Weekly Wrap-up: What’s your favorite challenge?

Good afternoon my friends!

I know generally I sit down and spend the morning with you, but this morning the family and I had quite a bit of running around to do. We had a great morning and now I’m here to babble to you about this and that.

I know, you’re excited.

You should always have an air of excitement around you- it keeps things interesting.

The first week of October, come and gone. Can you believe that Christmas…Christmas… is only 79 days away. SEVENTY-NINE DAYS! Crazy. I have so many projects to start, finish, print for the holidays that I’m already behind.  I need something to organize all my crazy to do, and I couldn’t help but eye up the new Hybrid Plan it! Charts from Connie Prince (JenE Creations).

The more I sit here looking at it, I just know it’s going in my cart the minute I finish writing. I love that not only is there a schedule, but chore chart, work out chart AND A CREATIVE TEAM CHART!  How fun is that?!

Well, now that you’ve seen the new buffet and our new challenges what do you think?

I am in super love with our October Buffet: Fall Festival. It is ridiculous, and by ridiculous I mean that in an absolutely good way.

I am really into the challenges this month too. There are some fun new twists- like the mix-it-up challenge hosted by Crystal of Inspired Designs. I’ve been wanting to do a strictly black and white page, and now I’ve got double the motivation to get started. I really like simple hybrid challenges (since I’m totally not a Hybrid chick- you ladies that do Hybrid regularly are incredible), something that is 1, 2, 3 and done, so I’m really excited about this month’s Hybrid challenge hosted by JenC Designs.

Don’t just limit your thinking to Halloween/candy tag! I’m envisioning gift tags (for Christmas!) and cute jar labels too!

Today is the LAST day of Ocean Wide Designs Grand Opening Sale!

You’ve got a few hours left to take advantage of Meg, I mean… Meg’s sale! 😉

My favorite product? Her Sea Charts templates. I just picked up this pack last night:

I have every intention of picking up a few more too! 😀

That’s all I’m going to leave you with today, I’ve got to get my tush up and to exercise class!

Have a happy scrappy Sunday evening!


Weekly Wrap-up: A goodbye and a hello!

Happy Sunday scrappers!

It’s the last day of the month, which means tomorrow you’ll have a BRAND NEW Buffet to look forward to- and let me tell you… it’s fah-reak-ing AWESOME! I think one of my favorites to date, for sure.

I know, I know, I’m totally a tease, but admit it, you love it!

How about those commas? I’m a bit of an overload today, eh?

So, let’s wrap up this month, before Sarah gives you all the new goodies tomorrow.

We celebrated GingerScraps birthday this month, with sales, speed scraps, chats, prizes, SO MUCH FUN! We welcomed a fabulous guest designer, Meg of Ocean Wide Designs, who you just might be seeing more of… #wink  We are also, sadly, saying goodbye to one of the sweetest designers I know- Maaike of Find Your Bliss Designs. She will be missed GREATLY and I hope she’ll still visit us in the forum!

Maakie is having a SUPER sale in honor of her departure, her entire store is 60% OFF! Today is the last day, so fill your carts!

Today, being the last day of the month (just to repeat myself), is the last day to get your September challenges in! Do you have a goal every month? I try to get 14 completed each month, I’m ambitious, but it really pushes me to think creatively. One of the challenges, the scraplift, certainly aides in scrapper’s block. Tomorrow will be all new challenges, which I can’t wait to see! One of my favorite things about GingerScraps is the variety of challenges for everyone.

Have you seen our new Monthly Mix? Each month a group of designers team up and mix-up a fantastic collaboration for YOU! This month unveiled the first, Who’s Wise?

So if you haven’t seen it, now you have! You’re welcome. 😉

One last thing, some VERY exciting news! One of our GingerScraps CT’s, Trina,  delivered a beautiful little boy September 22nd! We want to all say CONGRATULATIONS and many blessings to you and your family! Check out her announcement in the forum (pictures included! …because who doesn’t love brand new babies?!)

I know it’s another short wrap-up this week, but I don’t want to overload you, what with so many new things happening right away tomorrow… which, have I mentioned, I am TOTALLY READY FOR!

…seriously, the buffet… LOVE!

Okay, done teasing you, bwahaha! Have a totally awesome rest of the day!





Weekly Wrap-Up: Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!

Hello friends!

It has been a whirlwind weekend, with speed scraps, slow scraps, sales sales sales, prizes, chats, truth or dare, and SCRAPPING!

I hope you have all had as much fun as I!

Today is your LAST CHANCE at the Birthday Bundles– a heck-of-a deal! THREE previously released kits are bundled together for one low price of $5! CRAZY!

