Weekly Wrap Up – April Fool’s Edition

*runs in and skids to a stop*
*flails wildly as new shoes stick onto the floor but the body keeps moving*

Oh hi!! Sorry, I’m little frantic today. I had this big idea to do a practical joke on y’all but you know what? I can’t.

I can’t be mean like that. I mean,who’d believe me if I told you that we had a new guest designer.

That there’s an awesome new buffet out.

That new jobs have been given out.

Oh, wait, that has happened :O

I’m the Team Lead for the Ad team. Oh holy something or other. That means, if the daily downloads are late, blame me. If something needs to be shared, contact me. Ach! What to do. I’m SO honored that Shannon asked me to do this so very important job. HOPEFULLY no one caught my mistake yesterday where I accidentally posted a post too early, 😆 I think I caught it in time, and made some changes to the permalink, so HOPEFULLY no one got it too soon 😀

So, that’s that news. 😀

Now, I think I mentioned a buffet. OH! I did! I did!!

I’m not going to show all the images, because come on, Shannon just did that 😀 But since I’m also part of the store CT (hehe), I can tell you. The pieces? SO much fun! SO much fun!! 😀

What? Come on!! It’s a blog post by me! I have to mention the book club!! New month!! New book!!

I have purchased the book. I have not started reading it. But I’m going to! It’s a lot of fun!!

Did you hear that we have TWO designers become exclusive to Gingerscraps. Oh yes! TWO!!


Woo hoo!! YAY!! Thanks, Ladies! We love that you love GS so much that you’ll be staying and being exclusive 😀

Before I jump to some fun forum stuff, I’m going to remind you that the Bake Sale starts today!!

Take advantage while you can!! I wonder if the Gingerbread Man will be a part of it this month!!

Now, onto the forum happenings!!

First, I will tell you that you need to check out the challenges!! They start over again! A chance to get a coupon! What challenges do you enjoy doing each month?

Now, there’s been some good chatter topics!!

Renee, aka MnMommy2, posted about Pinewood Derby Finals!! I haven’t read the full thread, but I hope her son did well! Second for his car is pretty awesome!!

mom2triplets04 posted about a Mommy’s Ransom Rubbage Box! I love the idea! I might have to take a spin with it!!

I have a random question! Okay, not that random! Did you notice that Gingerscraps’ Facebook page has been updated? Jen Yurko updated us to the Timeline! 😀 She has given a few clues about what we might be seeing, and even a chance of seeing a new one each month using the Buffet or Daily Downloads, but hey, it looks awesome now, in my opinion!!

Speaking of Facebook, let’s see if there’s anything new on it!

Oh! Did you take a guess on who the Mystery Designer is? Go take a guess! What have you got to lose?

Well, sadly, I think this is it for the blog :O Make sure you check out yesterday’s post by April! She spotlighted a great member of the forum! She does it every Saturday. Did you know we did that? Yeap!

See ya next week!! Same time, same place!!


  1. You’re excitement makes me want to just jump up and do a little jig!


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