Challenge Spotlight: Mini Kit Challenge

Hey there scrappers. How is your iNSD going? Are you enjoying all the fun and games?

Today I’m focusing on the Mini Kit Challenge hosted by Alexis Design Studio. She is providing this gorgeous mini kit to use:

These colors are amazing. Reminded me of spring flowers. Photo credit to my hubby on this one. He loves to take pictures for me to scrap.

And I found these beautiful layouts as well.

From moorefarmcrafts:

From pagefrocks:

And from poki04:

The colors in this kit are just gorgeous.

Remember when you complete 10 challenges, you get this amazing kit:

Challenge Spotlight: Desktop and Inspiration

Happy Monday! Today is the last of my April spotlights. We’re focusing on the Desktop Challenge and the Inspiration Challenge.

April’s Desktop Challenge is hosted by The Cherry On Top. Each month we are provided with a template that can be used as a desktop background on your computer. I LOVE this template. It’s gorgeous.

Let’s see the beautiful layouts I picked from the forum.

From cutiejo1:

From MarilynZ:

From sltppr:

And from constablec:

So lovely.

And finally, the Inspiration Challenge hosted by Sweet Pea Designs. Each month, we are given something to use as an inspiration for our layout. This month, the following picture was the inspiration.

Let’s see what I found.

From 01lousmith:

From alexandergirl68:

From lilholmes6:

And from roxana:

I love all of these.

Remember, 10 completed challenges gives you this kit:

Check back on Wednesday for a wrap up. How have you done this week?


Challenge Spotlight: Template #2 and Signature

Hey y’all. Tonight we’re focusing on two of the favorite challenges in the forum, the second template challenge and the signature challenge.

The second template challenge is hosted by Miss Fish Templates. The following template is provided for you to download and use.

Now here are a few samples from the forum. These are all so lovely.

From digiscrapmomma:

From Jill:

From momto4:

And from Yvonne55:

I love this template.

Next up is the signature challenge hosted by Boomersgirl Designs. Each month the host designer gives us a topic to use. This month, it’s to use animals.

From greenfiend27:

From ktmoonblue:

From rosecca:

And from shawnarenee31:

Remember that when you complete 10 challenges, you get this awesome full kit as a reward:

Let’s {bloom & grow}!!

Challenge Spotlight – Update

Just wanted to pop in with an update. I was doing so well and then I crashed and burned this week. I tried to do to much at once and it caught up with me. So I have a new plan. I’ll have some more spotlights this weekend and then I have a new plan beginning in May.

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!

Challenge Spotlight: Buffet and Back It Up with ADB Designs

Happy Monday my friends. It’s hard to believe it’s the beginning of another week. I hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend.

Today we’re going to start with the the Buffet Challenge. This month the challenge is hosted by Trixie Scraps. The only requirement is that you use kits and/or templates from this month’s buffet. Each month the designers create kits using a color pallet provided to them. By using the same colors, it allows easy mixing of the kits. This month’s colors are definitely Spring inspired:

Let’s see some of the layouts these kits inspired:

From basketladyaudrey:

From Grace.:

From greenfiend27;

And from kimb:

I’m so in love with these colors.

Now for the Back It Up Challenge hosted by ADB Designs. Each month, Diane encourages you to back up those photos on your camera, tablet, or phone so you don’t lose them. Then she gives you a challenge to use those photos. For April the theme is: Spring break, staycation, family vacation, etc.

The layouts for this challenge are gorgeous.

From Elynnia:

From Lisa Campbell:

From msbrad:

And from poki-04:

See what I mean? They are gorgeous.

Are you close to getting your 10 challenges done? If not, don’t fret. For one, it’s not even the middle of  April yet (although it feels like it), and for another, if you don’t get them all done this month, they roll over until the next month until you get 10. Here’s a peek at the reward waiting for you for April.

Have a great week. I’ll be back on Saturday with more!!

Challenge Spotlight: Brush and Storytelling with Dandelion Dust Designs

Happy Easter!! Today we’re looking at two more forum challenges. I originally thought I would have some days that had only one challenge, but we offer so many in the forum, once I put them all in planner to schedule them, I realized I would have to double them up. I think it’s awesome we offer so many ways for you to earn the free collab.

First up today is the Brush Challenge. This month it is hosted by PrelestnayaP. She’s provided a brush to use in both .png and .abr formats. It’s an awesome paint splatter:

Let’s see what some of our members have done with it.

From AriadnesClue:

From dhariana:

From digiscrapmomma:

And from jjaprice:

It’s always so exciting to see how each scrapper chooses to use the brush in their layout.

Now let’s look at the Storytelling Challenge hosted by Dandelion Dust Designs. If you love to journal, this challenge is for you. Each month you are given a focus word and an optional idea. Here is the requirements for April:

  • 50 Word Minimum with at least 1 photo
  • Focus Word: Outside
  • Idea (Optional): What is your favorite thing to do outside? Walk, hike, go to the park, ride bikes, garden, etc.

Here are some of the submissions from the forum and gallery.

From bkasko:

From emscraps:

From Firstoscartgrouch:

And from ktmoonblue:

Absolutely wonderful.

You only have to complete 10 of these awesome challenges to get the full collab kit. It’s always so beautiful and full of goodies.

Come back tomorrow for two more challenges. Are you finding anything new to try?

Challenge Spotlight: GS Created with Rewards and Font Challenge

Happy ?Saturday. Hope you are all enjoying this Easter weekend. Today I’m here to shine the spotlight on two more Challenges.

First up is the Gingerscraps Created with Rewards Challenge hosted by our own sweet Ginger. The only requirement for this challenge is to use the Free With Purchase kit or the Challenge Reward kit form the previous month.

I have grabbed a few member layouts from the gallery as samples. Let’s see what I found.

From Belis2mi using Bring On Spring:

From shariana using Bring On Spring:

From CathyS using read, learn, know, go:

From ktmoonblue using read, learn, know, go:

Now, let’s look at the Font Challenge hosted this month by Craft-tastrophic. Each month the host designer picks out a free font for you to you in a layout however you wish. This month, the font is called Columbia. I love fonts and this on is super cute.

Le’s see what I found in the gallery.

From Dee H:

From justpennys:

From A-M:

From lm44west:

I love the different ways they have chose to use this font.

Remember, any 10 complete challenges will get you this beautiful kit:

Hope you are enjoying these spotlight posts. I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Challenge Spotlight: Facebook Header and Let’s Get Acquainted

Before we get into today’s challenge, I have to make a confession. I didn’t do a layout for either of these. My EHD was not playing nice tonight. Actually, I think my computer is just tired of me working from home (haha). But bigger reason is that when I looked in the forum to pick some samples, I knew I wanted to showcase only those. These are amazing.

First is the Facebook Header Challenge hosted by CathyK. This is usually one of my favorites to do. If you are a template junkie (like me), there are templates out there to help. This month’s theme for the header is “HOPE”.

Let’s see a few of my favorites from the gallery.

From honeybee:

From ptktj:

From shawnarenee31:

From pauline:

Aren’t these inspiring?

Second, we’re looking at the Let’s Get Acquainted Challenge with Snickerdoodle Designs. Here is this month’s question:

It’s officially Spring.What is it about the season that calls to you most? Is it talking a walk in the warm sunshine, feeling a cool breeze on your face, or perhaps planting a garden or tending to the flowers in your yard? There are so many things that we can do in the Spring that we can’t do in other months. What is your FAVORITE thing about Spring?

Since most of us are “sheltering in place” or on “lockdown,” feel free to show us what you are doing.

Let’s see what I found in the gallery. This first one spoke to my soul. Nani and I share a love of scrapbooking and baseball. I’ve been blessed to actually spend some time with her (at a baseball game no less).

From keevs:

From 01lousmith:

From Glori2:

Again – these were all so stunning, I decided it was better to share them.

Remember, any 10 challenges gets you this fabulous collab:

Enjoy your week. I’ll be back on Saturday with two more great challenges.

Challenge Spotlight – A Year of Blessings and Template #1

Hi fellow scrappers.  Hope your week is starting off well.

Today we’re focusing on the A Year Of Blessings Challenge and the first Template Challenge.

First up is the A Year of Blessings Challenge. This month it is hosted by Luv Ewe Designs. Her challenge to us was to scrap flowers. That is a perfect subject for me because my husband loves to photograph flowers. While we were vacationing in Lake Lure, NC in Jnue of 2018, we got to experience their Flowering Bridge. It was a super experience. Here is my take on the challenge and a few others I’ve chosen from the gallery.

From Grace:

From Dannisa:

From ktmoonblue:

Aren’t these beautiful?

Next is one of my favorite challenges each month. The Template Challenge. There are two of these each month. This month the first challenge is hosted by Laurie’s Scraps. Look at this gorgeous template that she has provided for us to use.

I love working with templates so these fall right into my wheelhouse. I had a blast pulling out some older pictures of my kids. They are now much older than this.

From KatherineWoodin:

From pjm117:

From poki04:

So much fun playing with these.

Remember, any 10 challenges completed will get you this full kit!

I’ll have an other challenge spotlight on Wednesday!

Challenge Spotlight – Layout Bingo and Project 365/52

Hey there scrappers. We’re starting a new feature here on the blog. Several times during the week, I will be shining the spotlight on a challenge (or two) that you can do to earn a full kit reward from GingerScraps. Check out the post from April 4, or the Cookie Jar thread in the forum for all the fun information about how the challenges work here at GingerScraps.

Today I’m focusing on two the the multi-layout challenges. Most posts will focus on only one challenge.

First up is Layout Bingo with MagsGraphics. I will admit, I had not had a chance to look at this one much until I started. This looks like so much fun. I’m going to give the highlights in this post. To see the full instructions and to get the blank Bingo card for this month, head over to the post in the Gingerscraps forum.

Each month, MagsGraphics will provide a Bingo cards with different items to complete. Things like: 1 layout with a border. 1 layout with a GS Free-With-Purchase Kit, 1 layout about spring break, etc. The idea, of course, is to get Bingo. Specific instructions on how to full out the card are in the forum. The good news, is that only one of the layouts has to be unique for this challenge (not used in other GS challenges). The other spots can be other challenges for this month (or within the last three months).

Here are a couple of finished bingo cards from March. As you can see, some choose to fill out only the line that makes BINGO and others fill out any of the squares that the task is complete.

From gmae:

From gadawg83:

Doesn’t this look like fun? I’m going to try to work on getting BINGO this month. I’ll show my card in a wrap-up post at the end of the month.

Here is a glimpse at April’s card. Remember to head over the forum for the complete rules.

Next, let’s look at the 365/52 Challenge. This one is hosted by Heather Z Scraps. This challenge is fairly straightforward. The only real rule is that the pictures used must be from the current week you are working on. If you take a lot of pictures and document everything, this may be the challenge for you. The good news? Each week counts as one challenge point. If you do layouts for 3 weeks of the month, that’s 3 of your 10 layouts done.

There are so many different ways you can choose to do these. Here are a few below, but browse the gallery and see what others are doing. These is also an FAQ thread on the forum to help if you have questions.

From CindyB:

From pinklily:

From pizazz:

And now for a sneak peek at the kit you will get for completing your challenges:

Leave a comment and let me know if you are going to try either of these challenges.  Happy Scrapping!