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Mandy Made!!

This week you will get the chance to learn a little about each of the new GingerBread Ladies!!

They have AMAZING things in store for you all week long!!!

Todays feature is *Mandy* of MandyMade

Read this intro from┬áMandy….. and let her tell you what she has in store for you today! ­čÖé

Hi ladies it’s Mandymade here!! First let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a new designer here at Ginger Scraps… and so very excited to be part of the team. The ladies here are so wonderful to us newbies!! I can’t wait till I’m designing and scrapping in full swing! I’ve been digi scrapping for a few years now…. and designing for only a year. It’s really turned into a full time hobby! I find it’s a great way to wind down from a busy day!

Besides being a scrapping addict I am a mom to two girls, Kelsey (15) and Julie (11) and a partner to my best friend Mark. We’ve been going strong for nearly 19 years! I had to actually do math… I stopped counting after 10:)

We live on a small farm near Edmonton, Alberta where we are in the middle of building our own house. Yup building it ourselves …. Maybe one day when it’s all done I’ll scrap our adventures!

Till then I enjoy scrapping my children, other peoples children, our animals, random photos and even people I don’t know… if I like a picture I think it deserves to be shown off! I am also my families historian. I have well over 4000 people in my family tree and have collected nearly every photo taken of any family member in the last century. I am now in the middle of restoring these photos, slides and started scanning all my negatives as well.

This may sound a bit funny… but I come from a long line of historians and collectors! I am a fourth generation scrapbooker! Of course my great great grandmothers scrapbooking was a little different back then…. it was full of photos, drawings, recipes, autographs, magazine clippings and peoms. And yes I have every one of those scrapbooks as well…. well enough about me… on to the fun!!

Today I very excited to be giving you my new kit We Like To Play.

Included are..

29 papers
4 upper/number button alphas
3 upper/lower paper alphas
6 PS glitters
6 glitter sheets
9 acrylic styles
9 acrylic styles with a slight shadow
2 bowling balls
2 bowling pins
1 group of bowling pins
1 bowling pin frame
1 lightning bolt
2 bubbles
5 buttons
5 fabric flowers
1 glitter/paper frame
1 golf ball
1 golf club
4 hula hoops
1 leaf
1 mushroom
1 ping pong ball
2 ping pong paddles
2 ribbons
2 ric rac
2 turtle shells
1 staple with shadow
1 tennis racket
1 star
1 string swirl
2 tennis balls
1 ping pong net
1 TV frame
1 vine

Head on over to the Ginger Scraps store to DL this kit for free!! This product will be free for the next 24 hours so help me spread the word!!
I designed this kit with the intentions of scrapping my family Wii photos… but as you can see… I haven’t gotten around to that bit yet… I fell in love with the green paper and large flowers… I just can’t stop myself!!

Also I have a game of BINGO starting in half an hour… it’s too late to join but it’s always fun to watch for a laugh!!!

Also I’m hosting a Speed Scrap Tomorrow night at 7 pm MTN here at Ginger Scraps and here’s my PP…

If you join me and complete a LO in the time allowed I will make you a pack of 5 PS glitter styles!! I will also include the glitter sheets for those who don’t use PS!! Oh and BTW… they are a CU item…. all you have to do is PM me your 5 colors and I’ll make up the pack and send you back a link… if you have a name for the glitters include it as well;)

OK! All I can say is Wow! Awesome stuff!

Scrap Happy!