Here are just a few of the bundles in the shop:

Definitely check ’em all out now if you haven’t yet, total STEAL! Remember the ENTIRE store is also 30% OFF through the end of today, so take advantage of that! I know I have! I’ve more now than I know what to do with! …but one can never have too  much, right? 😉

We have a new addition to the Welcome Wagon.  Z Pink Boudoir Designs has added a lovely little mini that looks so…refreshing and cool!

If you’re new to GingerScraps, or even new to digital scrapping altogether, the Welcome Wagon is a GREAT place to start building your stash. So many of our designers have created cute little minis and templates for you as a gift to say, “Hey, thanks for joining us here at GingerScraps. Stay awhile and happy scrapping!”  All you’ve got to do is register in the forum- but I must warn you, with registration comes… a steady increasing addiction to checking it daily and making new friends, learning new tricks, earning rewards from just…scrapping!  If you can handle that, then PLEASE join us! I LOVE seeing new faces introduce themselves.

I’ve seen a few new faces this weekend, during our Birthday Party! A BIG WELCOME to YOU! We do hope you stay with us, make GingerScraps your digi home.

Make sure you get your answers in by the end of today for the Birthday Scavenger Hunt! All you’ve got to do is search through the store looking for this guy:

He can be tricky, but once you’ve found him in each of our designer’s stores, you will win coupon for $5.00 in the GingerScraps Buffet!

You could also win a GingerScraps Store Gift Certificate! All you’ve got to do is match the purse to the designer in the “What’s in my purse?” game. This is such fun!

One more thing! While you’ve been filling your cart this weekend, you’ve been taking a walk… a cake walk!

Which reminds me, I’ve got more shopping to do today!

I hope everyone has had as much fun as I have this weekend. Thank you EVERYONE for celebrating our birthday with us! We enjoy having you a part of our community and appreciate all our friends!!

Have a super awesome Sunday and happy scrapping to you all!


Weekly Wrap-up: fall in love with Fall!

Why hello there friends!

It’s time to wrap up another week gone by, seven more days crossed off our calendars bringing us closer and closer to the end of the year. Can you believe that? The temperatures are cooling wonderfully, the cross breeze I’m experiencing sitting here at the computer in my apartment is actually making me cold… and I LOVE it!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I just told my husband this morning that I’m pretty sure October through January are my most loved months. Not only for the cool and cold weather but for the colors, the holidays, the everything.

Now that Fall is seriously upon us (or very nearly so) I was positively thrilled to see so many beautiful kits in the store, new and old, that embody that rich warm and cool bold pallets of Autumn.

And of course I plan to share some of them with you! (each image is linked, so all you’ve got to do is click the image and it’ll take you straight to the product. 🙂 ) 

These are just a few of the many amazing kits we have in store for the impending season. I really recommend looking through them, you never know what gem you’ll find that you didn’t know was there!

Today, in Wisconsin (that’s where I’m at- *waves!*), is our pride and joy, the Green Bay Packers, season opener. The state goes into a FRENZY during football season and whether you like football or not the love for our team is so contagious that you just can’t help but root for them. With that said I know I won’t be the only one hosting a game party throughout the season- no matter who you’re rooting for, and with our August Buffet: Go Team! you’ve got plenty to  scrap those game day photos, something I’m entirely TOO excited about!

There are a few days left to get your emails in for our Ad Team Call! I’d love to increase our fun little team to include some bright new faces!

Kawouette Designs is still looking for a few people to add to her Creative Team! Make sure to check out her call as well.

One last thing, before I go, because I don’t want to forget! Book Club is back for the month of October, and the poll to pick our read is up! So do head on over and vote for next months book!

I think that’s about all I’ve got for you today, I’m sure I’m missing something or maybe a few somethings- but if you head over to the forum you can see all that’s going on! Hope you all have a super happy scrappy Sunday!







Weekly Wrap-up: New month! & 3000!

Good Morning!

Are you wondering what the 3000 bit is?  I’m pretty excited to share with you we’ve reached 3000+ “Likes” on our Facebook page!  All weekend long I’ve been having fun giving away designer coupons and gift certificates to our wonderful fans. It’s been fantastic!  To find out more, and to have your chance at a little treat, make sure to go “like” us on Facebook.

How about that September? Another new month, just where is this entire year melting away to? As ever, there are new challenges galore in the Forum. So much fun, and a great way to earn yourself some free kits (or even a $5 gift certificate!).  Do make sure you check out our challenges, meet a few new faces, learn a few new tricks and just have FUN! 🙂

New month means new buffet, Sarah introduced us to this  beautiful new buffet yesterday. Our designers blended so perfectly this lovely color pallet. Life IS beautiful!

