Hi friends!! I’ve been out and about enjoying the nice weather! Spending a little less time on the computer but still keeping up on whats going on. For instance…

Spotted in Wilmington NC – ModernJune and the June Bugs!!

Kathy is traveling with her 3 kids to her parents in NC–7hours on the road, 1 mom vs 3 kids… I’m sure I’ll dig up more dirt on this trip… good luck mommy!!!

Have fun Kathy and don’t let their sweet faces fool you!!!

If you’ve wondered where belhepsibah (Sara) has been I’ll tell ya! First of all she’s pregnant. She just found out she’s have a girl! Yay!! As soon as she got into her second tri her hubby left for work training and she was stuck alone and pregnant with a 1 1/2 yr old for 7 weeks! Yikes! What does she do? Road trip! She came and visited her most wonderful bestest friend in the whole world (Rachel A.K.A. Harmony Star) as well as lots of family. Funerals, graduations, this and that so busy. When she returned home and her hubby returned to her she found out she would be moving to New Mexico at the end of July I believe. And so goes the house hunting process. She’s a busy girl and even though she misses her scrapping friends, she is happy, healthy and taking lots of pictures for later scrapping. And we look forward to more pictures and wish Sara a healthy pregnancy!!

Daddy Reunion

Visiting New Mexico

I know I could spend a day drinking Ice Caps and exploring these little shops! Hmmm I think we should help Sara out and come up with some pretty girly names. I really like Olivia, Gwen, Presley, Ada, Meakin, Scotia just to name a few! Do you like unisex, trendy, unique or more traditional names?? I like vintage names… although my hubby tends to prefer more traditional names so we ended up using a more unisex plain Jane names… after all we are not famous and don’t have enough money to be eccentric so no Apples and Sundays in our family… yet:)  What are your favorite baby girl names??


  1. That Modern June is a brave woman! I can’t say that I’d attempt that drive alone with my three monkeys. If I wasn’t crazy when I left I sure would be by the time I arrived!

  2. Harmonystar says:

    Love those girl names. We’re actually planning on naming our next girl Olivia. Sara has a lovely name all picked out for her baby girl. She’ll have to let you know when they confirm how they want to spell it. I wonder If I should call her and let her know we’re gossiping about her. Hee hee.

  3. Wow! I know how she feels – although DH never left completely, he was working 8AM – 10PM through half of my pregnancy with D. The girls are only 14 months apart, so I had a lot on my plate, too! Happy house hunting and I can’t wait to hear what you name her. DH and I lean towards more modern names (I guess) with traditional middle names. Both of our girls have 2 middle names. Scout Eleanore Presley S…. and Dylan Marley Delilah S…

  4. mandymade says:

    Oh I love those names… mine are Kelsey Dee Caledonia and Juliana Scotia. I tried so hard to pick out names for my girls before they were born. But I just couldn’t do it. I had no idea if I was having a boy or girl and I really feel that I needed to meet the baby before I settled on a name. With this being said I have to say that Julie didn’t have a name for two weeks!!!

    It took me 3 years to pick paint for my house never mind naming a child!!! I was so stressed! But in the end she is a Julie through and through! It also helps if you go outside and yell the name…. this way you know if it truly works… because you have no idea how many times you will be calling for your child!! I can really belt out Kelsey and Julie!!!!

    P.S. We live on a farm;) hehe