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Special NSD Fun and SALES- *$1.00 Bake Sale!*- And- *SURVIVOR FINALLY NEWS!*

The GingerScraps {i}NSD Celebration



And there is a little something a few of you might be interested in ….. A little thing called

The Survivor Finally!!!!!


We have a new Grab Bag!!! This is my favorite so far! It is soooooo fun! And for the first time… we have a special CU Grab Bag included in this Mega! The GingerBread Ladies May~ Grab Bag

GingerBread Ladies have used all of their energy on this darling mega collab. May’s GingerScraps Mega Grab Bag was created by Graham Like the Cracker, Statements by Jodi, Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs, MandyMade, Simply ShanMarie Designs, Daybreaks Scraps, Kathy Winters, HarmonyStar, Modern June, Scrappy Cocoa, WyldWeb Designs, ans Scrapberry Designs.


This months Mega Kit is a jam packed kit that is bouncing with energy! If you have any little ones that are non-stop 24/7 then this mega kit is perfect for you.

Including: *2 alphas *60 papers *66 elements *Glitter- Style and sheets *CU Grab Bag included!

And As usual- For a short time you can get this AMAZING GrabBag for only $1 with any purchase over $5
You will receive the coupon code by e-mail. Please allow 24 hours as every coupon has to be e-mailed to you manually.


And you will not want to miss the Special *$1.00 Bake Sale!*!! Goodies from every GingerScraps Designer- marked WAY down to only $1.00


GingerScraps All MY goodies 50% off and Check the Bake Sale too 🙂


Kathy Winters Designs– EVERYTHING 45% off!!


Teri’s Thing O-My-Jigs EVERYTHING 45% off!!

Ladies I am getting jiggy this weekend and am having a 45% off sale storewide for my things! Whatcha waiting on? Grab’em while you can! T


ScrapberryDesigns– 25% off a complete blog makeover! Or the purchase of a blog wear set 🙂


Wyld Web Designs 50% off EVERYTHING!!


Scrappy Cocoa Has a Great sale! And free kit on her blog- Sat only 🙂

Go to Scrappy Cocoa’s blog Sat and snag this free kit!!


GrahamLikeTheCracker 40% off EVERYTHING and a bunch of $1.00 kits too!!


Modern June – 50% off EVERYTHING!!


MandyMade 50% off EVERYTHING!



Harmonystar 50% off EVERYTHING!


PhotoCowGirl 40% off EVERYTHING!


Statements By Jodi 40% off EVERYTHING!

Fresh Baked- Double Issue! 4-28

Hi all 🙂

I hope you all finally got the Special Edition Survivor Newsletter. If your never got it then go check out the Forum HERE to see all the amazing deals from our Survivor Sponsors. And you need to HURRY because most of them expire May 1.

This is a double issue of Fresh Baked today! Lots of great new goodies to share with you 🙂

Be on the lookout for a NSD newsletter too. It will have all the info about whats goin on at GingerScraps for the National Scrapbook Day (weekend).

Now on to all the goodies!!!

Harmonystar’s Extraction Service!

Do you LOVE the look of realistic elements but despise the tedium of extracting them? Let me do it for you!

Basic Extraction

Involved Extraction

Expert Service

$5 for basic extractions – object with no holes and little complications. ex. most flowers, clocks, pencils, fish, . . .

$8 for involved extractions – objects with a few holes or small pieces. ex. most butterflies, leaf branches, most non furry animals . . .

$15 for expert extractions – objects with many holes, furry or fuzzy or hairy, semi-transparencies. ex. furry animals, glass, ice, lace, semi-transparent ribbon .

How this works:

Please e-mail me your photo BEFORE making your purchase. E-mail: (up to 10MB) put “extraction service” as the subject. I will then tell you which category the extraction falls under or reserve the right to decline if there are obstructions, poor quality, or too extremely time consuming. I will not start on the extraction until the purchase is made.I will then have 1 week to complete your extraction though I will likely have it to you within a couple of days. You are guaranteed it within a week of your purchase or may ask for a full refund. If there is a specific date you need your extraction by, mention it with your e-mailed photo & I will tell you if that is doable before the purchase is made. I will e-mail you back your extraction as a png format, I will not change any size or coloring. Make sure your original picture is close to the size you want as stretching the photo will lesson the quality considerably.