Of course, I’ve got to share one or two pieces I just love –

I absolutely love Joyful Heart Designs’ Grungy Corners! I can’t even describe why, I just love looking at them. Such a simple, pretty way to liven up your pages (which I intend to use more than once I tell you!)!  Another simple fun way to add a little something extra is with wordart- something I love to use ALL THE TIME, so of course when I saw Wyld Web Designs’ wordart in the buffet I started to salivate. Okay, I didn’t really  salivate, but creatively I was drooling.  I LOVE the “Keep Calm” bit.  So check out both of these designers contributions to the new buffet- but don’t stop there, check out ALL of our designers pieces!  I am amazed and yet not surprised at all the beautiful bits created by everyone.  In fact, when I’m done here I’m totally going to go look through them all again, increase my wishlist a bit, you know- typical Sunday morning. 😉

NEW GUEST DESIGNER! I suppose I didn’t need to CAPS it, but how exciting, right?! Ocean Wide Designs is here to play with us during the month of September.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us – literally and figuratively. HA!

There’s quite a bit to share today, let’s just keep going friends!

There are two, very different, but equally fun calls going on right now. First up, our newest designer Kawouette, is having a CT Call!

I really love what she’s shown us so far and am excited to see what else she will create for us!

The other call happening, is one very near and dear to me of course, my own call! “But you’re not a designer!” Of course not, silly. 😉  The Ad Team is looking for a few good peoples.

The Ad Team has loads of fun, but I can’t give away all our secrets, so you’ll just have to apply! 😉  Maybe some of you are thinking, “Well, I don’t do Facebook”, well I don’t blame you. BUT! Don’t let that discourage you! We can work around that, I promise. 😉

I will leave you with that for today. I’ve got to head over and surprise a few Facebook fans with some Sunday morning fun! 😉 Have a happy scrappy day my friends!


Weekly Wrap-up!

Happy Sunday  ya’ll!

Where did August go?! I know I say it every month, but that’s because I just can’t believe how fast this year is whizzing by! We’ve got five days left until September begins and the start of a new month is always my favorite, I know I’ve said that too before! With good reason, too, it’s so exciting seeing all of the new challenges, the buffet that the designers work so hard on, new guest designers, new new new- I love all things shiny and new!


…now now now, before we get too excited about the newness of the beginning of a month, let’s not forget the end of this month! You’ve still got a few days left to complete your challenges – I know I need to get a couple done!

One of those on my list to finish is the Technique Challenge, clipping papers (to alpha, but you can clip papers to ANY shape!). The tutorial, by Amy P of Unforgettable Moments, is very good for beginner scrappers, definitely a good trick to know and have on your scrapper belt.

Here is a layout by Lisa from the gallery using this technique,

she blended two papers and clipped to her alpha, creating a fun effect!  Her entire page is beautiful, too.  I’m totally inspired now to get fancy with my alpha!

It’s truly a lazy Sunday here, but I’m gearing up to attend an exercise class (Lord, help me!) this afternoon and I’m terrified! Of course, I intend to scrap about it, maybe even for my technique challenge. 😉 There are a couple GREAT get fit, be healthy, weight loss, life changing kits in the store that I just HAVE to share with you!

Working on Me by Colie’s Corner,

A Work in Progress by Inspired Designs,

 and some great wordart, Getting Fit by Creations by Julie.

Pair all three kits together to make a fun food, exercise diary! You could even use Creations by Julie’s Hybrid planner pages template to create your diary/log. I’m totally inspiring myself right now, so I hope I’m also inspiring you too!

It’s a wee bit quiet the last week of the month, everyone so busy wrapping up, so I haven’t got much more to share with you, but do check out our Fresh Baked from Friday, there are some ridiculously cute kits that came out – that’s not exaggeration. RIDICULOUSLY cute, so go check ’em out!

Have a happy scrappy day my friends!

Weekly Wrap-up: S is for (Back to) School Scrapping!

Happy Sunday!

I am currently stuffing my face with some sort of berry muffin. It is absolutely delicious, just in case you were wondering.

I haven’t got much for you today, but let’s have fun anyway!

Blue Heart Scraps is having a CT call!

CT stands for Creative Team, something I learned after joining the GingerScraps community earlier this year.  Joining a creative team is super fun, not only do you get to work with great products from our GingerScraps designers but you get to be on a team with some pretty outstanding ladies! Even if you’ve just started scrapping, I always say apply! You never know if a designer sees that something special in you.

