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The Dish: with GingerScraps- Serving up… The Daily Digi!

Iam so excited to Serve Up our feature today!!! I am a devoted fan and I am sure you all will be too once you check them out!!

The Dish: with GingerScraps- Serving up… The Daily Digi!

The Daily Digi is a truly unique site! Bringing you tutorials, reviews, inspiration, and some awesome goodies (I will tell you more about the goodies in a minute)! Recently The folks at The Daily Digi teamed up with producer Israel Hyman, together they created The Paperclipping Digi Show, a weekly podcast all about digital scrapbooking!  Subscribe to The Paperclipping Digi Show Podcast in iTunes by clicking THIS LINK.  Listen to the team discuses all digi scrap topics, with some of this industries most influential designers and scrapbookers. And never miss an episode, and with the iTunes subscription!  You can have all of them saved right in your iTunes to listen to anytime you want.

Now let me tell you a bit about The Daily Digi goodies-

The Digi Game (A combo pack of  The PlayBook AND The Digi Files)

Get Your Digi Game On
Get Your Digi Game On!

  • The Digi Game is a subscription to The Digi Files and Playbook. The Digi Files are a collection of 7 digital scrapbooking collections contributed by different designers in the community. Each designer contributes product worth a retail value of at least $5 and 6-7 designers contribute each month (yes, you really get over $30 of supplies for only $5 total).  This allows you to try new-to-you designers at a low risk, get products from some loved designers at a very low price and it helps the designers find new customers. Your subscription also includes a new issue of the Playbook each month. With a subscription, your account is automatically charged each month and downloads added to your account. As a subscriber to The Digi Game, you also get access to exclusive collaborations every four month’s that you are subscribed. A monthly subscription is $7.50 per month. Click The Digi Game to sign up today.

So What is the PlayBook? (As answered by The Daily Digi Queen- Steph)

  • The Playbooks were started because my team would post these beautiful layouts and we would often ask each other, “How did you….?” I thought how cool it would be for other digital scrappers to be a “fly on the wall” in our forum. It snowballed into the idea of the Playbook which is now an interactive ebook that includes layouts created by our team members and the special techniques or tips they used in creating them. The Playbook also includes at least one “Play-by-Play” (step-by-step) tutorial each month. We also include a couple of free gifts in each book as well.

It doesn’t matter if you have been digital a long time or are brand new, there is always something for everyone in the Playbooks

  • The Daily Digi also have a category called “Gift For You” on their site, yahoo freebies! Also, if you sign up for our newsletter, you will get links to two of the older Playbooks (there is also a link on the information page for a 3rd Playbook) and some free gifts from designers around the community via email every couple of weeks after signing up!! Sign up for the newsletter HERE.
  • And one last thing- The Daily Digi also has an App for your iPhone or iPod!

Now.. wouldn’t you all like to get to know the Queen of The Daily Digi? I am happy to introduce to you- Steph~

I am Steph, (a.k.a islandmom, Fontologie, by Steph).  I am first, (and most importantly) a mom to 3 kiddies and a wife to my wonderfully supportive husband.  When I am not scrapbooking or working at TDD, I love to do anything that will create great memories for my kids, especially traveling, playing Rock Band, swimming, and going to movies.

I have been a scrapbooker literally, almost my whole life.  I learned all about “archival” scrapbooking in 1994, but even then used a lot of computer clipart on my layouts.  Little did I know then that I was a hybrid scrapper!

I started scrapbooking on my computer in full in 2003, but didn’t discover digital scrapbooking communities and all they have to offer until 2004, after reading a special issue of Memory Makers Magazine.  I truly love this hobby and have found so much joy in preserving my family’s memories digitally.  I have been honored to serve on creative teams for Michelle Coleman, Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist, Hollie McCaig, Gina Cabrera of Digital Design Essentials, Dani Mogstad, Janet Phillips, and Shabby Princess.  I have also had layouts and hybrid projects published by Simple Scrapbooks and Digital Scrapbooking Magazines.  In 2007, I started my own font business called Fontologie (sold in the store here at TDD).

I joined Janet Phillips in late 2008 to launch THE DAILY DIGI on January 1, 2009 and purchased the site from her a year later.  I am so excited to be moving forward with this site that Janet and I both put our hearts into for a whole year!

