New GingerBread Lady! 11-2-11

Hello again!  I bet you didn’t expect to hear from me so soon did you?  I have such exciting news for you that I couldn’t wait any longer.  We have a new designer joining us. Would you like to find out who it is?  Are you sure?  Really?  Ok, our new designer is……really talented!  Our new designer has a HUGE store already (I know right?).  Our new designer has a HUGE following.  Our new designer also going to be exclusive to GingerScraps!  Our new designer is….



*Store*  *Blog*  *Facebook*

I asked her to tell us about herself and this is what she had to say:

Hi! I’m Crystal aka Inspired Designs and I’m super excited to be part of the Ginger Scraps Design Team! I live in Eastern Canada with my Hubby of 11 years and our 2 kids. Emma is 5 and Aiden is 4. We have 2 cats named Kitty and Fluffy as well as a Black Lab named Maggie. I love to read and I’m a huge Twilight addict!!! Go Team Edward! 🙂 I started scrapping back in 2006 when I was pregnant with Emma and started designing wordart shortly after. I have been designing kits for almost 3 years but wordart is my true creative passion, as you will see in my store! It’s loaded with lots of wordarty goodness!

And guess what!! She has an Amazing opening sale! The whole month of November all her word art will be 25% off!!

She has a store full of goodies but since we didn’t want to eat up your bandwidth (uh, is that the right term) that I asked her to pick just a few to spotlight.  Here they are!







 Make sure you head over to the forum and give Crystal a big GingerScraps welcome!!


  1. wendy (wendella247) says:

    Welcome to Crystal! I love word art–I’ll have to go check out her site!

    Did i miss something, or is there no daily download this month? I love the wonderful kits we get from the DADs. I’ll keep checking bavk, for sure!

  2. I was also wondering about the daily downloads?!?! I love those! Thanks so much for the time and effort into getting those for your readers!