Creative Style : Scrapping with Orange

Hello scrappers. Today we are going to take a look at a creative style. Well, let me honest. It isn’t really a style so much as getting some inspiration from color.

There are many things that can make a layout stand out in the gallery. What grabs one person’s attention might not grab another’s. I could write multiple blog posts about what grabs mine. That being said, seeing a layout that has predominantly one color always grabs my attention. I originally picked this color because I felt like it was the most neglected of colors in the digital scrapbooking world. Except for one time of the year. Plus I am not overly a fan of it. Boy was I wrong! I think as far as Creative Style Color blog post, this was the most difficult. Not for what I thought…because it was so difficult to narrow down the huge selection GingerScraps’ store has to offer. Here we go…Let us get some inspiration from the color orange.

We are going to take a look at some pretty orange images, and the latest orange filled goodies from the store. If those do not do it for you, make sure you check out past Buffets!  A lot of those have orange all through them! As you can see from the list below… We like orange around here!

Buffet’s with Orange

Photo Inspiration

Now, here are some lovely images to get those creative juices flowing. Did you know there was a place you could get pretty nice stock photos for free? These images are from Pexels(All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means the pictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose.) I use them on my personal blog. I thought I would share with you guys while we get some inspiration for scrapping with orange.

From the Store

Are these not some great photos! I especially like the last one. I will leave you with some great designs to get those orange filled layouts scrapped. As usual, all images are linked to their counterpart. We actually have an entire location in the store just for orange items.

As you can see, I had a difficult time narrowing down the items to show you all. Normally I go with a nice round number of 10. I couldn’t stop! There are SO many goodies in the store brimming with the color orange. You might have also noticed there are not any Halloween items in today’s post. Check back next week for those!

Creative Style – Scrapping with Leaves

Here in the states it is technically Autumn. Although, in the south eastern side of things it doesn’t feel like it. We had summer temps last week. No joke! The hot weather I am dealing with aside, it is Autumn none the less.

To me, when I think Autumn, I think leaves!…and well scrapping. Hands-down this time of year brings my favorite digital scrapbooking supplies to the stores. I just love the colors of the Autumn kits, all the leaves, and the nature feel to it all.

Today though we are going to talk about scrapping with leaves. Digital scrapbooking with leaves to be more precise. I will show you some fun examples here in the store I found that should get those creative juices flowing. We will end today’s post with some great digital scrapbooking supplies from here at GingerScraps to get those leave inspired layouts scrapped. (All images are linked to either their counterpart in the store or the gallery.)

One of my favorite things to do with leaves on a digital scrapbooking layout is to cut them out into the page with a patterned background behind it. This is a great example of that! You could also get this effect by overlaying your favorite paper on top of a leaf you like in a kit (or shape in your program). Then shadow it to look like a cut out.

One of my favorite things to do with leaves on a digital scrapbooking layout is to cut them out into the page with a patterned background behind it. This is a great example of that! You could also get this effect by overlaying your favorite paper on top of a leaf you like in a kit (or shape in your program). Then shadow it to look like a cut out.


One of my favorite things about digital scrapbooking (besides actual scrapping) is the online community. Siggies in forums are a fun part of that!

One of my favorite things about digital scrapbooking (besides actual scrapping) is the online community. Siggies in forums are a fun part of that!


You can also take fun photos with leaves, to scrap. Here are two great examples of that. One of them being super fun; and the other one showing the beauty that is nature.


You can also use a cut out to make a great focal point or background to a title for your layout. See below for this exact template!

You can also use a cut out to make a great focal point or background to a title for your layout. See below for this exact template!


Leaves are also one of the best (in my opinion) items to use for clustering. Framing a photo or anything really is another great use for leaves. Let us not forget the beautiful leaf-patterned papers and more.


There are a lot of uses for leaves in digital scrapbooking. The examples above are just a slight glimpse into what you can do. Now that your mind is thinking about leaves and how to scrap them, here are some great items from the store to scrap with!









Creative Style | Disney Inspired

Hello scrappers! Today we are going to talk about a creative style. Well, not so much a creative style as a creative theme. Disney was such a huge part of my childhood. I was really limited on what I could watch. Disney fell into one of the things I could. To this day I can start quoting and singing (usually at the top of my lungs) Aladdin, The little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King. Those were the movies from my childhood. I am in my 30s and still love them and love most all the newer movies too.

That being said, I got into digital scrapbooking for other reasons. I have found out in the past 6-7 years though that a lot of you guys got into it (and still are into) scrapping because of Disney. There are a lot of copyrite issues when it comes to Disney. So, I am here to show you just a little (and it is actually quite a lot!) of the Disney inspired products that is in the GingerScraps store. There are so many more items that I am not going to show you. You can find these, and the rest, by searching for them. Get ready to be blown away! (all images linked to the store).

Silly, Willy, Nilly is a whimsical kit perfect for scrapping a magical vacation breakfast, your child’s favorite bedtime story, friendships, new beginnings and so much more. By LJS Designs

Sprinkle some fairy dust on your layouts with Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust! With its beautiful bright colors and plenty of magical elements, this is the perfect collection for scrapping your sweet little Fairy Princess pictures, your visits to Pixie Hollow, your Tink magic shots, and so much more! By Magical Scraps Galore!


Inspired by the popular story of Frozen, Ice Sisters is a fantastic collection filled with ice, snow, glitter, snowflakes and beautiful winter-themed patterns, that will add a magical touch to your princess and winter layouts and all your Frozen projects, such as party invites, favors, cards, and so much more! By Magical Scraps Galore!


These are the coordinating cards to Magical Scraps Galore! kit Most Magical Place, which is dedicated to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, available here.


