Scrapping Survivor *Lost at Sea* – Week 2

It’s Week 2 in Scrapping Survivor *Lost at Sea* and things are getting fun. Make sure to check out the Gallery to see some of the great and creative layouts from last week. So many ways to make yourself a pirate.

Week 1 Gallery

Let’s see what our Survivor contestants are up to this week:

Wow, you are pretty impressed with yourself and your friends! You pulled it off! You were able to act like one of the pirates and wander around the cruise ship undetected!

You secretly tell other women to spread the word, and soon you begin to see ladies you know from GingerScraps, walking around and acting like pirates! Hopefully the real pirates won’t catch on!!
You decide that it is time to come up with a plan to get rescued from this situation.

Of course there is no way for you to call or text for help, you’re in the middle of the sea! How about the call for help, from the old days…. A message in a bottle!! You tell all your fellow GS friends the plan and you all begin to craft your messages, to be thrown in the sea and hopefully end up in the hands of someone willing and able to help.

Week 2- {Message in a Bottle} *The Challenge*
This layout is all about your “message in a bottle”. You need to write a letter to the person you think (or you wish) would come to your rescue. This person can be living or passed on, they can be a person you know, or someone that you wish would save you (like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

The Layout Rules-

  • This layout is all about your “message in a bottle”
  • The LO must have your message to who you would like to “save” you, use journaling to write your message.
  • The LO MUST have at least one photo of the person you are writing to.
  • There is no maximum numbers of photos allowed.
  • In the Tribal Council forum post, type out your journaling, so all players can read your journaling.
  • Templates ARE ALLOWED in this challenge.
  • You must use ALL 100% GingerScraps products when creating your Layout.
  • **IMPORTANT** During the week 1 challenge I was lenient about the 100% GS products rule. I did state that I would allow 1 unique element. HOWEVER, this did cause some confusion, so moving forward- we must stick to the rules of 100% GS Products! Fonts do not count, you are allowed to use any fonts you prefer. But ALL other products on your layout must be from GS designers. Thank you for understanding, keeping the rules clear is important and helps everything run smooth.
  • *Remember* Always credit the products you are using, when posting in the gallery. List the credits in the description box when uploading. When checking layouts, I need to be sure all products are from GS designers- so credits are crucial!!

Here are a few tips/ ideas for your layout composition-

  • Use this opportunity to write a love letter to someone you love, tell them why you love them and admire them.
  • Be silly and create a total fantasy layout or your dream rescue aka… My earlier example of being rescued by The Rock 😉 yea, I kinda love him lol
  • Write an actual letter then scan it in and use that on your layout.
  • Have fun finding fonts that look like your handwriting (or what you wish your handwriting looked like).
  • Take a look at the Official Scrapping Survivor Season 6 *Lost At Sea* collab! It is an awesome collab and packed full of goodies perfect for your Survivor challenges.

Check out the Gallery for the Week 2 Challenges and leave some love.