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And the winner is…

Welcome back! I’m so happy to announce the LOTW winner! Congratulations to Slurpeegirl13!! Here is her beautiful winning LO:

Click the image to be taken to the gallery!

Okay, so I have no idea why all of a sudden this blog post wants to write in italics, but I guess we’ll just have to go with it because I’m not starting over and for some reason they won’t turn off! Knowing my luck, I’ll sit here and complain about it and it will be perfectly normal once I hit publish.. haha!

Anyway, did you know that Ginger Scraps features a Speed Scrap everyday of every month? Isn’t that absolutely amazing? (Due to the fact that we missed part of September and October, some of those have been rescheduled or canceled in order for us to get completely caught up.) But, have no fear! There are still plenty to go around for the rest of October and we’ll be in full swing again come November. Here’s a look at the coming week:

Mon Oct 19 – Adriana
4pm PDT
5pm MDT
6pm CDT
7pm EDT
1am next day CEST

Tues Oct 20 – TBA

Wed Oct 21- Barbara
5pm EDT
6pm MDT
7pm CDT
8pm EDT
2am next day CEST

Thurs Oct 22 – Char & Laura
9pm PDT
10pm MDT
11pm CDT
12am next day EDT
6am next day CEST

Fri Oct 23 – Jane
11am PDT
12pm MDT
1pm CDT
2pm EDT
8pm CEST

Sat Oct 24 – TBA

Sun Oct 25 – Jillian
12pm PDT
1pm MDT
2pm CDT
3pm EDT
8pm CET

Wow! Doesn’t that look great! I can’t wait to participate in some of those. Hope to see you there! I think that’s all that I have for you today. Check back tomorrow for some more great stuff from these lovely GingerSnaps!! <<hey look at that, no more italics!