have here at GingerScraps and put the Challenge participants’ layouts in the Spotlight. Over time, each of us develops our own particular style, sometimes to the point that viewers know without looking whose layout is on their screen. My comments about each of the layouts I’m sharing will point out something specific that reflects the Scrapper’s Individual Style. What makes a Challenge well-suited for this type of Spotlight is that all participants are working from the same starting point: a kit, template, brush, mask, font, word art or image. Where there are too many variables, a Spotlight is a bit more difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Each of the layouts to come will be linked to the Gallery so you can take a closer look and leave a comment, if you’re so inclined. Just click on the Scrapper‘s user name and you’ll be whisked right to the layout in the Gallery. I chose the Daily Download today; this Challenge requires the participant to use the previous month’s Daily Download kit to create a layout, topic of their choice. Last month’s DD was supplied by Connie Prince and it looks like this:

Now, let’s look at how this kit inspired our GingerScrappers. Up first is makeyesup. She has created a minimalist desktop calendar, with what I think is one of the papers clipped to a grid brush. She has also clipped a coordinating paper to a font to create the month header. It has a bright, springy look.

This is the work of domino44. She’s added a solid white paper (included in the kit but not visible in the thumbnail) to her paper stack to provide her neutral background and changed the wording of the title tag. (I feel like that title needs some context. 😉 ) She’s shadowed the paper doily to perfection!

How eye-catching is that embossed brown cardstock lulumoon has used for her background? Her command of white space is stellar; her single photo is very much the focal point. I like that she clipped the same striped paper she framed her background with to the perforated heart; it pulls the layout together into a complete whole. If you look reaaaallly closely, she’s also threaded the ribbon through one of the heart-shaped punch-outs in the heart.

For her layout, katt chose to keep it simple… the maps, location pin, photo and title all tell the story suggested by her journaling.

Here, photocrazy has chosen patterned papers that read more like solids – I usually do that too! That choice lets all the spring elements draw the eye to her photo of hyacinths in bloom. I need Smellovision©!

I LOVE what austin_kellie has done with her layout! The kit coordinates with her photos so beautifully, and her use of the peeling painted wood paper background is brilliant. Her clusters compliment her photos without taking away from them, leading the eye around the page.

CathyS had me puzzling for a second, then I realized she’d used one of Connie‘s papers clipped to a mask for that cheery background – which I think is a blend of two solids, toning down the brightness of the yellow. Keeping the add-ons to a minimum makes that technique even more effective! I even thought she’d created an out-of-bounds look with the sunflower in the upper left… very skillful use and placement of the elements!

DianeInOz has created a beautiful travelogue with her layout. I think this type of layout is perfect for using bold patterned paper in the background. It holds its own with multiple photos but doesn’t distract. I have to give her family props for travelling at a time when COVID was still a major concern (not that it’s gone, it’s just laying low right now); I’ve only done short day trips by car. I’m too chicken!

Now THIS is genius! Look at how chigirl has turned patterned papers into ribbons, then wove them into a frame for the heart of her layout. Her clusters echo the brightness of her photos, making them pop off the page.

The simplicity of willow‘s layout is its strength. By decreasing the saturation of the green curly ribbon, she’s given it a supporting role. The mask she’s used is absolutely perfect with her almond blossom photo.

Clean-and-simple is how I describe alexandergirl68‘s style here. Her photos are driving the bus! The bright pops of yellow really bring the layout to life.

Pocket-scrapping is great for travel photos, or really, any layout with multiple photos. Kristi Martin‘s sparing use of embellishments keeps the layout crisp while the pops of yellow add warmth. The addition of white borders on all her paper blocks is intriguing. I may have to borrow that…..

To round out our baker’s dozen, this layout from trinanne puts a huge smile on my face. I’ve mentioned before that one way to achieve cohesion when your photos don’t quite work with your chosen kit is to convert them to black and white. I might have tried to keep the bunny ears in full colour, though.

There won’t be a Tutorial Tuesday post next week. I have some stuff going on that will need my attention. Details to follow…

Fresh Baked! April 12, 2024

Happy Friday! Are you ready for another great batch of Fresh Baked goodies?

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Now for the fun new kits in the store this week.

Have are your April challenges? Complete any 10 challenges to get this kit as a reward.

Tutorial Tuesday (Photoshop Elements)

A Little Crisp Around the Edges

PDF Version :

Today’s tutorial is, once again, pulled from the GingerScraps Challenges. When I started thinking about how I’d meet the criteria for the Inspiration Challenge, which is to create a junk journal page, I started imagining how I could use the lyrics from one of my current favourite Lainey Wilson songs. They resonate with me on a lot of levels – although I don’t really think I’m a redneck. The chorus goes like this:

If I look a little drunk, it’s ’cause I drank some;

If my neck’s a little red, it’s ’cause I am one.

Heaven’s where I’m gonna go, the Bible says so on my shelf,

But if I smell like smoke, it’s only ’cause I’ve been through hell.  

