Challenge Spotlight November 26th

Good Afternoon ladies! Are we all getting excited for the mounds and mounds of food we are about to prepare and eat? I bet a few are gearing up for some holiday travel and hope everyone stays safe! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone, but there are still a couple days left to complete some challenge layouts!

Today’s spotlight is on the Designer Spotlight Challenge. This month’s designer is Joy-Lynn from Blue Heart Scraps! This challenge is very straight forward- create a layout using products from the featured designer! What’s great about this challenge is Joy-Lynn has graciously included some coupons to stock up on her amazing products to use for this challenge!

You can save money on some fabulous new kits, get a layout made, and it will count towards our wonderful rewards!

Here are a few Layouts that have been made for the challenge:

By Jeanniemac


By Missdamsel


By Lissykay

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (maybe even double holiday. Happy Turkeyakkah!) filled with yummy food, amazing pictures and spare time to scrap!


Challenge Spotlight~ Mix It Up Challenge

Happy Tuesday Ladies! I hope the weekend was great and productive for everyone! Is anyone in a scrapping slump? The best thing to help get you out of a slump is to find inspiration and our challenges are perfect! Especially our Mix It Up Challenge! It’s never the same challenge twice! This month our challenge is hosted by Rachael of Seatrout Scraps!

This months challenge is to only put photos and elements on the top half of the Layout. The rest must be white space. Here is the example Rachael provided us:

Isn’t this a fabulous challenge! On top of a little inspiration to try something new, creating a layout for this challenge will help you earn our fabulous rewards!

Here are a few of the completed layouts for the challenge:

By Sladd79054

By JaninAlberta


By Saskias

Make sure you are tracking your LO’s in our Tracking Thread! I hope everyone is enjoying November! The weather is getting cooler here in AL. The leaves are even changing! Have a great week!



Challenge Spotlight: Mini Kit Challenge

Good Morning Ladies! Hope everyone in the US had a great extended weekend! This week’s challenge spotlight is on the Mini kit challenge hosted by Colie of Colie’s Corner! And she has an amazing mini kit for you to play with!


This is a great challenge since you get a freebie to work with and once you are done with your layout, you can earn another rewards for completing another challenge! Thank you Colie for providing a beautiful kit to make layouts about the people and pets in our lives that we are grateful to have! It was hard to showcase just three of the Layouts in the challenge but here they are! There are many more amazing Layouts in the gallery! Stop over and leave some love for all the awesome pages!

This lovely page was made by Lisa, I love the blended photo in the background and the clusters!

This page is made by Trinykay, I love the layers and the splatters in the background:

And finally, by GrannyNKY, I love the distressed borders, the clusters and the cute picture!

There’s still plenty of time to complete this challenge as well as the rest of the wonderful challenges we have for the month of November! And as you complete the challenges make sure you record them in the tracking thread! Have a great rest of the week! I will be back on Thursday to show you some Sneak Peeks!


Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful DSD weekend filled with challenges, sales, chats and freebies! Speaking of challenges and freebies, you should check out the beautiful template Mel from M&M Designs has for the first template challenge this month!


Mel does fabulous work and it’s so awesome she is sharing one of her templates for the challenge! This is a great challenge to participate in! You’ll have a great page made and you will  earn points for our awesome rewards for completing the challenges!

Here’s a look at a few completed pages:

Made by Julie

Made by Tamie

By Brenain4ever

These are awesome and it’s only November 5th! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with in the next 11 days before the second template challenge will be posted! Make sure you fill out the November Tracking Thread! Hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of scrapping!

