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In case you missed it before, here is her fabulous layout!

Girly by slurpeegirl13*Image linked*

I love it!!  I think it’s the essence of girly for sure!

And we would like to take a minute to get to know our winner a little better!

What is your name?
Trina aka slurpeegirl13

Where do you live?
Alberta, Canada

Do you have a blog?

How long have you been scrapping?
I paper scrapped for about 7 years before, and I’ve been digi scrapping for 5 years now. I don’t paper scrap at all now.

What is your favorite GingerScraps product?
Favorite one that I have is Little Sighs

Favorite one that is on my wish list still – A Beautiful Dream

I just love the colors in both of these kits!

What is your scrapping weakness?
Blending – still learning about brushes and how to blend.

Scrapping strength?
I like to cluster things.

What is your favorite LO you’ve ever made?
My actual favorite I can’t show you because it’s being published in March in Scrapbook Trends, but this is my second fave:

Jack-O-Lantern by slurpeegirl13*Image linked*

Mountain hideaway or beach house?
Mountains, definitely! No one needs to see me in a bathing suit.

What is on your mouse pad?

Do you put your shoes on sock, sock, shoe, shoe, or sock, shoe, sock, shoe?
Living in Canada, we don’t wear our shoes in the house, so definitely sock, sock, shoe, shoe.

If you could do any kind of work and knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?
Digital Scrapbooking Designer LOL I have no clue how they make all those pretty things, even though I love using them.

What talent would people be surprised to hear you have?
I can turn oxygen into carbon dioxide (dh can turn it into methane!).

Where’s Waldo?
Over there! Don’t you see him?

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  1. Wow great feature Sara!!! Super funny! Love it 🙂 You all are sure makin the Queen proud!

  2. Awesome Job Sara! I love the interview you did.


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