Let’s Get Crafty: Felt Food

So, how are all my crafty friends today! Boy what a busy week. I forgot it was Thursday until this morning! Time for Let’s Get Crafty!

I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend in the USA. Ours was great. My boys loved the shirts I made them. They looked so cute!

Well…I haven’t made any craft projects this week! Can you believe that! I made so many flowers and headbands last week, I needed a break…and my laundry needed taken care of 🙂

So, I thought I would show you some of the felt food I made for my boys this winter. My boys love to play “Kitchen”  They have a little microwave and blender etc. So, I googled “Felt Food” and there are tons of great ideas!

Here are the “Foods” I have made so far.

There are TONS of free patterns online. One of my favorites is this blog, The Keeper of the Cheerios She has one whole blog post with the best felt food patterns from around the web! I still want to make a sandwich, and some veggies…and more! Its addicting!

Another great place is Cut Out and Keep love this site!

Make some Felt Food for your kids! They will love it!


  1. omgosh Julie! You are a busy bee! Such cute stuff you made! Your boys are adorable… how close are they in age? My 2 boys are 18 months apart.. people always thought they were twins. Now they are 12, and 13, and look more different than they did as toddlers.

  2. crinkletoast says

    these are adorable. and so perfect for little kids. and they can be washed when the inevitable happens.

  3. omg!!! These are adorable and very inspiring. My daughter is starting to get into the “play food” thing. She has dishes, but no food! These look super simple. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Harmonystar says

    I want to eat them! If I didn’t already have a ton of plastic food I would totally be all over this. . . or at least it’d go on my list of things to make. My list is getting awfully long and Julie sure isn’t helping it get any shorter. 🙂

  5. Kricketd says

    These are so cute Julie! YOU are so tallented!

  6. Julie-
    you amaze me! Those felt food are so awesome! you need to extract them and put them into a kit! 🙂

  7. bwahhaahah photom, that’s exactly what I was thinking… extract, extract… must extract, lol!