DD: Sept 01

I’m so glad that I get to share this month’s Daily Download. It’s gorgeous.

Before I show you this month’s, I have to show you August’s kit:


Anyone else craving something in a cone?

And here is September’s preview:


Remember, the download is kept up for 5 days, and then it is taken down. If you miss pieces, the kit will be available for purchase on the first day of the following month.


  1. Was there only 30 days of downloads for August? None for the 31st? Loved this kit – and don’t want to miss a piece. Also looks like the September kit is bright & fun! Thanks!

  2. Karon Williams says

    I was wondering the same thing as fl_connie. Only 30 downloads, not 31?????

  3. Yes there was only 30 days of the AUGUST DD 🙂 Hope you all enjoy Septembers DD!! 🙂 

  4. The September kit looks very colorful & fun! Thank you for sharing your work!

  5. Thank you, Christina, for sharing last month’s daily download — it is so yummy & very classy! We are an ice cream lovin’ family — my mom always has her freezer full of different flavors! So thanks so much for sharing your creation!
    Looking forward to collecting this month’s color kit!

  6. Thank you very much.

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