February Daily Download #16

Hi there folks!  It’s Thursday… that means its almost the weekend!  🙂

This is a big weekend for me – we are moving to a new place.  I am so beyond excited about this place!!!  It is out on a dirt road with an open cul-de-sac in the front and a lake in the back!  I cannot wait to start making wonderful family memories in this little place!  Today I am going to clean it all up before we do the big move on Saturday.

So – just so you know – I will be scheduling these posts out for the rest of the month… so that y’all don’t get left out while I’m in the middle of Move Time Chaos.  🙂  I will still be checking in on the comments as well as the other ladies too… so if there are any issues – as always please let us know.

A few other things to let you know about –

We’ve got some exciting things coming up for GingerScraps.  I’m sure you’ve seen how we are growing and we want to keep it going!  There are some new ladies joining the team that will be working on the blog too – so even more exciting stuff will be going on around here!  Plus our Facebook page is getting pretty exciting so you might want to visit there too when you have a minute.

Also… we have are having a regularly scheduled speed scrap starting this Friday night!  Terra of Sugar Kissed Designs will be hosting and we’d love to have you there!!!!


that’s it for now…

Here’s day #16 of this fun kit from Marie H Designs:

Day #16


**Link has Expired**


Hope you have a fabulous day today!


  1. Thank you. How exciting .. sounds like a fabulous place .. hope you will post some pics when you get settled! I love water .. wish I could move in too he he he!!!!

  2. thanks for the lovely daily download freebies & good luck with the move xx

  3. thank you

  4. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for days 13 to 16 of this lovely colourful daily download!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing.:)

  7. Thank you for 15 and 16 and CONGRATULATIONS!! I’d love a lake – making do with 2 small ponds for now LOL Hope it all goes well for you!

  8. Best of luck with your move – sounds so exciting to live by a lake!!
    Thanks very much for Day 16 to this gorgeous kit.

  9. Ohh so many exciting things happening! I can’t wait to join the speed scrap on friday night! That sounds like lots of fun! Best wishes to you as you start a new adventure in your life! Best wishes and good luck!

  10. Good luck with your move! Thanks for the fantastic kit!

  11. Thank you for 15 and 16.

  12. boop52245aka Betty says:

    Good luck with your moving this weekend. As always thanks to you and the other ladies for sharing your hard work and talents every month.

  13. That sounds like a gorgeous place to be moving to. I hope that everything goes smoothly.

    And thank you Marie for another wonderful day of goodies.

  14. FINALLY, a speed scrap for those of us who go to work during the day! I’ve always been jealous of all the stay at home moms/etc who get to do these, while I plug away at work and never get to participate. Will so be there! 🙂

  15. Yay! I love the speed scraps and I’m always looking for another one to join in on.

  16. Thank you!

  17. Thanks so much. Good luck with the move and have fun!

  18. Thank you!!

  19. Thank you so much!!