Helpful tips:

  • Make sure your photo is copyright free or your own. Just because it came from the Internet doesn’t mean you can use it.
  • Make sure your photo is good quality. Check the dpi and size before sending it to me.
  • Make sure your original picture is close to the size you want as stretching the photo will lesson the quality considerably.
  • Choose a photo that has nothing obstructing the view of the desired object, grass is often the culprit in this matter.
  • avoid pictures with heavy shadows or bright highlights.

Wonder about my quality? Download my sample pack and take a closer look!
reduced price for bundling to come. Ask me if you are interested.

This week I have my popular kit, Tinkertoys for you in a QP Album. Tinkerboys QP Album will make creating layouts for all those little boys and even those tomboys that we love to scrap! Be sure to pick up the matching Tinkerboys Kit so that you can personalize your layouts even more! Create, Inspire and Share! :)T

Tinkerboys QP Album by Teri Mayo
Tinkerboy QP Album $4.00

If you missed seeing the full Tinkerboy Kit here it is for you one more time!

Tinkerboy Kit $5.00

Ready to get your blog on? I have my first set of blog wear in my new product line available! This set was created using my digital kit,

Hootie Cutie, also available here at GingerScraps. Package contains all the elements you need for sprucing up your blog and giving it a fresh new look. Even those that are novice bloggers can install this with the included step by step instructions.

Get Your Blog On- Hootie Cutie
Get Your Blog On -Hootie Cutie: $4.50



When two designer divas get together and create a kit, you just have to say “MamaMia!”. MamaMia was created by Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs and Wimpychompers Creations. Here’s to all of us that either are, or want to be, or know some one that is one Haute Mama! We wanted to celebrate women in general, and all aspects of who we are, and the roles we play. So from being a wife, mother, sister or friend…this kit is for you! Packed full of whimsical, doodles and sprinkled with flowers with lots of journal tabs to even customize further. But don’t think you can’t use this for any gender! We are masters at not only multi-tasking, but multi-scrapping too! We hope Mama Mia will bring a smile to you and will bring out the inner diva just waiting for you to let her create! Mama Mia includes:

24 papers – 60 elements – 2 alphas …….. $5.00
GeoFabulous- Vol 1


I just Love the look of geometric patterns on paper. They are so versatile and can be used with just about any scrap kit. Here I have compiled 7 12×12 layered PSD templates with geometric patterns! CU friendly, no credit required, but always appreciated! Thanks for looking! $5.00


When the Wind Blows GS%20Kit-05.jpgWhen the Wind Blows is the first collab between Graham Like the Cracker and Geek Chic Scraps! Let’s go Fly a Kite… this beautiful and colorful kit is just perfect for scrapping your photos of kite flying, but also fabulous for any fun outdoors pictures as well!

This HUGE collab contains 30 papers, 49 elements, and a full alpha! It is priced at $6.50, but Jen decided to start NSD a little early! You can get this kit 40% off RIGHT NOW through Sunday for $3.90!

Some CT inspiration:





Fabulous Shadows Made Easy- by WyldWeb Designs
WWD_FSME_preview.jpgDo you want to create layouts that look so realistic its as if you could reach out and touch them? The secret is in the shadows! I’ve created a set of 6 custom shadow styles that will give realistic drop shadows to almost any element.

These styles and actions were created in Photoshop CS4 and tested in CS2, 3, and 4.

This package is on sale for 20% off this week only!

Rockin the Layouts Volume-1- by WyldWeb Designs
WWD_GS_RTL1_preview.jpgA unique package of 6 templates in PSD format for your scrapping inspiration. I belong to many creative teams and love to make unique layouts for new products. These are a few of my favorite layouts that I have made, mostly for creative teams, bundled up into a package of inspiration for you! Each template is provided for you in multi-layered PSD format.

Rainbows and Unicorns Alpha by- WyldWeb Designs

This hand doodled alpha will add a unique touch to your layout. Drawn and colored on paper then carefully extracted, this one of a kind alpha reminds me of the doodles I used to make on my binders in high school.

Kathy Winters has a bunch of wonderful new word art sets out today!Memories Made
Regular Price $3.00 but this new release will be on sale through NSD weekend for 50% off.

Graduation Inspiration
Regular Price $3.00 but this re-release will be on sale through NSD weekend for 50% off.

