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October Daily Download #13

It’s Thursday – time to start planning for the weekend.  Do you have anything fun planned?  I’m attending a beginners yoga workshop on Saturday with my mom.  I’m so excited!  I tried yoga a couple times probably 10 years ago… but don’t remember much of it.  So we are going to try to add this to our weekly ‘take care of me’ routine.  🙂  I’m also hoping to do a little driving up further north to take some pictures of the foliage.  I snagged a nice pic on my phone the other day at lunch time (shared it here on Facebook) but I want to take some good ones to scrap with!  And that’s about it for me… the rest of the weekend I’ll try to relax as usual.

Okay – now here’s day #13:

*Link has Expired*

Have a great day!