Tutorial Tuesday (Photoshop Elements)

Let’s Play Stump the Chump!!

Well, you ladies are all too kind! I’m glad you weren’t disappointed there wasn’t an actual tutorial last week. And thanks for the suggestions for my new user name. I think glee is the winner and I’m going to go with ObiJanKenobi.

Speaking of glee, she was the first to send me a link to one of her layouts to see if I could discern which of my tutorials she used to create it. This is the layout she linked me to:

I’ll admit, she didn’t make it easy on me! SO I’m going to just make a guess or two. I’m pretty sure I see some elements of Making a Stylish Sandwich in there., and maybe some Style(s) Savvy. I also see some Blend Modes? Say What?. She’s probably used a few more too, but I’m stumped.

Next I got a link from Ellen (gmae). She sent me this layout to scrutinize:

Again, I see a couple of techniques. One is Word Art Wizardry.  Another is Heritage Photos Get a Makeover.

And then almost right after Ellen’s message, I got one from her sister Carol (gnana96). Her layout has me completely stumped.

I think I detect some custom shadows, but it’s not obvious to me which of the half-dozen shadow tuts I’ve written. Help a girl out here, Carol!

This was a real challenge for me and I’m sure I’m at least 90% wrong with my guesses. And that’s OKAY!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m painting bathrooms, cleaning ovens and all those nasty chores I like to procrastinate about because they’re not fun. But nobody wants to buy a house that’s not spic-and-span, right? We’ve booked our movers so I have a definite deadline now……… I promise to make time to bring you a new tut next week. Spring is coming, so don’t forget to put your clocks ahead on Saturday before you go to bed so you’re not late for church!! (How embarrassing is that?!)


  1. Ellen M Piper says

    I am going to answer for both myself and my sister (gnana96). Yes on mine i was going for Heritage photos get a makeover. That is our beautiful mother Marette. I had fun adding color to that black and white photo. As for Carol’s, I helped her with a little known seldon used (I may be the only one who uses it) tutorial you did for us dated 08.01.2017 Dodge and Burn. If you look at Autumn’s banner, it appears as though her flags have been threaded on the string. (I am secretly glad we could stump you on that one! lol)

  2. Love your new forum name, ObiJan!! 🙂

  3. Yay! Thanks for all your aloha and wonderful tutorials. Honored to be one of your padawon.

  4. Yours was the only one I was positive about. And you know, I looked at that banner several times, but the dodge-and-burn technique is such a subtle one that I totally overlooked it. I use it a fair bit, just to add a bit more realism. Well done, you two!!

  5. Oh no… thank YOU!


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