Graduation Day

Regular Price $3.00 but this re-release will be on sale through NSD weekend for 50% off.


Batter Up

Regular Price $3.00 but this re-release will be on sale through NSD weekend for 50% off.


Challenge Spotlight – Photo Editing Technique

Only 1 entry from last weeks challenge. Did that whole “Q” thing throw ya off? Well it didn’t crinkletoast! Your LO turned out great! here’s your prize:

Okey dokey, we are in the last week of April! Ready for the spotlight challenge? I’ve come back around to the photo editing challenge. Remember, every month I teach you a fun new way to edit your photos to enhance those Layouts.  This months technique is called Old School . It’s a fun new trend to take a new picture and make it look old and damaged. Check out the tutorial! Here’s the one I did:



old school

Here’s another one:

by Harmonystar

 Here’s a couple more done by some of our Gingersnaps:

by missdamsel


by aevans96

 Seriously! How cool are those?!? Want to try it yourself? Go check out my Old School photo editing technique.

Want to win a freebie! If you post the link to your edit in the gallery and post it in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar). CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments!

Challenge Spotlight – Q Challenge

Hello again Gingerscrap Followers! Today I have a winner from the last spotlight challenge. We only had one person comment so this weeks winner is.  .  .  . photom! Check your GS inbox for the link to this kit.

Super! Well today’s Spotlight Challenge is Sara’s A-Z Challenge this month is the Letter Q Yup I’m throwing out what most would consider a tricky letter. But lets back up and tell you how this works. The A-Z challenge is to help you with those Alpha books. I have one for my little boy’s first year and hope to start one for my little girl soon. You can see my whole alpha book here. But if you’d like to participate in the challenge, you don’t have to make a whole Alpha book. You just need a page that has the letter Q on it! See that’s not so hard is it? Here’s my Q page:

by Harmonystar

Looks fun huh? Go ahead and make your Q page and post it in the Q challenge .  As well as winning the R goodies you can also win a prize by posting the link to your LO in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar). CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments!

Freshed Baked!! 4-14

Hi ladies!  This is Teri, and I am sending out my first newsletter!  Ginger and I are working together to make things run alittle smoother in the kitchen.  I guess you can call me, her sous chef!  We have so many great things this week,  lets get right to them!   :)T

We  have some pretty busy bunnies around here and we want to show you our latest GingerScrap Grab Bag.  April’s GingerScraps Mega kit was created by Graham Like the Cracker, Misty O’Brien Designs, Statements by Jodi, Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs, MandyMade, Simply ShanMarie Designs, Daybreaks Scraps, and Kathy Winters,

So are you wondering whats inside?  We "hop" that, I mean hope that this little sneak peek will satisfy that sweet tooth.  It is full of such sweet goodies I can’t hardly stand it.  This months grab bag has 4 alphas, 72 elements, 48 papers and even includes glitter styles and sheets. 

And As usual- For a short time you can get this AMAZING  GB for only $1 with any purchase over $4  Now that ought to make anyone do the bunny dance! You will receive the coupon code by e-mail. Please allow 24 hours as every coupon has to be mailed to you manually. 

April Grab Bag


Next up is Scrappy Cocoa.  She  has teamed up with Nibbles and Scribbles to bring you a fantastic template pack available for a limited time so snag this one quick!

Template Tool Box $5


This grab bag between NibblesSkribbles and ScrappyCocoa is jam packed with all new, never before seen templates! This bag has 4 all new products which means 16 new templates! All templates are CU friendly. Grab this bag quick because after a while it will be split up and each product will be packaged individually and sold at full price. Thanks for looking!


Are you as Wyld about Char as we are?  She has some great timesaving actions that are a must for every designer!

Design Tools: Trimming Action by Wyld Web Designs

This Photoshop action will help you trim the file sizes of your designs with the click of a button! Removing the empty space around your design elements will greatly reduce your file sizes which allows you to package your kits in less download folders and save time! This action removes all empty space around your flattened PNG image and leaves a 1 pixel border surrounding it to avoid any clipping of your item. This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

Design Tools: Saving Action by Wyld Web Designs

This Photoshop action will resize your images to 600×600 pixels and make them sharp and web-ready. Whether you are uploading kit previews or your own personal layouts, this action will save you time by automatically resizing to the standard size and then sharpening your image to make it pop online! This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

Both actions are on sale for 25% off this week only!


