Tutorial Tuesday (Tutorials!)

Now Where Did I See That Tutorial About…?

If you read the comments GingerScrappers leave here on the Blog you might have seen a brilliant suggestion from Ellen for a “quick tut” to index all the other tuts I’ve written over the last 2+ years. Lemme tell you, “quick” it ain’t! But it IS brilliant, so that’s what I’m bringing you today. Without further ado, here is a chronological linked index to all the tutorials I’ve prepared for you to date, all in one place.

1. Turn a Font into a Sticker

2. Use a Basic Template

3. Titles Revisited: Alphas Plus Fonts

4. One Photo, More than One Photo Spot

5. Making Templates Work for You

6. Simple Photo Blending

7. Extractions… Choose Your Method

8. Brush Basics: Colour

9. Playing with Text

10. Shadow Basics

11. Text Talk: LETTERPRESS!

12. Titles with STYLE(s)

13. Word Art Wizardry

14. For all you former paper scrappers: INKED EDGES!

15. Getting More Mileage from Your Templates… Easily!

16. Reverse Stencilling with Brushes

17. Kustomize Your Kits

18. Sizzling Signatures!

19. Journaling INside the Box

20. Yes! You CAN Warp Shadows in PSE!

21. Heritage Photos Get a Makeover

22. Only the Shadow Knows… Take TWO

23. When is a Square NOT a Square?

24. Creating Clusters… Not Clutter

25. Build-a-Brush Workshop

26. Blend Modes? Say What??

27. Down on the Border (not the Little River Band version)

28. Carol: Objects Inside Other Objects and Going Incognito

29. Tearing Up the Sheets (of Cardstock)

30. Style Savvy!

31. WSNH Tips and Tricks

32. Title Tweaks

33. Get in SHAPE, Girl!

34. Keeping Things in Perspective

35. Can This Photo Be Saved?

36. Behind the MASK

37. Michelle: Finding Font

38. Putting the “OH!” in Your Photos

39. Ellen: Talking about Tools

40. Chalking it Up to Inspiration

41. Becoming an ALPHA Female

42. Over-the-Top TITLES

43. Templates with a Twist

44. How’d You DO That?!! Fontography Demystified

45. A Little Bit Sketchy

46. More Fun with FONTS

47. Dodge and Burn… NOT an Action Movie

48. Reflections

49. The EYEs Have It

50. There’s a Flag on the Play – Out Of Bounds!

51. Abstract Meets Graphic Art

52. Mixing it UP!

53. Revisionist History

54. The TutOR Becomes the TutEE

55. A Few Quick Template and Shadow Tips

56. It’s a PUZZLE!

57. I Feel the Need… the Need for SPEED (Scrapping)!

58. More FUN with FOTOS

59. Turning a POSITIVE into a NEGATIVE

60. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

61. Scrapping with Heritage Photos

62. You’ve Gotta Know When to FOLD ‘Em

63. More Fun with Fonts – Die-Cut!

64. A(nother) Way with WORDS

65. Playing on Emotion

66. In the RAW!

67. Christmas FONTography

68. Ahead of the CURVE

69. Like Snowflakes… No Two ALIKE


71. More Fun with Photos!

72. Fun with FONTS & FOTOS 

73. First Past the Post(mark)


75. Here’s a Little Clip!

76. The EYES Have It!

77. Facebook Timeline Covers

78. Tiny BUBBLES!

79. Uniquely YOURS

80. DIAMONDS are a Girl’s Best Friend

81. Totally TACKY!

82. UNZIP Me Dahling!

83. Direct Your Own SCRIPT

84. Transforming the Ordinary to the Extraordinary!

85. Making the Most of (inter)National Scrapbooking Day!

86. When SIZE Really DOES Matter…

87. A Road Map for Newbies

88. Throwing the BOOK at Glee

89. Jailbird No More!

90. Alphas Revisited

91. Everything New is Old Again

92. Still MORE Fun with FONTS!! 

93. Where the Boys Are

94. Like a Broken Record

95. Creating ‘Mazing Monograms

96. Vacation Memories Sanitized!

97. Another Way to Have the Photo You REALLY Wanted, Not the One You Got

98. Fontography with Alphas

99. Expanding Your Repertoire

100. Sketchy Simplified

101. It’s Fall, Y’All!

102. Making a Stylish Sandwich

103. Clusters… Have Them Your Way, the Easy Way!

104. Driven to Distraction

105. Are YOU Ready for Digital Scrapbooking Day?

106. Don’t Lose Your Cool… or Your Stash!

107. 8 ball, Corner Pocket!