So, kids are back in school right? Well, not for me, not for another few years yet but with all those “first days” I can only imagine the few hundred photos now on your SD cards. 😉 We’ve got several great “Back to School” kits in our shop! Some new, some old but all of them are perfect for this time of year.

Off to School by Colie’s Corner

Teacher’s Pet by JenC Designs

School is Cool by Kathy Winters Designs

School Rules by Connie Prince

Personally, while I’m enjoying the toddler years (you’ll never hear me say that again) I can’t wait for back to school shopping and filling my camera with First Day photos! I should start stockpiling school scrap kits NOW so I’m prepared! 😉  Let’s not forget our August Grab Bag this month! It’s FREE with the purchase of $10 in the GingerScraps store. Guess what? It’s another fantastic school themed kit!

It almost makes me miss school myself! But only almost. Which is to say these kits aren’t just for your kids! I know many of you scrappers who are starting new semesters, your school days are just as important as little one’s! Put yourself in front of the camera every now and then. 😉

Have a happy scrappy day and enjoy the little things!



Weekly Wrap-up: A little bit sugary!

Happy Sunday!

I feel like the weekend is never long enough, it’s always come and gone in a blink of an eye!

I’ve got a little treat for you today! I caught up with Ana of Sugary Fancy and got her to share some fun tidbits about herself.  Ana is our Guest Designer for the month of August, and I just love her doodles and her sense of FUN!  I asked Ana to take a silly photo of herself – SMOOCHES!

 What are three things you MUST have for designing? 

Well it depends on the day…. LOL Some days I just need the total silence of the world and sometimes too much silence makes me crazy and then I need some music, something relaxing or inspiring! But I always have tons of folders and many windows opened 🙂 I don’t drink coffee, I mean I drink coffee at morning (breakfast) and at night only… and I’m not that one who is always taking a snack, I usually like to focus on my work only and just drink water… well I can’t say the same about facebook, pinterest, etc. that’s almost always distracting me!! =/ LOL
What is your favorite part about designing?
I love everything about designing… I think I love doodling! hehehe! But yes, I love everything, doing papers is fun, coloring doodles, putting everything on the preview and choosing the best way for it to be.
What was your inspiration for “Little Miss Jolly” ?
First I saw an image with the colors, orange, yellow, pink, brown and I thought that this colors combo would be a good choice for a girlie kit, then I started thinking in about what to draw and add to it!
Do you have a design process? For example, do you plan something out ahead of time or do you just get an idea out of the blue and decide, “Yes, I’ll do that!” ?
I’ll say the same! It will depends on the day and of where my inspiration come from!
Sometimes a theme just pops into my head and I just start taking notes and doing things! And sometimes I’m on the web and find something inspiring and I just start creating! Well I have to say that also, sometimes, my mind is a complete blank sheet bwahaha and then I need to think, take some notes, ask my hubby about a thing and so on! 🙂
Do you have any other hobbies or passions in addition to designing/scrapping?
Oh that’s easy! YES, many many passions, besides almost all kinds of art, I LOVE  painting (love painting walls) , home decor (I have a little collection of magazines), craft, dogs, movies, music, chocolates,  etc, etc…. LOL
Thank you Ana for indulging us all with a little bit more about your fantastic self!

Guess what? I’ve got more stuffs for you! Yup.  Discussion thread is up for August’s Book Club read, What Alice Forgot!  If you haven’t started the read yet, that’s okay too! Never too late to join in the fun. 🙂

There are currently two CT calls at GingerScraps!

Roseytoes Designs is look for a few talented and dedicated scrappers to join her team!

Neverland Scraps is also looking for a some ladies to do a little bit of everything!

Calls are always so hard for me to resist! We have such wonderful designers here at GingerScraps! If you’re afraid to apply, DON’T BE! You might just have that special something a designer is looking for! 🙂

What else have I got for you? How about a freebie? JenC Designs has added something to our Welcome Wagon!  All you’ve got to do is join our forum (if you haven’t already)! Easy peasy! Check out this template she created for us!

Have you been collecting your Daily Downloads? Kathy Winters Designs has designed a positively LOVELY kit for us and it’s yours for FREE! All you’ve got to do is check out the blog here every day for the exclusive download link! Don’t miss a day, you NEED this kit! It’s so…happy! 😉

I suppose that wraps up my wrap up! I hope everyone has a scrap happy Sunday!


Weekly Wrap-up: Well hello there August!

‘Sup ya’ll!

It’s August! Can you believe it? I can’t. For real I can’t. With the start of a new month, we of course have a gazillion new things, buffet (GO TEAM!), challenges, DESIGNERS!

