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Challenge Spotlight – Your Favorite Challenge

Wow The first of the month is sooo busy especially since I’m still trying to come out of my Halloween candy sugar coma. But here I am with a winner from last weeks challenge! Sarah with her Walking the Path Layout using that fabulous font for her title. Here’s what she won:

Now since it’s the first  of the month challenges are being posted as I type (well not mine because I’m trying to get this done first. 🙂 ) So because not all the challenges are posted yet, and because I don’t have wonderful LO’s to show off, This week I want YOU to tell me what YOUR favorite challenge is and why. You can even post a link to one of your layouts from that challenge. 

Now here’s the super great news! Just for sharing which is your favorite challenge I will give you 2 bonus brownie points! How easy is that? (please post your gingerscrap username when commenting if it’s different than what posts.)

To get you started I’ll tell you My favorites are Stephs Template Challenge and Amy’s Paper to Digi Scraplift. I have found that my imagination is waning in age and I need a little help getting started. These challenge do a fantastic job at that.

Here’s some of my Layouts from these challenges.

I want to see your layouts from YOUR favorite challenge! So be sure to comment and get the 2 bonus brownie points!

$1 Bake Sale! **24 hours Only** Nov 1

Hi wonderful women !

Did you all survive Halloween? Oh my, you should see my house! As I look around I see dinner dishes, costume parts and pieces, make-up, hair spray, glitter (and neither of my kids had glitter on their costumes this year… hmmmm very strange) and mass quantities of candy wrappers!

I decided to be a Pirate at around 11 am Halloween day. LOL I thought it would be really cool to weave some different texture into my hair. I made long braids with yarns and other strings woven into my hair. It turned out really cool!! But now….. how the heck do I get them all out!!?? oh no! I really don’t know what I am gonna do! Hopefully I won’t end up bald!! Here is a photo- I will have to let ya all know how I get the removal process goes 🙂

OK now on to the real reason you are reading this.

The Bake Sale!!! Whoottt!!!

Today is the 1st of the month and you know what that means – That’s right – we have tons of kits for just $1 today only!!  Hurry because after midnight the sale is over!!!

Here is a quick look at some of the goodies in the Bake Sale today-

And our New $1.00 kit with any purchase over $10.00 kit has been released today too!

Last month we wanted you to start your day with GoodMorning… Now we are ready to tuck you all in, cozy as a bug in a rug, with GoodNight.

We all have those darling photos of a precious little one who is just plum tuckered out and can’t stay awake to see the cow jump over the moon.  Well, now we have the perfect kit for those sleepy heads.  GoodNight is so dreamy, it’s almost heavenly.  You can count sheep if you want to, or just go ahead and snuggle up with your favorite little blankie.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

  • 65 papers
  • 135 ellies
  • Alpha
  • full glitter styles and sheets

You can purchase it for $7.00 OR you can get this huge collab for only $1.00!! With any purchase over $10.00 you will get a coupon in your e-mail to buy this kit for only $1.00! Please allow 24 hours as all coupons have to be e-mailed manually.

Here are a few Layouts from our amazing GingeBread Girls-

Oh and **REMEMBER** we have a new Daily Download Starting for November! It is a super cute collab. Make sure to stop by the GingerScraps Blog every day to collect this fabulous kit!

New Daily Download – Day#1

Happy November!!  I’m so glad that you enjoyed October’s daily download.  Did you miss a day or 2?  Don’t worry!!  You can buy the entire kit for only $1 today.  That’s right!  Today is our $1 Bake Sale!  That is one thing I just love about the beginning of the month!

One again, here is the entire October Daily Download.  You can find it here!

Now comes the moment you have been waiting for!!  Are you curious what this month’s daily download looks like?