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Happy Saturday scrappers! I was perusing around Pinterest today looking for ideas. I stumbled upon a lovely layout (will show you below) with a big title. That got my scrappy gears moving in my brain. So, I thought I would share that inspiration with you.

So often we allow the photos or a great paper to be the focal point of our layout. We plop a title on at the very end of it all (if we do at all). Personally, I struggle with coming up with a great title. Really, as I scrap mostly my son, I feel like slapping “Isaiah” on every page. lol. I searched “scrapbook big title” on Pinterest & was inspired! Here are some great examples of making the title your focal point. Making a statement with a big title.


The Pin | Original Source

I really like the idea of the large number that signifies something. It works at the title as well as a great backdrop. The choice of alpha allows for the large number to blend perfectly to the layout & not over power it. Who doesn’t have a number that is significant to them. A person’s age, an anniversary, or a reunion. The next time you are scrapping a memory that has a significant number marker, think about making that your focal point. Scrap it with a big title!


The Pin | Original Source

This really is the focal point of the layout. I really like how the paper is cut around the title. I feel like when it is time for me to go to the beach, I want to yell it to everyone. Just go around yelling, “BEACH!” lol. This large titled layout really brings all the pretty and fun beach photos together. Your eyes are drawn to the large title to start with. At the same time, it is bringing your eyes to the photos around it. This would make a great title page to a vacation book too!


The Pin | Original Source

Does this title not grab your attention?! It really gets the whole theme of the layout across. Cutting the photos to go under it and frame around it really makes it all work together. You cannot help but read the title and take in the amazing photos at the same time. A great statement layout. Not one element on this layout. It isn’t needed! The great photos and the big title is all this layout needs. Could you scrap a layout without ellies? I love to cluster. It would be a struggle for me. I think I am going to give it a try though. Take this years vacation photos and scrap nothing but a big, catch your attention title, and my photos.



The Pin | Original Source

This is one of my favorite of the bunch & I am going to take this idea and scrap it. I’ve been known to tuck and hide little I’s around my layouts with my son in them. Just one letter. You could dress a layout up so much with just one letter. How would you do it?!


The Pin | Original Source

I am a sucker for paint behind the focal point of a layout. It really draws my eyes in as well as giving it almost like a base to the layout. I am a huge fan of the patterned paper choices on this laout as well as taking the photo and making it part of the large title.


The Pin | Original Source

This layout has a title that is half the page and has a feel of being cut out of the top paper and sewed onto the great patterns underneath. With the right shadow work and a nice stitched alpha you can get this look via digital as well!


The Pin | Original Source

I love love love this layout and I will be scraplifting this. It is beautiful! I think what drew my attention to this layout was that the title (nice and big title!) is the same color as the background. That it stands out as much as it does because of the beautiful colors underneath it. I also really like the stitched feeling to the entire layout.


The Pin | Original Source

Now that is what I am talking about!! That is how you do a big title! It takes up nearly the entire page, but beautifully. It is not overwhelming. Great composition and really gets the theme of the layout across.

Are your creative juices flowing yet?!You know that GingerScraps has an entire section dedicated to just alphas, right? Here are just a few of what I came across in looking for the right alpha for my big titled layouts. (images linked)

As of writing this post, there are 85 pages of alphas in the shop. 85! This only scratches the surface. I know I am bombarding you with all kinds of digital scrapbooking goodies from the store, as well as Pinterest inspiration. I am not done yet! I didn’t want to round up today’s post without mentioning some of the great templates we have in the store that will help you get big titles on your layouts. Here are just a few of those:





That really was just a tiny look at what the store has to offer for big titled layouts. Also, don’t forget the wordart section of the store as well. There are some great pre-made titles in there! We would love to see your layouts with big titles! Make sure to upload them to the gallery and links us back up here in the comments. Happy Scrapping!


  1. Super cool! I wonder how they made the “On The Road” lettering…

  2. I have had that “On The Road” pinned for a while and haven’t quite figured out how to do that digitally. I also love the BEACH on and would love to figure that out as well. Thanks for sharing. I love alphas and have been taking the time to use them more and more.

  3. elenasworld says

    fantastic blog post — thanks for the great inspiration
    i struggle with titles — it is hard for me to come up with something creative or relevant
    i work on journaling, guess I should add working on title work too

  4. The “On the Road” page is a digital page…. if you follow the link to the original pin, it will bring you to a blog post that includes directions. 🙂 Basically, you merge all the letters into one layer and clip a background paper to the whole thing. Looks like a cool technique!