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Challenge Spotlight June 5th, 2017

Where has the year gone? We are in the 6th month of the year! I can’t believe it! This month lets check out a new challenge hosted by Rachel of Pretty in Green Designs called the Back it Up Challenge! This challenge helps remind you to back up your pictures! We don’t want to lose any of our precious photos! I personally take all the photos off my phone every month and back them up to the cloud.  On top of a reminder to back up our photos, she gives you a topic to make a layout. This months topic is Mess! With two kids, I definitely take a lot of photos where a mess is involved, but it could also be a renovation, or art project. Complete this layout and 9 others by the end of the month to receive this fabulous collab!

Lets see some examples!



So go ahead and play along with this challenge! If you don’t have pics for it, then make a mess and take them!