Challenge Spotlight – Desktop Challenge

Good morning, gorgeous ladies! I’m here to talk about a fun and easy monthly challenge…with a freebie! One of my favorite challenges, today I’m spotlighting the desktop challenge hosted by Chere of Chere Kaye Designs! Here’s the awesome desktop template Chere has made for us this month:

Love it! Thanks for the fun template, Chere! This is a fun and easy way to spruce up your computer desktop every month AND earn points towards our fabulous rewards for completed challenges. :) Take a look at some of the desktops the ladies in the forum have already completed:

By tiggernjen

By saskias

By lainey

These are all so rad! Make sure you swing by the gallery and leave these ladies some love on these very cool desktops. :)

I don’t know where October went, but we’re already wrapping up the month–what?! I can’t believe we’re in the holiday home stretch already. If you haven’t started your post in the October 2013 Tracking Thread, well…you should get on that. ;) Seriously, don’t miss out on snagging a reward come next month just in time to start scrapping all your holiday pics!

That’s it for this week, y’all. I’ll see everyone back here next week! :)

Challenge Spotlight – Buffet Challenge

Good morning everyone! It’s been quite some time since I blogged about our fabulous monthly challenges; I’ve been positively swamped with school and life, but I miss letting y’all know about the challenges and prizes and funfunfun! I think it’s time to get back on the horse, don’t you? :)

This week I will be spotlighting the buffet challenge hosted by Monica of ViolaMoni Designs! This month’s buffet theme was designer’s choice with a lovely fall-inspired palette to tie it all together. Here’s a fun YouTube video created to show off all the awesome buffet pieces!

Love it! If you haven’t grabbed any buffet pieces, head over to the store and get yourself a little treat. ;) The only requirement for the buffet challenge is to use pieces from the buffet–any designer, in any way! The designers have created full kits, alphas, extras, templates and more for you, so you got lots to choose from! Check out some of the submissions we’ve got so far…

By altimasport

By Lisa

By mamaape

By melissavt

Ok yes yes, I cheated and picked four layouts to highlight this time instead of three–I couldn’t help it!  The designers made so many different themes this month, I had to show some off. We’ve got wine, gargoyles, pretty positivity and of course, Halloween! I love uniquely themed kits to scrap specific life moments and this month’s buffet has several! :)

We’re already a week into the month, so if you haven’t started your post in the October 2013 Tracking Thread, now is the time to get the ball rolling! As always, all completed challenges earn you points towards a fabulous reward at the end of the month, so scrap scrap scrap!

That’s it for today; see y’all next week! :)

Challenge Spotlight – Buffet Challenge

Howdy, ladies! How is your week going? This is my last week of freedom before school starts back up–eek–so I’m trying to get a bunch of scrapping in before I have to start hitting the books again! This week I am spotlighting a challenge I just completed this weekend, the buffet challenge hosted by Rachel of Harmonystar Designs! August’s buffet was designer’s choice with an awesome palette; there is seriously a ton included in the buffet, but here is just a little peek at some of the pieces:

So pretty, right? I have to say, when I first saw the palette, I was SO excited and the kits our designers came up with are just gorgeous!  The buffet challenge has quickly become one of my favorites and the forum ladies have knocked it out of the park this month! Take a look for inspiration:

By Roknbear

By Heidi1472

By lab130

LOVE these pages! Make sure you take a moment to leave these ladies some love in the gallery because these layouts are fabulous. I picked pages that use different designers’ buffet pieces so you can really see the variety here. If your style is vintage, modern, bright, subtle–there’s something in this month’s buffet for you! Make sure you swing by the store and check out all the buffet goodies. :)

There’s just over a week left in the month, so now is crunch time to get your challenges completed and tallied up for a sweet reward come next month! If you haven’t started your count in the August 2013 Tracking Thread, there’s still time! I plan on getting at least 2 or 3 more challenges done so I can get some free buffet pieces next month–nothing beats free ;)

Okie dokes, that’s it for this week, everyone! Y’all have a super great week and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday! ^_^

Challenge Spotlight – Brush Challenge

Howdy, scrappy ladies! Hope y’all are having a great week; how is it that it’s nearly the middle of August already? Wasn’t July just starting, now we’re getting ready for back to school? Sheesh! Now, I will be the first to admit I’m not a big fan of brushes, but this week I am spotlighting the brush challenge hosted by Wendy of Wendy Tunison Designs because the brushes Wendy chose for us to work with are just so darn cute! I’m also not a big doodly gal, but these are just awesome; take a look:

These are a little retro, a little modern and a lot rad!  I’m a sucker for anything with a globe, so I loved these right away. If you’re like me and not a big brush user, take a look at some of the layouts the ladies in the forum have created for inspiration. They definitely got me wanting to use these asap!