Well we want to say Congratulations to two of our very own gals who have been blessed this week with newborn bundles of joy! Jen has created a darling little kit, both pink and blue to welcome our new babies!

Did you know that we had some tiny new members join the Gingerscraps Family? Charmaine of Wyld Web Designs had a little boy named Quentin, and Gingersnap Marie (MadScrapper) had baby girl Emma a day before Quentin was born. Jen’s gift to the two of them is this:

Quentin & Emma


A kit that is both formal and cute, this newborn baby kit will scrap endless layouts. Made for boys and girls, this kit contains 40 elements and 20 papers. The kit is $6.00

No kit of Jen’s is complete without some gradient papers, and this time she made a paper pack.

The Gradient Papers


These papers aren’t just for babies… these highly textured (but still soft) papers will look great in any layout. Mix them, match them, their possibilities are endless.

Of course they look their best with The kit Quentin and Emma, but you will love them in any layout you use them in. The gradient paper pack is $3.00

Every kit needs and alpha!

This adorable alpha can be used in a wide variety of layouts. Multi-layered and striped, it will be a fantastic addition to any layout.

This alpha comes in blue striped and pink striped in lower and upper case letters. Full alpha sheets and individually cut letters are included to suit your scrapping fancy. The alpha pack is $3.

The Bundle

The contain the kit, the alpha, and the gorgeous gradient papers that complete the Quentin and Emma Collection. The Bundle is $9.00

Make sure you check out Jen’s blog for the coordinating freebie and to see the rest of the gorgeous CT layouts!






Let’s give Scrapberry Designs a warm welcome with her darling Hootie Cutie kit!


Whoo wouldn’t want to be a Hootie Cutie? This whimsical kit is full of bright colors and elements that will be perfect for so many of your scrapbooking layouts. From the big eyed owls with cute trees to play in, to the colorful doodley paisleys, this kit is great for any gender at any age!



Challenge Spotlight – April Cinematastic

Well yay I finally get to  give away a prize! I’d like to give these bunnies away (april and all) to *drumroll please*  Kricketd! Check your inbox at GingerScraps for these cuties.

Today’s challenge spotlight is Jillian’s April Cinematastic Challenge In this challenge Jillian will give you a movie that will be your inspiration, as well as a link to some great quotes from that movie that you can use for your LO.

This months movie is “The Invention of Lying”

None of our gingersnaps have done this challenge yet but BarbK has a great feel for the theme so here’s her LO:

by BarbK

 Hee. Isn’t that great? I think it’s hilarious!

Do you have a picture that would go great witha quote or theme from that movie? You should make a LO for the April Cinematastic challenge. And if you’d like just for the fun of it you can check out Jillian’s past Cinematastic Challenges.

If by chance you do! You may win a freebie! If you post the link to your LO in the gallery and post it in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar). CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments!

Fresh Baked!! 4-7

Hello scrappers 🙂

We have some delicious goodies out today!!

First up from PhotoCowGirl…. a deal you will NOT want to pass up!! Limited Edition Template Bundle

I’m moving (don’t worry- I am not leaving GingerScraps- I am moving into a new house) Im spending the next 2 weeks packing – so to celebrate I have a limited edition template bundle! It’s such an awesome deal – you get 6 template packs for only $6.00, but you have to hurry because it’s only available bundled in this awesome deal for 2 weeks!

Includes template packs: Room to Journal, Down the Line, Like Em Big, Clip It Spring, Messy Text, and Extreme Clusters. (All packs PSD format, except Clip It Spring is png format).
Next we have a beautiful kit by ModernJune – American Honey

American Honey is a really sweet spring kit that has everything for your spring LO’s. Textured papers, vibrant colors, flowers, butterflies, swirls and adorable doodle alphas!
Inculdes: *20papers *57 elements *3 alphas

*additonal folder containing shadowed elements as well!
ModernJune also has some  amazing templates! – All Curled Up Template Pack

4 templates for your PU/CU/S4H and S4Ouse!! only $2.50!

