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Designer Spotlight – Neverland Scraps

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Wendy, the genius behind Neverland Scraps. She’s a little camera-shy, but she’s very willing to share her thoughts on digi-scrapping. But before we get into the interview portion of the evening, I want to tell you about the very generous sale Wendy is gifting us with for her entire month in the spotlight. (Don’t forget to read the fine print.)


1… How long have you been designing?
Since May of 2005

2… What is your design process?
I dream about my products, it’s strange. I don’t know how to describe it. I see a color swatch, mull on it a little while and later that night or week, I dream about the product that I want to create. I write down as much as I can remember, what I want to see in the product. Then when I have an idea about the whole, I will sometimes bounce it off my CT to see if it makes sense, or I’ll talk to my best friend about it to see if it’s something people would want to use on their layouts. 

3… What do you use to create your designs? (software, hardware, etc)
I use Photoshop CS5

4… Describe your design workspace.
I am currently in a nook down on the bottom level of our house. It was originally my daughter’s reading area before we moved the older girls up to the same level as the rest of the family. I have a tv, that’s always unplugged, attached to the wall so I can watch tv. But like I said, it’s always unplugged and I never watch tv! From my desk, I can see in to my son’s playroom and can hear the girls playing the Switch or watching a movie in the family room. At my desk, I have two monitors. One monitor generally has the folder opened of everything already created so that I can see what I’m doing and what’s been done already. My desk is fairly clean and organized. There’s a stack of post-it notes that I can put on the second monitor for a reminder. There’s a notebook with all my ideas and notes about that product or a future product. There’s a calendar that lists all my due dates and releases. 

5… What motivates and inspires you as a designer?
 Every day inspires me. My photos that I am constantly taking day after day inspire me. I want things to scrap my photos and I feel I must create them because others probably want those same things for their layouts! My children and family motivate me. They are always asking “what are you working on” and genuinely care about my next project. Often they’ll give me suggestions and ideas if I am stumped! 

6… What kit currently available in your GingerScraps store is your favorite? Why?
We’re going to go deep here, are you ready? My favorite kit is You Matter. Not just the kit, but the bundle from the journal cards (two different sets of them and the coordinating alpha). You Matter is such a personal kit for me that I didn’t think I would actually finish it. Originally when I started it, I had only intended for it to be a very small mini, maybe a freebie because I didn’t think I could emotionally create a kit on the subject. But through a lot of tears, a lot of patience and understanding on my CT’s part of me promising them something new, You Matter was created. It’s a beautiful product, tastefully created in hopes that it can bring healing, hope and promise to someone who might have experience with this issue. Hopefully through this product, the more people talking about suicide and how their life matters, more people can get the help that they need and know they are not alone. (I had no idea this was so personal for Wendy, but I think there are lots of us who know someone…)


7… Do you craft outside the digital world?
Once upon a time I used to, but as I’ve aged, my hands and my vision have gotten worse which have caused me to give up a lot of my other crafts. I would love to cross-stitch and have tried teaching my children, but they don’t have the patience. I’ve would love for them to learn how to make jewelry. I still can do this, but if I do it for a long time, my carpel tunnel acts up and I can’t feel my hands causing a lot of mistakes. So for now all the things that I used to love doing are sitting in a closet until I decide it’s time to pass them on to another person. 

8… What is the last book you read?
 I’m always reading the Bible, so there’s always that as being my last book that I read. However if you aren’t seeking something that someone reads daily for devotionals, I’d say the last book from the library was All the Gallant Men: An American Sailor’s Firsthand Account of Pearl Harbor by Donald Stratton, who happens to live here in Colorado Springs! It’s a pretty amazing book and he’s an amazing hero! I highly recommend this book!

9… Tea or coffee?
Tea. The smell of coffee gives me migraines and I can’t stand the smell. Sadly two in my family drink coffee!

10… Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Outside of collecting and scrapping with digi products, not really. 

11… If time travel were possible, where would you go and why?
 I’m quite happy here in the 21st century. I wouldn’t want to go back to any time before modern conveniences. I like our medicine, the technology and our advancements that we have these days. As much as I like our medicine and advancements, I don’t think I’d want to go in the future either because then I would know what was coming in the future for me, my family, the world. I rather the approach of taking every day as they come as tomorrow is not granted because then you live life to the fullest each and every day. So I’m fine right here in modern day. 

12… What’s your favorite thing about GingerScraps?
The people. GingerScraps has such a wonderful community of people who are always encouraging one another, visiting with total strangers because we frequent the same site and share the same hobby. It’s quite remarkable how a craft can bring complete strangers together to the point that we truly, genuinely care about one another! (Well said, Wendy!)

13… If you could have any super power, what would it be?
To be able to clone myself so that I can be in two places at once, yet to be able to remember each clone’s experience as if I were there. I’d never miss being in two places at once. I’d be able to do the laundry, run errands and play with my kids all at the same time. It would be amazing because one clone would be doing one thing and then at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be exhausted or still doing things, which would then in turn allow me to spend a little bit more time with the family.

Thank you for being so open and willing to share your thoughts with us Wendy!

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Let’s Celebrate! | Valentine’s Day


It is that time of the year. You know what this blog post is going to be all about, don’t you? 🙂 February brings Valentine’s Day for us in the states. All things love, hearts, pink and red. So with that in mind, we are going to take the hard part of your digital scrapbooking shopping and bring you a ton of Valentine’s Day stuff all in one post. All images are linked to the store. Don’t forget, there is a section just for Valentine’s Day in the store. You can these items and more there.

Cannot mention Valentine’s Day digital scrapbooking supplies without mentioning this month’s Monthly Mix! This might be one of my most favorite Monthly Mixes to date; and I generally don’t lean towards all things lovely dovey when it comes to my digital scrapbooking supplies. I just love this one though!

GingerBread Ladies Monthly Mix: Date Night : A collaboration from our GingerScraps designers.

Date Night: This purple and pink filled kit will be perfect for any date night or special romantic occasion. It is full to the brim with hearts, champagne glasses, flowers and much much more. You’ll, no doubt, have an amazing time using this lovely kit to remember your romantic adventures for years to come.

This collab includes:

  • 1 Full Alpha
  • 44 Papers
  • 93 Elements

Here are some more great supplies from our GingerScraps’ designs to get your lovey dovey Valentine’s Day scrap on!

This wonderful Alphabet was made as part of my To Have & To Hold Collection. This collection is perfect for all your formal celebrations, like engagements, weddings and wedding anniversaries and much more!


Remember that fluttery feeling in your stomach when you had a CRUSH on that special person? This “Crush On You” Collection is perfect for scrapping those LOVE-ly memories!
This is the MAIN KIT. It contains 20 Papers and 58 Elements.


Beyond by Craft-tastrophic
Includes 12 textured papers and 40 elements
Personal use Only

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