108. One Hand in my Pocket… and the other one’s holding a Journal Card!

109. Shaving Shadows

110. Cuttin’ It Out – Old-School

111. Let’s All Give Thanks… for AWESOME Photos!

112. Gentle(wo)men, Start Your Ovens!

113. The EYE-lets Have It!

114. Save Me! (methods for saving layouts for gallery posting)

115. What’s Your Super Power (Word)?

116. Any Way You Slice It (quick way to duplicate a multi-strip photo)

117. Memory-Keeping with Not-So-Great Photos

118. Fancy and Fun Fonts for Wintery Layouts


  1. roxyrenders says

    Wow, Jan, This is an awesome resource. So much easier than scrolling through all the tutorial posts. Thank you!

  2. Jen Petersen says

    Love the Index! So many great tutorials! Thank you!

  3. Wow !!! and thank you 🙂 Love the index and an annual one would be awesome 🙂

  4. Just me again ….was wondering where this list will reside so that we can easily find it ??? and then if you put it somewhere that you can update it weekly as you go you would have a lot less work to do at the end of the year.

  5. While I figure out where I can create a home for this index, you can always bookmark it so you can come back whenever you like. Updating each week is a great idea… don’t know why I didn’t think of that! Thanks for the tip!!

  6. This list and links is just wonderful.  So many tutorials and so little time…..until after the holidays.  Thanks so much to you and Ellen.

  7. This is an awesome list and I appreciate it. Thank you!

  8. What a cool idea! Thanks a lot for the list

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You’re amazing!!!

  10. Very helpful idea! Merry Christmas!

  11. Hey Jan, Have I told you lately how AMAZING you are?!?! 
    Thank you so so much for all these tutorials and this killer list too! 
    You are the best! 🙂

  12. Aw… you’re making me blush!! You’re such a supportive boss, so it’s a pleasure!

  13. Fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for this list of your amazing tutorials!!

  14. 113 tuts! Wow. No wonder it takes so long to find the one I am looking for! LOL The only thing that could make it better is what the tut is about. Some are easy to figure out by title (more fun with alphabets but some like totally tacky get me wondering what the subject was.)I can remember you have dome a tut on , say, organizing your fonts, but I cant always remember what you titled it because your titles are always so creative!!! Seeing them all listed in one place is great though!!! Anyway, I am glad you ( and others) like the idea and thanks so much for doing all that for us.

  15. Great idea. Thanks for your hard work.

  16. Ellen, I did think about adding a description for the ones with the really bizarre titles, but WordPress wasn’t playing nice and once I’d added a link it wouldn’t let me change the format, which would then mess up the link… I’ll see if I can figure out a way to add a descriptor and if I can, you’ll be the first to know!

  17. This is amazing! I’ll bookmark it so I can treat myself to learning more and more! Thank you for all your work you do in preparing these for us.

  18. I haven’t stopped by in a bit as life has gotten really busy. Thank you so much, Jan, for all the time you spend in putting together all these tutorials. & special thanks for creating this list. I had been bookmarking all your tutorials, but it’s nice to have the list for the times when I am not at my own laptop. It is also nice that these tutorials are specifically for PSE. So many tutorials I find are for PS & I get frustrated when they use tools that are not on PSE. You are amazing; & so are your layouts!
    I pray your holiday was wonderful & full of the joys of Christmas. & may the New Year bring you many blessings!!

  19. Thank you so much for your support, Pam. I think there are a lot more digi-scrappers using PSE than there are using PS in any of its incarnations, if only for economic reasons. I can relate to your frustration with tutorials that look like they’re more or less for both, but then take that abrupt detour into tools not included with PSE. Sometimes, if I’m determined enough I can find a workaround but not always. Happy New Year!

  20. this is so appreciated. thank you so much!

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