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Challenge Spotlight – T Challenge

My dear photom was the only one to play again last week. I’m having to hunt for goodies I havn’t already given her. Lucky for her I still have a few things up my sleeve. 🙂 I’m so glad you play along Sara! Now if anyone else wants to give her a bit of of a run for the gold, go for it! photom gets this plus a bonus brownie point!

This weeks Challenge to spotlight is the fabulous T challenge! How’s your Alpha book coming? I’m just about ready to get started on Bella’s 1 year alpha book. I love looking at Jaden’s! The A-Z challenge is a great way to help you get that alpha book done for whatever occasion. I’ve seen it done not just for baby books, but for weddings, or for a good way to sum up that year. There’s lots of good uses for a Alpha book! This months letter is of course “T”! Design a layout inspired by the letter “T” and be sure you use the letter “T” somewhere in the layout!
You can earn “U” goodies for completing your “T” layout.

You will also get 1 cookie & can earn 1 brownie point if you use 75% gingerscrap kits!

Here’s the yummy U goodies Jodi made and gathered just for you!

Need some help with some T words? check out my page.

Seriously I just can’t get over how cute that boy was, oh he still is just bigger now. 🙂

Soooo go make your own “T” Layout! Then come back here and post the link to your LO in the gallery and post it in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar). CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments!

Is it Too Late to Dish??

Gosh with all my computer issues I am still struggling with this laptop.  I just got all my data backed up and now today I am taking it back in to get totally reformatted.  YUCK!  So forgive me for my tardiness!  On with the dish…..  Last time some on asked for a few favorite recipes.  I am going to share some with you today.  First up is my all time favorite crock pot roast.  It is called To Die For Pot Roast and it is easy peasy!  And with summer and busy schedules its perfect!

To Die For Pot Roast

1 Pkg Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

1 Pkg. Brown Gravy

1 Pkg. Italian Dressing

1 cup water

1 Pot Roast

Place Pot Roast in the bottom of your crock pot and sprinkle the 3 pkgs of dressing mixes on top of the roast and add your cup of water.  If desired, I am sure you can add onions.  (I am sure I do!)  Let cook on low for 8 hours and serve with rice or potatoes.  So easy!

Stuffed Jalapeono’s

1 pkg cream cheese

2 to 3 cups shredded cheese

2 to 3 garlic cloves minced ( I use fresh)

1 tbs mayonnaise

1/2 cup finely chopped pecans

season to taste ( I use fajita seasoning )

1 Large can of jalapeno halves ( mild if desired or you can rinse to take some of the fire out )  I go straight out of the can!

Mix all ingredient except the jalapeno halves and then stuff the halves with the cheese mixture.  If the slices are thin, you can just put some on top of the thin slices rather than actually stuffing the half.  The pecans help take some of the “heat” out of the jalapenos!

I will try to add a few more recipes in the following weeks.  But for now that will get you started.  Rachael asked about some other programs for scrap booking.  I have tried one from Sam’s club that was just a cheap program and the issues with that is they are so limited.  So I am not one to recommend anything other than Photoshop Elements or PS.  I think there are some other ones that allow “layering” and to me that is the key.  If you want to really personalize your photos you need to be able to layer text and other goodies on your layout to make it truly yours.  I started out on PSE and really for the most part unless you are designing you can get by with it.  The programs are so sophisticated these days.  Oh I forgot about a little free program called Gimp.  That is designed to mimic PhotoShop so I have heard great things about that program.  I have not used it myself.  But I have seen it.  Ok.. well  until next time…Baskets of Blessings!  :)T