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January Daily Download #2

Hi there!!!!

Are you excited about what 2012 is going to bring for you?  I think you are going to see some even more amazing things going on at GingerScraps!!!  🙂

Don’t forget to use the share buttons down by my name tag so that your friends can get in on this wonderful daily download! This months beauty is brought to you by LauraMarie Scraps – you can check out more of her work here in her store.  And now here’s today’s part:

*Link is Expired*


Just a quick reminder for any new folks… the links will be left up for about 5 days and then will be expired.  So be sure to come back often and grab your pieces so you don’t miss any of this wonderful kit!

And another little sentimental note from me:  I want y’all to know that I read each and every one of your comments – y’all are too sweet!  Most often I get the e-mails on my phone throughout the day – and each one – even if its a simple thank you – makes me smile!  You guys are awesome!  I’m glad to simply be the deliverer of these great kits from our awesome designers at GingerScraps!  Thank you! 🙂


Have a fabulous day!!!!