So then I was thinking about how to really sell it. And I came up with the idea of altering an element to look like it’s been singed. I ran with it! Let me show you how I “burnt” some paper. I used this stack from Aimee Harrison’s The Work in Between – which is part of a mega-collab kit created by Aimee, Cheré Kaye, Cindy Ritter and Connie Prince. (Click their names to see their kits.) The collab is an ideal choice for junk journal pages; there’s a goldmine of ephemera in there. As you can see in the screenshot, I’ve dropped a blank layer with a transparent background underneath it. You’ll see why in a bit.

First step is to “tear” the area of the paper that will have the scorch marks on it. I Zoomed in on the upper left corner of the papers and chose the Eraser Tool. Set with a hard, round brush from Elements’ Basic Brushes, about 30 pixels in diameter and full strength Opacity.

I just nibbled away at the corner of the paper, with some sharper and some rounder bits. It’s not going to be perfect.

Now you can see why I put that layer under the paper. As much as I’d like to think I got it all when I was removing the corner, with very little contrast between the paper and the background, it’s hard to be sure. And leaving the odd little bits there would show up later, and not in a good way. So I dumped some black into the bottom layer with the Paint Bucket.

That made it really easy to clean it up.

I decided the opposite corner would be another good place to scorch my paper. Fire will spread to the bottom sheet in this arrangement, so I “burnt” both.

It doesn’t look quite right to me.

Easy enough to fix!

Time to play with fire! If you think about how paper burns, it changes colour first, as heat spreads through the fibers in the paper, taking on a brown tinge. So I chose this as my first scorching colour. The hex key is #883102, if you’d like to just type it in.

After I turned the black background layer off, I chose the Brush Tool, set to a SOFT, round Basic Brush at 300 pixels and 35% Opacity. It’s a good place to start, and allows for adjustment later. The Basic Brush set is one of the Brush collections that is included in Elements when you install it. To see what Brushes you have, click on the thumbnail – the squiggle with the little triangle to its right – and the list will open up. To locate the one I’m using, click on Basic Brushes, then scroll down past all the hard-edged ones until you get to the soft ones. The thumbnail will look like it fades from the centre. That’s what you want.

Say it with me… ALWAYS PUT BRUSHES ON THEIR OWN LAYERS!!! If you were to just run a Brush over the edge of the paper ON the paper layer, there’s nothing you can do to adjust that Brush that won’t also affect the rest of the things on the layer. So **BRUSHES ALWAYS GO ON THEIR OWN LAYERS**. Now, I simply ran the Brush over the edge of the paper as shown. It’s fine that there’s a mess in the background. It’s temporary.

With the same Brush active, I dropped the Opacity to 17% and dragged the Brush over the edges again, this time not overlapping the background too much. This step deepens the scorch closer to the actual burnt area.

To further deepen the singe look, I changed my foreground colour to the darkest brown in the same family of orange-brown. The hex key is #010000.

This time I made no changes to the last Brush settings and brushed over the edges again – this time with MORE of the brush OFF the paper.

See how the colour blends and fades? That’s exactly what I was trying to achieve.

Smoke show time! I used the same process as before, the same Brush but with different settings: 150 pixel diameter and Opacity at 57%. **…** The black Brush goes on its own layer.

Now to clean up the background. Select the edges of the paper stack. You can click the Select tab and then Select All, or you can CTRL/CMD>click on the paper layer’s thumbnail. That’ll turn on the marching ants.

To make the areas NOT inside the paper the active bit, Select>Inverse or CTRL/CMD>ALT/OPT>I. Don’t forget this step!!

With both the brown and black Brush layers active, to remove the brushed area that spilled over the edge of the page, Edit>Cut or CTRL/CMD>X.

And like magic, all that spillover is gone.

So I adjusted the Brush layers. The brown one drops to 47%.

The black Brush layer dropped to 45%. It looks pretty darned good!

As my faithful readers know, I can never just *be done* so I went ahead and used a tiny, soft, round black Brush to add a little more dimension to the spot where the two sheets of paper overlap. It’s a subtle thing, and totally unnecessary, but I did it anyway. I changed the Blend Mode to Multiply so the paper underneath shows through better, and lightened it to 29%. Now I’m happy!

Lyrics credit: Derek George, Lainey Wilson, Lynn Hutton and Monty Criswell.

Now, I have a question for you… As you can see, I’ve changed the Elements background to blue. Is it easier to read the text on the blue, or do you prefer any of the various shades of gray that are options?

Fresh Baked! April 5, 2024

Good morning everyone! It’s hard to believe we’re already at the beginning of April. Our temperatures have been crazy this week. 85° F three days ago and 55°F yesterday.

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Let’s see the new items we have in the store this week.

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GingerScraps: April Buffet

Welcome to the April Buffet. Did you have fun with the No Joke sale? This months buffet will run from April 3-7.

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Let’s see what is in the buffet this month. Remember that you can combine any of the buffet kits to make your own collection.

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