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Behind the Scrapbook

So far we’ve had a fabulous summer… lots of fun, adventure, trips and visitors!! Jodi has recently had some special visitors as well….

Jodi’s sister in law came for a visit! It was very special because although she used to live close to her (her in PA and Jodi in NJ) she moved to Israel when Jodi was pregnant with her oldest. Then they moved from there to Colorado. She had a baby and Jodi had another baby so she had never met either of Jodi’s kids and Jodi had never met her youngest. They had a great time catching up and Rebekah (Jodi’s daughter) got along great with her cousins! She especially took a shining to Elizabeth, the oldest. John and Jodi haddn’t seen her in about 4 years and boy did she get big!

Jodi gave me some photos to share with you…

Jodi’s SIL Patty, holding her nephew for the first time.

The cousins playing in Bekah’s room the first day they visited.

It’s amazing how they have never met but warmed right up to each other right away, oh to be like a child.

The next day they went to the zoo. This is Elizabeth, Rebekah, Elijah and Patty.

Rebekah and Elizabeth were inseparable! (I remember being like this with my cousins when we were young)

Then yesterday they just hung out here at Jodi’s house and ordered pizza.  YUM!

Isaiah, Elizabeth, Rebekah and Elijah

Jodi’s Hubby and his sister and their kids…

This last photo Jodi edited. She really wanted a picture of all of them but John’s dad was here and since he was itching to get into a picture she just couldn’t tell him she wanted just her family so she let him get into the next shot. By the time she was done, everyone was ready to be done with the photo shoot so she didn’t have a chance to get into any photos. Oh well, the life of the photographer lol (I’ve been there). Jodi took several pictures but John’s dad was always making a goofy face or looking at Elijah so I just got rid of him. Jodi didn’t get to be in the picture but at least she was able to manufacture a picture of the two families

(minus Jodi  ).

Can you spot the differences?

Here’s the before….

And the after….

I think she did a fantastic job!! I have a few photos I should do this with. Especially having kids… you know how hard it is to get all your kids looking and smiling at the same time and place in one photo… like never!

It’s always a challenge when you have family that lives far away. It just means we all have to be a bit better at keeping in touch and sending those photos!! We have family in five countries!! I spent the morning on facebook chatting with family in Scotland:)

How about you?? Do you have any family that live far away?? How do you keep in touch??

LOTW for week ending 7/23

We have two LOTW winners for this week. Yes…a tie! How exciting is that? Two winners means two prizes and more scrapping. Congratulations to photom and AB_Digiscrape.  Each of these ladies earn a cookie and brownie for the Challenge Cookie Jar and they both get to go shopping at the Gingerscraps store.

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