By Lisa

By Victoria32

By pamr

Loving these pages, ladies! These brushes are the perfect mod accent that don’t overtake the kit or distract from the layout itself! Gorgeous! Now it’s your turn. If you’re not big into doodles or brushes, I think this is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself with a…challenge! ;)

If you haven’t started keeping track of all your completed challenges for August, there’s no time like the present! Head over to the August 2013 Tracking Thread and start your post so you can get yourself a sweet little reward at the end of the month. :) Questions about this or any of our monthly challenges? Drop your query in the cookie jar and someone will get back to you as soon as possible–don’t be shy! :)

That’s it for today’s blog! Y’all have a wonderfully scrappy week! :)

Challenge Spotlight – Mini Kit Challenge

Good morning, all! Hope everyone had a great weekend; mine was not long enough, as usual! We’re already mid-July (eek!) and it’s time for another challenge spotlight. This week, I am writing about a rad challenge with a freebie: the mini kit challenge hosted by Wendy of Wendy Tunison Designs! Wendy brought her unique style to this month’s mini; check it out:

LOVE. IT. Wendy’s minis are never truly mini, so there’s lots of fun vintage elements here to work with. Not surprising, this challenge has been popular this month with bunches of layouts pouring in! Take a look at a few of my favorites for inspiration…

By Tamie

By ScrappyPenguin

By lhansen148

Absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, I am loving this mini and adoring these layouts. All three of these pages have the same “junky vintage” feel, but are vastly unique. That is the sign of some talented scrappers working with a well-designed kit.  :)

Remember, the month is now officially half over! Make sure you’re tracking your completed challenges in the July 2013 Challenge Tracking Thread. You’ll want to get all your challenge credits so you can snag yourself an awesome reward once July is over. :)

That’s it for this week! Stop by again next week! :)

Challenge Spotlight – NEW Designer Spotlight Challenge

Good morning, gorgeous scrappy ladies!  :)  Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start; I really wish it were the weekend already so I could be at home in the A/C, napping and scrapping! ;-)

This week I am spotlighting a new challenge here at GS: the designer spotlight challenge! In this new challenge, all you have to do is use 90% products from our spotlight designer (you can use a template from another designer)…that’s it! This is going to be a great way to introduce you to a designer whose products you might not have worked with before and get you going through your stash! :) Our first designer in the spotlight is Rachel of Pretty in Green!

Our rockin’ ad team lead, April, did a great interview with Rachel last week; if you haven’t read it yet, go check it out! Rachel also provided a spiffy coupon for you to grab some of her designs for this challenge. The coupon is in the challenge thread, so scurry over and snag it!

I’m pretty excited about this challenge, ladies.  I love the idea of going through my stash and scrapping with some kits I might have forgotten about. I’ve already got one in mind for PiG…and I’m not the only one! Check out some of these layouts the ladies in the forum have created…

By scrappy_mom

By Lisa

By dillydoodles

I love all of these layouts! Don’t you love the variety of kits used here? Rachel has even more fabulous designs in her GingerScraps shop. There’s something for everyone and some really excellent unique kits you don’t want to be without. My personal favorite kit of Rachel’s is One in a Million:

I just adore the muted colors here and how some of the sentiments look like chalkboard art before chalkboard art was even a trend–so cool! So, you can probably guess which kit I’ll be using for this challenge.  ;)  How about you? We’re already a week into July, so make sure you’re got your post up in the July Challenge Tracking Thread. Tally up your completed challenges and at the end of the month, you’ll be in for a rad reward!

That’s it for today’s blog, ladies! Y’all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday for another challenge spotlight. :)