Daybreak Scraps, Misty O’Brien Designs and Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs all teamed up and created this striking kit. I love the color combination! This will surly produce some gallery standouts! Elegant Azure

Elegant Azure brings to mind the cool crisp colors of a blue sky mixed with the emerald green waters off some romantic coast. And speaking of romantic, this kit was designed for those special occasions when you get all dressed up and hit the town. As our treat to you, you can pick up the Elegant Azure add-on free with your purchase of the full kit. Elegant Azure was designed by Daybreak Scraps, Misty O’Brien Designs and Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs. We hope you dance! There are 25 papers and 47 elements plus a fantastic add-on with purchase.   $5.00




by Lisa
Template from All Curled Up by Modern June
Word art by Feli Designs

And now we have some VERY EXCITING news!!!!

Wyld Web Designs is BACK!!!!!!

This week she has a AWESOME design tool that will help any designer create quality designs with the click of a button! This action will remove any strays or jagged edges without loss of quality of your original product, even after running it several times. This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

On sale this week only for 25% off! Design Tools Smoothing: Action by Wyld Web Designs


Char -Wyld Web Designs- also has some fun little doodles for you- Doodle-rama: Animal Doodles by Wyld Web Designs

This designer resource contains 7 animal doodles in PNG and PSD format. These doodles are permitted for commercial, personal or scrap-for-hire use and are easily colored and customized to fit your needs. Each doodle is provided in both PNG and layered PSD format.
On sale this week only for 25% off!





Challenge Spotlight – Project 365/52

Again no comments from last weeks spotlight.  I’ve gotta assume you’re all busy with scrapping survivor, surely you aren’t all ignoring this blog completely right? I mean I’m offering free stuff here! Tell your friends!

So moving right along. . . today I’m spotlighting a challenge that is new to Gingerscraps this year. The 365/52 challenge. What on earth? You may be asking, well if you’ve been frequenting the digital scrapbooking forums you’ll have heard of this, but if not, here’s what it’s all about.

The purpose is for scrapping your everyday life. You or your kids may wonder what life was like back when they were toddlers, or in first grade. You may just enjoy taking the time to appreciate every day.

Here’s how the challenge at Gingerscraps works: (Written by Ginger)

*1. Finish 1 LO every week.

  • 365 scrappers- your LO will be 7 pictures. A picture EVERY day of the week.
  • 52 scrappers- your LO will be one pic or more a week in one LO.

*2. To get the freebie add-on your LO MUST be at least 30% GingerBread Ladies products. (all new GingerBread Ladies- and Miss Erin included)

*3. Post your LO in the GingerScraps 365/52 Gallery AND the thread for the month. Every 2 weeks there will be a thread with the dates of the weeks that are due.

*4. LO’s DUE – 5pm pacific time on Sundays

*5. The Free goodies!!- Every other week I will have a new fun add-on for you! As long as you have done your 2 LO’s you will get the add on for free! Julie  will PM you with a coupon code to get the add-on for free. If you didn’t get yours done in time- the add-ons will be for sale for $2.00 each in the store

I will be having a few guests GingerBread Ladies bringing you some goodies as well! So you will be having lots of fun- and getting lots of treats!!

At the end of the year you will have a HUGE mega kit! AND your precious memories all ready to be printed in a book! So come on ladies! Get busy and… Scrap Your Life!!

**Anyone can join at ANYTIME!!**
Even if you missed the first few weeks – or even months… just start anytime and post the LO for the weeks we are in and you will get that weeks add on. If you fall behind- dont worry- just pick up where you fell off the track.. and keep on goin!!

Did you catch the part about FREEBIES every other week? Oh yeah that’s good stuff! In case you’re wondering, these freebies are sometimes seasonal minis (like Valentine’s or Easter) Or they will be things specific to 365 LOs (like dates & months) & generic helpful things (like paper & ribbons)  Usually you don’t get to see the freebie until you earn it, but because I am the guest designer providing your freebies for April I will let you see the first one you can get:

Oh you know you want that right?

In addition to these great freebies, Julie makes all our lives easier by providing us a template we may use each week.

I tell ya Julie is amazing and I’d never be able to do this challenge without her!

Here’s a few example of some 365/52 Layouts just in case you were wondering what they could look like:

by Julie

by Harmonystar

By Harmonystar

by Trina513 - I'd just like to note that I love Trina's style for this and I'm SO going to copy it for next year.

Don’t they look fun! Go check out the 365/52 challenge right now!

Wait before you go, you may want to know how you can get yet another FREEBIE! If you post the link to your LO in the gallery and post it in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar). CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments!