The Dish

Hey everyone.  It’s Tabby here with this weeks “dish”.  Sorry I’m a day late but with it being the 4th I was nowhere near a computer.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I’d love to hear what your family traditions are for this day.

Collen (aka leeners5) asked a great question this week.  She wanted to know how you keep track of memories and stuff that you want to remember and scrap, but aren’t sure when you will get to scrap that certain memory, funny quote, milestone…

My answer to this is a wall calendar.  It just takes a second to jot down a memory on that date and its so simple to flip back to when you area ready to scrap those photos.  We have one hanging on the side of our refrigerator so all I have to do is pick up a pen and jot it down.

Another great question this week came from our very own Rachel (aka Pretty In Green).  She was wondering what other programs can be used to digital scrapbook.  Well Rachel I am partial to PS but I realize that is not affordable to most people.  However when I first started out I did use a free program called but there is another one widely used called Gimp (also free).  There are tons of tutorials out there on how to get started with these and I bet if you asked for more info or help on it in our forum someone there will definitely be in the know!

Kimmy’s (aka kimmyscraps) question took a little thought from me.  She asked, “How to you keep track of people in pictures? Before digital, everyone used to write on the back of the pictures names, dates, etc.. I have been scanning a lot of older pictures in that my mom and grandma gave me and am not sure how to keep the important details with the pictures?”

I can think of a few ways to do this.  One option is to use tagging, that is a tool available in many photo viewer programs like Picasa or ACDSee.  Another is when you are editing your photos I know that PS has a note tool that you can use to add notes to your image that do not appear on the image itself but rather attaches so that next time you open it you can read the notes.  I’d love to hear our readers thoughts on the best way of doing this too.  I’m sure you all have some easy and great ideas for this task.

That’s it for me this week on “The Dish”.  Make sure you stop by our forum here and ask some questions to be answered in next weeks scoop!  What do you want to know????