*Lost At Sea* Week Three

Good morning scrappers! It is that time of week where we take a look at the past week’s Survivor layouts. We just finished week 3!

So what was Week 3’s challenge?

While you wait to see if your message in a bottle finds its way to a willing savior, you have continued to put on your pirate disguise each day. You are blending in quite well, and actually learning some very interesting things about these pirates.

One buccaneer told you that the pirate captain has a treasure hidden on his ship, it is said to be a huge booty of doubloons and rare gems! He wants to get a crew together to steal the treasure. This sounds like risky business to you, the last thing you need is to get wrapped up in some crime with a band of pirates! You wish the buccaneer luck and move along.

As you walk away you begin to think about your own life, and your treasures. If you were to make a treasure chest, what prized possessions would you stowaway?

Week 3 – {Booty} *The Challenge*
This layout is all about your own “booty”. If you were to put your most prized possessions in a treasure chest, what would they be?

Here are just a few of the amazing layouts you guys scrapped! (images are linked to the gallery)

Treasure Chest by seatrout


I Am Blessed by tweederbug


Week 3 Booty by msbrad


More Treasure In Books by meagan43


today by pagefrocks


What did I tell you? Great layouts right? All so different but all stand outs in their own way. Week 4’s challenge isn’t posted yet. make sure you keep an eye on out on the forum for it to be posted. When you get those layouts scrapped, upload them to week 4’s gallery. We will be back later in the week to shout out to some of the stand outs! Have fun!



It is that time of the week! Well, it will be while Survivor Lost At Sea is going!! We take a look back at some of the layouts from week 2. You guys, once again, have made my job really difficult. I am going to have to start choosing more-and-more layouts with the coming weeks!

Week 2- {Message in a Bottle} *The Challenge*
This layout is all about your “message in a bottle”. You need to write a letter to the person you think (or you wish) would come to your rescue. This person can be living or passed on, they can be a person you know, or someone that you wish would save you (like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).


I really enjoyed looking through the layouts & reading all the messages in the bottle. I am a huge fan of journaling pages. So, this was right up my alley!! Here are just a few of the stand out layouts from week two’s challenge. (all images are linked to the gallery. You know, so you can go leave the love!)


by Carla.


by TraceyMonette


by littleradtrio


by gethane


by alannabanana


Such great takes on the challenge, right?! You can go to the gallery to read the message in the bottle for all of them but Little Rad Trios. Her’s you can read pretty well off the layout. The rest have them typed out in the credits. They are worth the read!! Make sure you are getting your layouts up in the gallery before the deadline. By doing so, not only do you take the chance of going on to the next week, you get the chance to be showcased here!! Happy Scrapping!!