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Fresh Baked! 1/13

“It’s finally Friday, I’m free again.  I’ve got my motor running for a wild weekend.  It’s finally Friday I’m out of control, Forget the working blues and let the good times roll.”  I’ve had that song in my head since yesterday.  The song is by George Jones and called well, “Finally Friday”.  That is going to be my theme song for today.  This has been such a crazy, hectic week that I’m so glad the weekend is here so I can just relax with my husband and sons.  I think we’ll be just doing some family bonding over movies and video games.  I think we need it.  What are your weekend plans?

We have some great sales going on this weekend…and honestly I can’t think of anything more relaxing then shopping sales!

Honestly, let me tell you how exciting I am to annouce that Blue Heart Scraps is now Exclusive to GingerScraps!  That’s right!  You can only find her here!  She’s celebrating by giving you a 30% off coupon!  Make sure you use it while you can because at the end of the month it will no longer work!!


Ginger and I would also like to wish Rachel of Pretty in Green a very happy birthday.  Silly Rachel though has it all backwards.  Instead of us giving her a present, she is giving you all a present!  You can get her store 40% off (well not collabs but still!). Happy Birthday and make sure you shop today and tomorrow because after that the sale is over.  Happy Birthday Rachel!!


Don’t forget about our free grab bag!  Marie H Designs has made this absolutely adorable grab bag for you.  It’s free when you spend $10 in the store!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for – New Releases!













There you go!  I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for some exciting news (which I’m sure you can figure out why…lol).  Have a wonderful weekend!

January Daily Download #13

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