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Project 52: Example Layouts

And now we’re wrapping up Week 03, and I figured now would be a good time to show off some layouts that have been shared. I love how creative everyone is getting, and how each person is taking the challenge so personally, and making it working for them.

Created by Sarah. Yes, that would be me. I’m going more for the Project Life theme, and scrapping some of my favorite pictures. This is just one side. I take a lot of selfies, and since that’s just about the only way we get pictures of me, I figured I should scrap them. Sometimes I need photographic proof that I actually put on some make-up.

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DD: Jan 21

The link for this download is no longer available.

Remember, the download is kept up for 5 days, and then it is taken down. If you miss pieces, the kit will be available for purchase on the first day of the following month.