That’s right! If you don’t know by now, let me introduce you to TWO new designers. Ana, of Sugar Fancy, is our guest designer for August. I am suuuper excited! Check out these scatters she’s got in the shop for us:

I’m pretty sure I’m in love with these. I’m also pretty sure you need them in your life.

I’m pretty much in love with our new exclusive designer, Neverland Scraps too!

Wendy has been a forum friend for some time ( we were even GingerSWAPS buddies!) and I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited that she has laced up her designer shoes and joined our lovely design team!

Speaking of GingerSWAPS, IT’S BACK!  A pretty awesome (unofficial) challenge that pairs up scrappers for a fun twist: swap photos and create layouts for the other person! Are you going to join in? We just might be partners! 😉

Have you been collecting August’s daily download? I can tell you right now, it’s freaking cute! Kathy Winters Designs have created a fun, happy kit that you NEED! (Well, I think you need EVERY kit, so.. you know)

You can get today’s download [here] . 🙂

Let’s not forget our August grab bag! Blue Heart Scraps put together an incredible kit full of crazy awesome things you NEED (see, you need everything).

The BEST part about this kit? You can get it for FREE by spending just $10 in our store!

Make sure you check out all the new challenges for this month! Along with our new August read for Book Club, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I’m considering getting the audio book and listening WHILE I work on my challenges! Two birds and all! 🙂

I think that’s all I’ve got for you today friends- I’m sure I could go on, but it’s SO gorgeous out this morning I’m just itchin’ to soak up the beautiful weather. It’s been so horribly humid the past week that the fresh, dry air of this morning has me opening my windows and actually looking forward to going outside! I’m beginning to ramble folks, that’s my cue to let you all go check out the linkage here and the shop and the forum and and and and… Yup, lots to do and see here at GingerScraps! 😉

Have a happy scrappy Sunday!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Got your eyes on the prize?

Good morning ya’ll!

Late start for me this Sunday, woke up with a crick in the neck and while I was putting away clean dishes I suddenly needed to reorganize my Tupperware cupboard. Yup. So, now I’m here, with my fresh cup of Butter Toffee flavored coffee (just a quick splutz [that’s a word, I promise] of milk) and ready to dawdle on through what will undoubtedly be a very lazy Sunday.

Enough about me!

Let’s talk scrap!

The biggest thing happening around here is our Christmas in July celebration! Please kindly crawl out from your rock if you were unaware of this. 😉 We’ve been so excited about all the activities and PRIZES – OH THE PRIZES! – that it’s been quite difficult to contain our exuberance. Today wraps up our celebrations, so if you’ve got any last minute layouts to finish for the special challenges, or want to pop into one last chat (a story speed scrap!) with Pixels by Jen (2:00PM EST!) then now is your chance! Have you been keeping track of your event points? Got your eyes on the BIG prize?

If you earn a total of 10 points by Sunday July 29th at midnight EST, you will receive this special gift from our GingerScraps Designers!!

Check out the Christmas in July thread for all the details!

One of the challenges you can complete for our Christmas in July(CiJ) celebration is the Hybrid Ornament – which I am working on making several of for Holiday gifts! Simple, personal and, obviously, awesome.

Christmas Hybrid Ornament

Even after the CiJ has wrapped up there is no reason NOT to get a jump on your Holiday gifts! I know with the endless supply of goodies that GingerScraps creates for us I’m certain to actually get my gifts completed BEFORE December 24th this year. You know, like December 23rd. 😉

December will be here before you know it- yes summer is still in full swing, and I am expecting some very warm August days to come but yes, AUGUST! There are only three days left of July! HOLY MOLY! I’ve come to the conclusion that there is indeed a time thief among us. Get ready though, August is bringing some phenomenal things to GingerScraps (as if any other day doesn’t already 😉 ). However, soak up the last few days of July by shopping PsychoZoe’s Retiring Sale.

For example, the must-have Fun With Tulle Templates

Don’t miss these, get them now before they are gone! Don’t forget to browse our ENTIRE store either, so many of our Designers having many items on sale through today. If you’re new to us (HELLO!) totally take advantage of our Christmas in July extravaganza!

And remember if you spend $10 in our store you get this HUGE Grab-bag for FREE!

Speaking of new, I’ve seen so many fresh smiling faces (emoticons 😉 )in the forum that it warms my scrappy heart! WELCOME WELCOME! I hope each and every one of you gets your fluffy bunny slippers on and makes GingerScraps your cozy little corner of the web. We LOVE having you here!

With that, I’m wrapping up this wrap-up to go and get scrappy with it.

Have a scrap happy Sunday my friends!