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Dec 17th Freebie

I am sorry I haven’t posted a freebie in a while.  Misty has a freebie for you today!  If you haven’t gotten it from her blog already, here it is!


And I feel even worse for this next part!  She has been doing 12 days of Christmas on her blog!  That means 12 days of freebies!  If you have been missing them, be sure to check out  her blog everyday for a new freebie!  They only last 1 day each.


Daily Downloads 13 – 16

Sorry everyone! Long story short, just couldn’t make the time to get these out on time. But, the rest of the downloads are scheduled and you’ll be able to grab them daily! Thank you for your patience. Just a reminder: the downloads will be available through the end of the year! That’s right, you’ll have till December 31st to grab them. Don’t worry though, if you miss out on the kit, it’ll be available for purchase in the new year.