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Please Vote for Team Ginger Scraps!

Our GingerBread Girls are entered into the Battle of the Creative Teams.  We can use all the support we can to win!  You can see their layouts here and you can vote for them here.

Thanks for voting for team GingerScraps!!

Daily Download Day #23

I’m reaching out to our teams to help me keep you entertained as I give you our daily download links.  Here is a great and true story that took place in Charmaine’s house last night!   Charmaine is the fantastic designer – Wyld Web Designs – that has made this great daily download for you.  Casey is Charmaine’s 3 year old son….
Husband: Casey, come downstairs for a minute.
Casey: ok, just a second, I’m putting lotion on!
H: ummm, ok…..come downstairs and bring the lotion!
C: ok!!
….arrives shortly, one pantleg hiked way up and said leg covered in….
A&D diaper ointment!

Daddy had a long talk with him about not putting “lotion” on unless Mommy or Daddy are with him

I was laughing when I read this. I can just picture my 3 year old doing this too! Thanks for that great story Charmaine! At least you know Casey’s leg won’t have a rash on it! hahahaha

Ok, now that you all are entertained, here is your daily download!

If you have a funny story, or a joke you would like to share please let me know!  I would love to post it here!  Have you made a layout with the daily download?  I would love to show it off too!

Have a great Saturday!!