Congratulations… it’s a girl! Or more likely for the next several years she is going to be your little princess giving you plenty of princess moments you want to capture in your scrapbooks. A favorite princess dress as she plays dress-up and pretends to have a tea party. The amazing princess party she wanted to have for her birthday – or she went to another little girl’s princess party and you were lucky to get pictures. Meeting princesses while on a magical dream vacation. Halloween fun princess style. I know & have pictures of all these fun moments and if you have a little girl, I bet you will too. Magical Princess Party 2 is part of a collection of princess kits. There are 3 more princess kits. By Clever Monkey Graphics


Frozen & Frosty – Kit Connie Prince


He’s The Mouse – Kit by Connie Prince

Change Your Fate is an homage to a new breed of “magical” cartoon princess… one who is strong and brave, who chooses to buck tradition and forge her own path. This collection is perfect for pages about pursuing your dreams, changing your own fate, being brave, and writing your own story. by Trixie Scraps & Britt-ish Designs

I am telling you, there are so many more Disney inspired goods in the store. I had to trim down my list! This has me so excited. I say often that I need more princesses in my life. I am surrounded by little boys. I am going to have to find something to scrap with these lovely items!!

We would love to see what you scrap with them. Have a Disney inspired layout using one of GS items? Make sure to upload it to the gallery and come back and link us up!


Creative Style | Journaling


Good morning everyone! Today we are going to talk about a creative style of scrapping. Well, it isn’t really a creative style. However, I’ve had conversations with scrappers about this. Some do it & some don’t. Some do a little & some do a lot. Today we are going to talk about journaling on your layouts.

Do you journal on yours?! I’ve been known to scrap with no photos & a lot of journaling. There are very few pages that do not have a bit of journaling (or more!) on them. For the most part, we are scrapping for the future. To look back on. I’ve been surprised, when looking back on pages that I’ve not put a date or journaling on, and really cannot remember at what time in my life that took place.

Journaling is important! It helps tell the story. It also can be cathartic. Just a jot down of what is going on, how you felt, what people said, or the date. These things can help you remember in the future, your family to recall those times, and evoke feelings you felt for the day/person/so on that you scrapped.

I’ve talked to scrappers in the past. A lot of us are on Creative Teams. We might not want our personal notes and feeling advertised with the products we are creating for. Even the layouts we are not making for creative teams, or if you are not on any, some people might not want those things broadcasted in the galleries.  Don’t let that hold you back from journaling! Pop those layouts up in the galleries and then go back and journal for your own eyes. Here are some great examples of journaling that I found in the gallery. (Images are linked to their gallery post. Go leave some love!)

There are SO many options to help you get to journaling in the store. Actually, you can journal with any kit, template, and so on. Since that is the case, I am going to show you what was used for the journal pages above. Look around the store yourself. What gets those words flowing for you?!

Be-you-tiful by Just Because Stuido


Wings Of Hope – Kit by Connie Prince


Going Places Bundle by Luv Ewe Designs, Blue Heart Scraps and Dear Friends Designs


This Is My Story by LJS Designs


One Little Word – 2014 by Cornelia Designs

If you need a place to get those creative juices flowing, there is a journal challenge in the forum. You can get started with journaling on your layout & take part in a fun challenge. Do you have some journal pages?! Make sure you upload them in the gallery & link us up! We love to see what you scrap with our products.

Happy Scrapping…and journaling!


Creative Style | Triangles


Good Monday morning scrappers! Today we are going to talk about another creative style of digital scrapbooking. Something I, personally, wouldn’t have really thought about using. Triangles! To me, when I think of how I am going to cut my paper or photo, my brain goes to circle, square, or rectangle. Original, right?! That is why I am the scrapper and not the designer. Never would I have thought of cutting a photo or paper into a triangle.

That being said, I kept seeing triangles pop up more in designs and layouts in the gallery. They looked so cool! That different cut of photo/paper, really made those layouts jump out of the gallery. So, I am going to show you some great examples that I found in the galleries and then some products to help you get started on your layouts with triangles. Here are some of the layouts that grabbed my attention in the galleries.

Sunny Days ahead by DigitalMcScrapper

This is the 1st layout that grabbed my attention. Look at all those triangles!! Such a great way to show off some lovely papers in the kit she chose. Not to mention it is a great backdrop for those adorable photos!

Sunny Days by lhansen148

Another beautiful example of lots of triangles for a backdrop. Really making the layout pop and showcasing the great papers! I really like how she used minimal elements and the photo and paper really stands out.

Arches by weaselwatchr

Your triangles do not have to be the focal point of your layout either. They can be just the right touches to add to it. This is a great example of that. These stitched triangles really add to the southwest feel of the layout. They go along great with the geometric shapes on the paper as well.


Be-You-tiful by Chili

Here is one for you white space scrappers. Just two elements and a word art. The triangles really draw your eyes to that adorable photo! Not to mention the white background really makes the triangles pop!

So, you can use triangles as a big part of your layout, complimentary additions to your layout, or to draw your eyes to something important on your layout. Don’t limit yourself to that though. If you never thought about using triangles in your scrapping, now is the time! Don’t know where to start? Below are some great products I found in the store to get those layouts started!

Geometric Templates No.1 by Clever Monkey Graphics

Shape Up: To The Point 3 by Dagi’s Temp-Tations

Tri-Umphant by Cornelia Designs

Kaleidoscope by Dagi’s Temp-Tations

Fairy Tale by Cornelia Designs


We would love to see your layouts with triangles! Make sure to upload those layouts to the gallery and come back and link us up! Now, go get your scrapping on…triangle style!