Ginger- Can you share with us two of your favorite Layouts?

Steph- Sure! This LO is still one of my faves 4 years later: (Click Link for credit info)

And another: (Click Link for credit info)

Ginger~ Wow wonderful Layouts Steph!! I LOVE the second one, it is always a challenge to fit many photos on one Layout, you did and Amazing job~ fitting so many photos on the LO yet still my eye is drawn to each and every photo!

One thing I love to do for The Dish, is get a favorite recipe from my guest. Can you share with us something that makes your taste buds do the happy dance??

Steph~ If you haven’t ever had Baked Potato Soup, you NEED to!!  This is a recipe that EVERYONE eats!!  I have made it for in-laws, cousins, friends, and usually take it into friends when they are sick or just had surgery.  I always hear the same thing, “That soup really hit the spot!  Can I get the recipe?”  I took a big pot into a friend after she had surgery and she said it was the only thing she ate for 5 days straight (and still talks about it 10 years later)  Here it is:

Baked Potato Soup

4 large potatoes, baked
After cooling, scoop out pulp

2/3 c. butter or margarine
2/3 c. flour
6 c. milk
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
4 green onions chopped
12 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
1-1/4 cup shredded cheese, divided
1  – 8 oz. carton sour cream

Melt butter, add flour to create a roux, add milk.  Stir constantly until thickens. Add salt, pepper, half of the cheese, and the sour cream, stir until cheese and sour cream are melted and mixed in.  Add potato pulp, cook until heated.

Serve with bacon,  green onions, and remainder of cheese.

Ginger~ Oh my goodness!! That looks soooo yummy! So.. if I have surgery will you FedEx me some? LOL I guess I can forgo going under the knife and make it myself. It actually doesn’t sound too hard.

Now lets get on to some scrapping questions. What program do you use to scrap?

Steph~ Mostly PSCS3 (PhotoShop Creative Suite 3)

Ginger~ What inspires you to scrap? The Photos or The Products?

Steph~ I get inspired by both. Sometimes, I will see a product that I love and think of photos that will go with it. Sometimes I get lucky and have a great photo that I can’t wait to scrap. Even more though, I am inspired by the memories that I want to document whether it’s the photos or the products that help me tell my story, it’s all good!

Ginger~ I am totally the same way. Either, Or, I love it all! Share with us your favorite tip of trick in creating digi LO’s.

Steph~ Be authentic to yourself! Don’t spend a lot of time trying to imitate others if it doesn’t feel right or make you happy! No matter what your style is, you find fulfillment in it, stick with it!!

Ginger~ That is such good advice!!  What is your Least favorite Digi job?

Steph~ If you listen to Paperclipping Digi Show, you KNOW it’s editing photos!! I would just rather spend that time scrapping!

Ginger~ I actually did know the answer to that one already 😉 as I am a PodCast Stalker! haha. What is one thing you Wish someone would invent or create?

Steph~ I wish someone would invent a way to use Photoshop in real life (recoloring, resizing, undo, the healing brush…it would be great!)

Ginger~ Ahhh the healing brush tool, such a wonderful little tool!  What is the one thing that makes you happy despite any mood?

Steph~ My kids spontaneously telling me they love me.

Ginger~ Totally! That is the Best!! What is the best vacation you’ve ever had in your life?

Steph~ I have been very fortunate and traveled quite a bit through my life. My parents really believed in giving us experiences instead of things (and the fact that dad worked for a travel agency didn’t hurt either). This is something that my husband and I try to do in our family as well. It’s a great way to create long lasting memories as a family. When my sisters and I get together, we always talk about our memories from different trips. My little family also has many good memories from our vacations. Each is a favorite for different reasons, I really couldn’t pick just one!

Ginger~ Wow, how lucky! Your mom was a smart lady- (note to self…marry a travel agent!)

What is the best advice you have ever gotten- and who gave you this good advice?

Steph~ My husband always says, “No and not asking are the same thing.” Meaning, asking for something and being told no gets the same result as not even trying, so what are you out if you try?”

Ginger~ Very smart hubby!! Trying is the only way we will ever know. Steph, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come on over to GingerScraps and Dish with me!! I loved getting to know more about you, I can not wait to make that Baked Potato Soup! And I just KNOW my readers will LOVE exploring your site!! Much love and happy Scrapping 🙂

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