It’s a Blog-napping!

Can you still call it that if the boss handed the reigns over to us willingly? Haha! Anyway…

Welcome everyone to the New and Improved GingerScraps Blog! We are all so excited to bring you lots of new stuff! Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven’t already because there will be lots of fun and exciting things to come!

All of Ginger’s store CT girls (a.k.a. Gingersnaps) have teamed up and we’ve successfully taken over her blog. So we’ll have lots and lots of surprises ahead. First thing though, I want to get you all familiar with the team. Our lovely Gingersnap March has put together some beautiful introductions using Ginger’s kit “Fancy Fall”.

Click the image to be taken to the store!

It’s the perfect time of year for that kit! I love the warm fall colors. Now, it’s time for some introductions…


GingerSnap and Blog Manager

Gingersnap March







GingerSnap and GingerBread Lady


GingerSnap and GingerBread Lady

I’ll be back tomorrow with introductions for the rest of the girls! Until then, head over to the forum and check out any of the Challenges! You could be entered to win a gift card to the GingerScraps shop if you complete a challenge and post your link here in the comments!

See you tomorrow!



  1. I missed all my ladies! Welcome back GS!

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