Let’s Get Crafty – Combining DigiScrap and Crochet

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m here today with a new twist on our blog posts. How many of you have another craft you do? Beading, vinyl, quilting, crochet, knitting? If you do have another hobby, do you ever use your projects in your digiscrap layouts?

I LOVE to dabble in so many things. My husband just rolls his eyes and shakes his head when I jump into another craft because when I jump, I go all the way in. But I seem to have stuck with crocheting the longest. When I started digi-scrapping, I was finding I didn’t have a lot of recent pictures to scrap. My kids absolutely hate having their pictures taken, so those are few and far between. I have a bunch of older photos (both digi and printed that I can scan) but I wanted something more recent, so I started using pictures of crochet projects.

I love to find a pattern that I want to try and then do the project – mostly afghans. Problem there is, we only have so much room and only need so many afghans. So I started doing them to just give away. Below are some of the layouts I’ve done with my projects.

I can definitely see how my scrapping style has changed in the last few years.

Now it’s your turn! Do YOU have a hobby you have used as the focus of a layout. Post the link in the comments. I would LOVE to see what you’ve done.

Enjoy your week!!



  1. Your afghans are lovely, and it’s a great idea to scrap about them. Fifty years from now your children& grandchildren will be glad you did. There is always something to scrap about, a story to tell, thoughts to write down. It’s like keeping a diary/journal-cum-scrapbook thing that also allows for creativity. I do it daily even when there is no photograph – that’s when I create a 4×6 card/artwork & place it on the LO along with my thoughts or story. And as for your growing stash of afghans, consider donating to an on-line/Facebook auction that raises money for a cause dear to your heart (I donate to a Florida Cavalier King Spaniel Rescue organization; the small local animal rescues are always running events to raise money for the animals’ needs). So I wish you continued creativity, success with all your endeavors, and best wishes from Florida. Also, thank you for the daily downloads – I dont post much, but I appreciate the selfless generosity you and the digital artists at GingerScraps display. Thank you.