DD: July 30

The link for this download is no longer available.

Remember, the download is kept up for 5 days, and then it is taken down. If you miss pieces, the kit will be available for purchase on the first day of the following month.


  1. jayleigh says:

    i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kit! Thank you for giving the pieces via the DAD! i have enjoyed watching the kit unfold as pieces were added each day. My best to you, always! 

  2. Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much!

  4. Kiki McAdam/mcgaelicgal says:

    Thank you!  So close to the end!!  I’m so excited!  A little secret: I never open the zip files until I have the whole thing.  It draws out the suspense and surprise that way!  ;-p


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