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New GingerBread Lady…uh… 1/11

 Wow, this never really happened to us before.  For the first time ever we have a guy joining the staff.  YAY!  You should have seen the excitement in the forums that there is a man around!  This presents a small issue though.  I have no idea what to call him. I mean he isn’t a lady so we can’t call him a GingerBread Lady, yet we can’t call him a GingerBread Man since our GingerBread Man runs around the forum handing out coupons.  (Have you seen him lately?  I wonder if he’ll be stopping by soon).  So what to do about the name. Do you have any suggestions?

Enough about names though, let’s find out more abut our new GingerBread…person.  Our new designer isn’t a designer.  Well, maybe that isn’t true.  He is a designer, but not a scrapbooking designer.  He is a website designer/guru.  In fact he just put a like button in our gallery so you can post your layout directly to facebook with just 1 click of the mouse!  Woohoo!

 He has been our website designer for all these years and now he can be yours too!

That being said let me introduce you to Stephen, also known as

Mr. Wyld Web Designs

 Since we all know about his wonderful and talented wife, Charmaine (Wyld Web Designs), let’s find out more Stephen!

 I am a Work-at-home father of 3 with an Associates Degree in Web Design and Development.

I try to stay up to date on the latest Technology around the web. I have been doing basic Web Design since 1998. Since then my skills have grown and I’m able to do more complex Web Designs. 

He certainly is a man of few words but let me tell you he is super talented at what he does!  Speaking of what he can do for you..let me show you!

Here are some of his services!












I hope you take advantage of his expertise!  You definitely won’t be disappointed!

January Daily Download #11

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