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Fresh Baked! 9/30

Hello Again!  Are you sick of me yet?  I just realized that tomorrow is the first day of October.  Can you believe how fast September went.  So much has happened this month in my house starting with the hurricane, then school starting, and well, it’s been crazy.  How has your month been?  Hopefully it was great and that October will be even better.

Since this is the last day of the month it is also the last day to get Lilacs in Bloom.  We’ve loved having her with us and will miss her.  Make sure you don’t!

Also this is the last chance you can get Unforgettable Moment’s Grab Bag for free!  Remember just spend $10 in the store and it is all yours!

 Now it is time to show you some new items!








September Daily Download #30

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September Daily Download #29

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September Daily Download #27 and #28

Day #27

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Day #28

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New GingerBread Lady!! 9/28

Surprise!  I have very exciting news for all of you.  We have a new designer joining us.  Well, she isn’t new to designing, but is new to us.  Have you ever had a designer that you just loved?  One that you just dream to work with?  One that you drool over everything they do?  Well that is my relationship with this designer.  I guess it is time that I make a confession.  Hi, my name is Shannon, and I’m a designer stalker.  This designer is one of the designers that I stalk.

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like for you to give a big round of applause for our newest designer


Would you like to be a stalker too?  There is plenty of room!

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Since I’m such a huge stalker I figured I could use this opportunity to get more information about her.  This is what she had to say when I asked her to tell me…oh I mean us, more about her.

Hello! I’m Jenn of JennCk Designs. It’s so great to be here! Gingerscraps is the very first site I found back in the day when I became a reluctant digiscrapper (I’m a reformed paper scrapper lol). I’ve been designing for 2 years and digiscrapping for almost 3 years.

I’m 38 and live with my boyfriend, Wes, and my 17.5 year old kitty. In my former life (lol), I was a project manager for print and online training development. I always joke that I have tons of bad karma because most of my clients were in cigarettes, alcohol, casinos, and top 10 pharma. LOL I worked 70+ hours/week minimum for so long, my body just had enough. So, I left all of that over 3 years ago. I feel like I’m still recovering from the sleep deprivation. lol

We currently live in the Detroit, Michigan area (Dearborn), but I’ve lived all over the country. I grew-up in Upstate NY and all of my immediate family still reside there. In addition to digital scrapping and designing, I love to play games – all types. I love Farmville, Pogo Games, my Nintendo DS, board games, etc. I also love to travel and we do so as often as we can.

I am excited to be part of the Gingerscraps team and I’m amazed at how much this site has grown and developed over the years. It is all in part to the wonderful community here and lots of hard work. I’m thankful to be part of it all!

 Now you can see why I just love her so much!!







Annoucing our newest LOTW Winner!

Bienejen you are the LOTW winner with your “Pickin Berries” LO! The clustering, photo placement and kit used is absolutely beautiful.   Click on the image to leave her some love or click here to view her entire Gingerscraps Gallery.

You can pick outstanding gallery layouts which become the next LOTW nominee’s by posting in the “Baker’s Best” thread. Check out the rules here.

As always your vote counts so head over the the forum to vote for the next LOTW winner. You can be a LOTW winner too, all you have to do is scrap! Happy Scrapping.

September Daily Download #25 and 26

Yikes!  After such a long and busy day at the track Saturday… I just let my brain have the day off yesterday.  Oops!  Sorry ladies.  You know I can’t stay away for long though.  🙂

I am hoping y’all get to have a fabulous week.  I am hoping to get lots of work done this week… if everyone cooperates and lets me have the time I need.  We’ll see how that goes.  lol  Anyhow – here’s to a productive week for everyone.  🙂

And now here’s your 2 pieces to this kit from the fabulous Scrappy Cocoa!

Day #25

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Day #26

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Have a wonderful day!!!!

September Daily Download #24

Hi there!

Hope you have something fun planned this weekend.  We have enjoyed some fun at the race track over the last couple of days… and are headed back today also.  My boys (ages 2 1/2 and 4) have really had a blast – even in the rain!  🙂

Here’s day #24:

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Have a great day!

Fresh Baked! 9/23

It’s finally Friday!  Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that because now I have that country song in my head.  I am thankful the week is finally over.  It seemed like every night this week I’ve been having to go to a school for some event or another.  I’m just looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.  Maybe watch some movies and hopefully find some time to start scrapping again.  Yeah, I still haven’t had time to sit and scrap.  What about you?

Here are some great kits to help keep your mojo going.  Remember that if you spend $10 in the store you get this free grab bag by Unforgettable Moments for free.

Also remember that this your last week with our September Guest – Lilacs in Bloom!  Grab everything you can while you can!

Here are our new releases:












September Daily Download #23

Hello all!  Happy Friday!!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!

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